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Company Overview


PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

Executive Summary

Company Overview

Smartelco Solution is an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) service provider and
software developer.

Now Smartelco Solution focused in Telco Industry with reliable telecommunication engineering and IT
service provider. Smartelco provide quality solutions, ideas and competencies in all areas. Smartelco
Solution offering dynamic services and specialised support, we are committed to providing
comprehensive solutions and focused strategic consulting services to enterprise businesses.

As an ICT services company we provide end- to-end solutions. In short, we help dynamic
organisations align their ICT services with their business requirements.

SMARTELCO ‘s expertise covers:

• Network Element; Service of Traffic and Capacity Monitoring (Radio 2G, RAN 3G, CS Core, PS
Core, IN, VAS, Datacomm, Transport & Signaling)
• Service of Quality Monitoring
• Managed Services for Telco Operation
• Business Intelligent
• Outsourcing services, etc.

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

Mission and Vision

“We're Shaping the future of a connected business world
and society. and we are creating added value for our
customers, employees and investors through innovative
ICT Solutions.”

“Our vision is to be considered the best ICT solutions and
services company by our customers, partners and

Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy establishes the fundamental principles of our management system. We
preserve a high level of business ethics characterised by integrity and honesty in all our
business actions.

Corporate Values
Our core business values
SMARTELCO believes that technology is at the forefront of empowering people and organizations
throughout the world. Our core business values are therefore, to discover opportunities for
creating transformation; to use our knowledge and expertise in supporting positive change and to
enable people in producing powerful new developments.

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

• adopting high standards of ethics in all its business actions and practices;
• providing its customers with high quality services, tailor-made to their needs and
• guaranteeing highly competitive services to its clients;
• engaging a highly skilled personnel supported by an effective organisational structure;
• Service excellence in every business relationship
• implementing an ‘equal opportunities’
• increasing shareholders’ value.

Human Resources

General Policy
SMARTELCO recruits well educated, flexible and ambitious people who drive on chane and
challenge, are innovative, self-confident and accept responsibility by taking initiative. We seek
leadership traits, excellent communication skills, strong academic performance and relevant
professional experience.

The company offers highly competitive compensation packages and an excellent career
development path. Our diverse workspace and multicultural environment helps our employees to
balance their work and personal life. Our employees enjoy continuous learning and professional
growth in a dynamic professional environment.

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

Smartelco has a policy of employing only the brightest minds. We seek out individuals who are
highly qualified and are able to add immense value to our clients. We firmly believe that our success
is based on our staff they make our company the reputable IT specialist it is today.

Smartelco acknowledges the individual in each of its staff members, including those in
management, but it is as a unit that Smartelco’s managerial team subscribes to the following
principles: an abiding dedication to IT excellence and global best practices; a sincere commitment to
making clients’ and a genuine respect for transparency and integrity. In addition to this, Smartelco’s
management is made up of engaging and experienced personalities who are easily able to build
long-term relationships with both current and prospective clients.

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

Products & Services

The main function of this product is to integrate a system tools or Radio Access Network Traffic
Monitoring & Capacity in customer network. The system is based Automation Engine Report
here in after be referred to as EXSYS V2.0. Scope EXSYS V2.0 include:

1. Automation Engine Report is the process of withdrawal and processing of data from existing
data sources in the OSS. Data source here could be a database or a file. This data is then
stored into the target database. The limitations in the automation process is as follows:
• The process of downloading data are once a day.
• The data is the data drawn H - 1.
• The data are drawn or counter data that has been agreed.

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

2. Web-based GUI is the interface used by the user to generate the report. The features of the
interface are as follows:
• Homepage, the start page for each user who logs.
• Report Designer, page for report design. Specification of report can be created by this
application are as follows:
o Each report only to one vendor. To display the data of other vendors should be
made another separate report.
o Displays information of attribute, ex: cell, region, lac, bsc, etc.
o Displays counter information.
o Displays information KPI / Formula (Predefined).
o Selecting a time range of data.
o Attribute filter, ex: pick a particular cell, or a particular region.
o Busy Hour (Predefined).

3. Report Distribution. Task Schedule is used to distribute the reports that have been
scheduled via FTP and Email. The features of the interface are as follows:
• Report Viewer via the GUI is the page to display the results of the report from report
design that has been made . Components of the view report viewer is as follows:
o Title report.
o Report data in tabular form.
o Exporter to PDF, CSV and MS Excel.
• Report Scheduler is the page for scheduling report design that has been created
previously. Report the results or output of the scheduler can be stored as:
o File in the server / another computer via FTP.
o Sent to the email as an attachment.

Service Usage and Performance Reporting and

Service Usage and Performance
Analytical Suite (SUROPATI) is an integrated database
and reporting suite solution that provide network
Reporting and Analytical Suite
performance profile and analysis embedded with
forecast ability which applied in any geographical level,
especially for Operator legitimate area such as Sales
Cluster, Micro Cluster, Broadband City, and Point of
Interest (POI).

SUROPATI is an application layer service that focuses on valid data and the speed of the current
process complex data, while automation can reduce errors that may occur when processed

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

Given the complexity of application development and to anticipate further expansion of
customer user tools in the environment. It is highly recommended that customer to be involved
with application developers with a framework contract. With SOW framework that can be
described as follows:

1. Provides integration system application between EXSYS V2.0 as data collection and SUROPATI
module for data processing and analysis
2. Providing optimal application supporting hardware includes servers, backup servers, ftp
servers, etc.
3. Serving operational support applications and hardware will provide an SLA level - 1 and level
- 2 support SLA 24hours x 7days in a week
4. Produce relevant reporting systems and reporting archive store up to 3 years back.
5. Monitor and control the automation system of data collection and processing of data
through the user interface
6. Measure and monitor network performance in a Cluster, Micro Cluster and Broadband City.

In the next phase of development stage SUROPATI, as needed to obtain information REGIONAL
Data Traffic, Utilization and Performance SUROPATI can then be accessed by multiple REGIONAL
through customer internal network; any data that comes out will be displayed according to the
user access set up on each REGIONAL access.

There are several other developments with the addition of features and functions on SUROPATI
with chart as below:

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

Dashboard, SUROPATI at the top of the landing page to have a dynamic table with a header
consisting of initial columns and value column, each column can be displayed or hidden as
desired , change the initialization of each column will change and recalculate the counter value
of each column is already selected KPI . The value recalculation has a formula based on each KPI
in each group based on the selection of the initial column. For example, if the initial field is
shown regionally only, meaning the column value will be recalculated based on the regional.

Initial Column includes regional, kabupaten, cluster and the lowest level is the Micro clusters,
each of which can be filtered choose one value from the initial column to view the data counter
is chosen.

Value column in the form of a counter value of KPI Traffic, Utilization and Performance, each
column can also be displayed or hidden, column values can also be filtered with a choice of Top 5
or Top 10 of each KPI value. Each Value of counter data contains information YoY, MoM and
WoW with a threshold that can be determined through the parameters to determine whether
the value of color is larger or smaller than the second comparison data. Value of the data
counter also has a color threshold can also be determined through the parameters.

Then Column Value when on mouse over will show a trend over the 15 week backward form of
charts, in addition to showing the trend of the bottom will display the comments pre - analyst,
who has been filled by the engineer.

Area Data Management, which is an ad hoc report may be made templates to generate a
custom report with the data from the data source that already exists in the database of

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

SUROPATI, reports can be created flexibly by selecting columns and aggregation as well as the
filter period can be specified when creating the template. Charts can also be displayed along
with the data tables that have been made also in the form of templates. The need for an ad hoc
report that is custom at a time when that would not be met with this feature.

Pre-Analyst Report, KPI counter data that has been classified into Cluster Sales can be made pre-
analysis to determine: Good or Bad Clusters and divided into some or REGIONAL AREA, adding
comments to any pre-analysis can be added by the engineer into a form on the user interface
and can be stored into the database .

The results of the pre-analysis reports can be exported in Excel or Power Point format to display
the table of pre-analysis and the chart.

Re-lookup Monitoring, a change in Cluster, Cluster Micro and Broadband City on master data
lookup in each month, then the feature classification Re-lookup these data can be done with
reference to a CSV file (Lac-Ci Update) or folder with TAB format (Map Info) automatically with
the SUROPATI trigger via the user interface.

Chart Trend Table & Export, Trend Chart for now only displays Chart with value aggregation
results Sales Cluster, Cluster Micro and Broadband City, the next development that displays the
table of Chart and can be exported in Excel format.

Promo, prior information in the form of freely promo customer excel and have no relation with
the data traffic customer, customer promo information management can be added by importing
csv formatted file containing the recaps promos in one week, then the information will be
displayed in the form of promo timeline, information can also be related promo when looking at
the data traffic in the form of tables and charts trends.

Broadband City, changes in the view broadband city with more detailed aggregation up to the
level of a point of interest displayed in table form, of any selected aggregation will be re-
calculation of the value of each KPI.

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW


Business Intelligence is a flagged product of QlikTech Company and can be classify it to the category of
Business Intelligence tools of the future. During the 2007 QlikTech gained a title of the "coolest" vendor
in BI and has been growing faster than any other BI vendor. Recognized as a 'Visionary' in Gartner
Group's annual Magic Quadrant (2007). According to Gartner's predictions "By 2012, 70% of Global 1000
organizations will load detailed data into memory as the primary method to optimize BI application
performance (0.7 probability)" and the Business Intelligence is one of the leader in this market. Business
Intelligence creates endless possibilities of making ad hoc queries in a non-hierarchical data structure. It
is possible thanks to (AQL - Associative Query Logic) - for automatically associating values in the internal
Business intelligence database. Business Intelligence simplifies analysis for everyone. It makes it possible
for anybody to create very useful, accurate KPI, measurement reports and performance dashboards and
make accurate, strategic decisions.

Main features and benefits of Business Intelligence:

• use of an in-memory data model

• allows instant, in memory, manipulation of massive datasets
• does not require high cost hardware
• automated data integration and a graphical analytical environment attractive for customers
• fast and powerful visualization capabilities
• ease of use - end users require almost no training
• highly scalable - near instant response time on very huge data volumes
• fast implementation - customers are live in less than one month, and most in a week
• flexible - allows unlimited dimensions and measures and can be modified in seconds
• integrated - all in one solution : dashboards, power analysis and simply reporting on a single
• low cost - shorter implementations result in cost saving and fast return investment
• risk free - available as a fully-functional free trial do

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

Consultancy Services
SMARTELCO SOLUTION supply architecture and design services for all advanced infrastructure
solutions, virtualization, storage solutions, core network infrastructure, back- up and disaster
recovery, compliance and outsourcing needs. So, whether it’s time to review your IT strategy,
evaluate new technology, design architecture, manage the deployment of new technology or
understand IT best practice, we offer independent, vendor-free advice to make it happen.

Application & Software Development

Designing and developing applications and software solutions has been a core business.
Smartelco Solution provides a wide range of own products, tools and platforms. We also
undertake the development and support of tailor-made applications according to clients’ needs.

Smartelco Solution covers the full lifecycle of application and software development. We
maintain in-house competence and training centers and apply new and technologies and
innovations. Our processes are constantly revised to embrace world class, state- of-the-art
techniques. Our solutions are delivered as stand-alone or constituent parts of integrated, turn-
key projects.

Infrastructure and Application Solutions

Your business deserves customized solutions that are able to maximize profits. We address your
needs ranging from: Operating platforms, unified communications and messaging End-to-end
security management Storage offerings Virtualization strategies and Unified Networking.

Integration Services
SMARTELCO SOLUTION undertakes complex missions on a turn- key basis in the fields of IT and
telecoms, which involve integrated delivery of applications, bundled with all necessary hardware
and security equipment. To ensure results of a high standard, the company follows state-of- the-
art methodologies and relies on a wide spectrum of qualified and experienced staff as well as on
a professional industrial environment for assembling, staging, testing and dispatching of

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

equipment. This includes a dedicated laboratory employing all modern and innovative tools and
concepts available today in the market.

Outsourcing - Managed Services

SMARTELCO SOLUTION undertakes delivery of outsourcing and/or managed services for its
clients. Such services are offered in strict compliance to the most efficient methodologies known
today in the market (e.g. ITIL) and include support of IT and telecom systems and applications in
production; 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support to users and administrators of specific applications;
and provision of hosting services.

Partners & Tools

SMARTELCO has cooperation and business with a considerable number of hardware and
software firms. We are system integrator, value added resseler or business ppartner of wide
range of vendors, which include:

 Panorama Timur Jaya

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW

Contact Information



Jalan Halimun Raya 37
Jakarta - Indonesia
Phone +622183706325


Jalan Kuningan Barat 26
Jakarta - Indonesia
Phone +6221 52000 90

PT. Smartelco Solusi Teknologi | COMPANY OVERVIEW