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Name: Praloy Chowdhury

Batch: 9th
Topic: Methods of Collecting Primary Data.

There are two types of data-

Primary Data
Secondary Data

What is Primary Data?

 Primary data is first hand data that is originated for the first time by the researcher
through direct efforts and experience.
What is Secondary Data?
 Secondary data refers to data that was collected by someone other than the user.

Methods of collecting primary data:

1. Observation Method;
2. Personal Interview Method;
3. Telephone Method;
4. Mail Survey Method.

Observation Method: Investigator/Researcher-

 Will collect data through personal interview;
 Will deal with the recording of the behavior of the respondents;
 Will observe the behavior of the respondents.

Personal Interview: Employers/Users-

 Use a questionnaire;
 Conduct quantitative research.

Personal Interview can be classified as-

a. Door to door interview;
b. Executive interview;
c. Mall intercept survey;
d. Self-administered questionnaires;
e. Purchase intercept technique.

Telephone Interview Method:

 Use telephone as a way to collect data from the respondents;
 Travel time of interviewers are totally eliminated;
 No way to use visual aids.
Mail Survey:
 Questionnaire mail to the respondents to fill and return to the researcher;
 Low cost and less time of data collection;
 Lower possibility of return the questionnaires.