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Activity No.

2: Materials Selection
The load-bearing structure of a child’s outdoor swing set

I. Uses and Operating Conditions

The load-bearing structure of a child’s outdoor swing set is also called
swing seat. It supports the weight of a child using the swing. It is normally used
at ambient temperature and supports weights up to 125 lbs [1]. Impact with hard
surfaces is undesirable as it would result to falls and injuries. Some are made
of metals, woods and polymeric materials. Those seats that use metal for
construction are prone to corrosion. Thus, it requires coating and/or surface

II. Properties and Characteristics of the Material of Construction

Safety of the children playing the swing is a priority, therefore, it is
important that the material has impact-absorbing properties and durability [2].
Resistance to corrosion is also an important property to consider to ensure
longer life cycle.

III. Material of Construction

It is recommendable to use rubber as the material because of its
combined high levels of shock absorption with durability [2]. Furthermore, it is

IV. Fabrication
Shock absorption can be done by creating buckling struts which is a
structure of two rows of holes that deforms upon impact [2]. The seat will be flat
with a removable hand rail for children who need support and supervision.

V. Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment

There is no need for heat treatment as heat might deform the material.
Surface treatment and coating are not necessary.

VI. Environmental Concerns and Product Liability

At the end of its lifecycle, the rubber seats are not to be disposed or
burned. They shall be recycled to minimize its impact on the environment.
Instances of injury caused by defects of the product will be a liability of
the company.

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