Logic of Phantasy 64 Jacques Lacan 雅克 拉康 Lacan Seminar 14: The Logic of Fantasy 15 幻见的逻辑

Seminar 15: Wednesday 15 March 1967

I urged them in a lively fashion to abandon this point of view. I am not the only one, moreover. And it happens that there are others, that there is someone at my side, for example, who is one of those who, in this order, try to awaken, while there is still time, - I mean not at all necessarily at the end of the training analysis, but also perhaps in the course of it and perhaps this is better - the critical vigilance of those that he may have occasion to indoctrinate.

我以激动的方式,建议他们放弃这个观点。 而且,我並不是第一位作这样建议的人。 恰巧还有别人,有一位 坐在我旁边,在那个情况,他一有机会教导,他就设法唤醒那些人重大的警觉,在来得及之前。我的意思 是,未必就是在精神分析训练结束之际,在训练过程当中,效果更好。

Nevertheless, I must say that it is as a psychoanalyst, as a representative of this field, the problematic one where for the moment there is still being played out the whole future of psychoanalysis, that Mr. Green is given the floor by me today. This by reason of the fact, good God, which is very important, that he proposed it himself. I mean that it is in no way because he is one of my students if not one of my followers that he is going to tell you today the reflections that the last terms that I have brought forward concerning the logic of the phantasy have inspired in him. I am now going to give him the floor, exactly for all the time that he wants, and reserve to myself the right to profit for your use and for mine, from what he has to say today.

可是,我必须说,作为一位精神分析师,作为这个领域的一位代表,目前的问题是,精神分析学的整个未 来,仍然是令人憂心重重。 今天,我们就请格林先生演讲这个问题。 事实上,这个他自己提出要讲的题目。 这倒不是因为他曾经是我的学生,或曾经跟随我实习过,他今天才要跟你们谈到他的感想,关於我所提出


的幻见的逻辑这些术语,给他的啟发。 我现在就将麦克风交给他,要讲多久由他决定。 我相信我们会从他的 演讲内容,获益良多。

Green, you have the floor. 格林博士,请! (presentation by Dr. A Green) (格林博士讲演)

(32) I want to thank Green very much for the contribution that he brought to us today. I do not need, I think, for people who have their ears well tuned, to underline everything that, in his presentation, was able to satisfy me profoundly. If he contributed numerous questions, on different planes, about my agreement or my distance from Freud, or about the elucidation, the putting in question, of one or other point of what is here a "work in progress", of something which is constructed and is developed before you and for your purposes, this is something else that I ought to be grateful to him for. Since, thanks to the stage that his intervention constitutes, the level of these questions is posed which ought to allow us subsequently, not alone what I will undoubtedly do - while also designating the point that I want to connect up with - to reply to him, but even to pursue the construction, I would say, in taking the bearings of this level contributed by the really profound, substantial study that he produced before us today, with reference - I can say it and I think that he will take it as a homage - with reference to my discourse.

(第三十二) 我要感谢格林博士,今天给我们带来的贡献。对於刚才专心聆听的人们,我想我不需要将我 对于演讲内容,感到心满意足的感想再复述一遍。 关于我跟佛洛伊德的类同与差别,关於 「正在进行中的工 作」 ,关於在你们未来要建构及发展的事情,他在许多层次,提供无数的问题。 这是我特别要感谢他的地方。 由於他介入的时机恰恰好,这些问题被提出的层次,随后,我们应该能够回答他,不单是跟我有关的几点, 而且沿着这个结构探讨下去。 他今天在我们面前,提供他深刻而实惠的研究,使我们大家受益良多。 我可以 说,我认为他将它当着是一种对我的厚爱,对我的论述的增加光彩。

I can only add my compliments for the long suffering attitude that he adopted in the course of this little test, to which we were all subjected and I ought in a way to apologise to him since undoubtedly it was not he personally who was aimed at on this occasion.

对於他长期以来,在精神分析的考验过程,採取默默承受痛苦的态度,我只能表示我的敬意。我们都曾经 经历这样的考验,我应该跟他道个歉意,无可置疑的,在这个场合,我说这些,不完全都针对他个人。


I am giving you a rendezvous, then, for the next meeting on Wednesday ... four plus seven, that gives us the 11th of April; there will be no seminar on the 4th of April as some might have expected.

我现在给你们一个下星期三,下一次演讲会的地点。 时间是四加七,那就是四月十一日。 我们本来预期的四 月四日的演讲会,就取消了。

In the audience: The 12th, the 12th!


Dr. Lacan: The 12th! The 12th of April.


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