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Introduction of New High Pressure Hydraulic Hose for MARCH 5, 2009
EX50 Series Lift Trucks Remarks

Purpose The serial numbers given in the service

news show the serial numbers of the
Relative to the models listed below, a different hydraulic hose has been in use for differ- models on which the item in the service
ent rated pressure, while the length of each hydraulic hose remains the same. They news has been carried out at the plant.
For serial numbers not listed, see the
have been standardized into a single high pressure hydraulic hose this time. This Ser- interchangeability column in the service
vice News introduces the new hose as contrasted with the current equivalent hoses. news for details of the applicable model.


EX50 Series Lift Trucks Serial No.: 8008 and up
(FD100 / FD115 / FD120-8
FD135 / 150E / 160E-8)

Difference between New and Current Hoses

No. Parts New parts Q'ty Rated Current parts Rated Interchangeability Remarks
names numbers Pressure numbers Pressure
1 HOSE 07123-00403 1 17MPa 07123-00403 17MPa New Current Commonly used among
applicable models
2 HOSE 07123-00403 1 17MPa 07621-00403 3MPa New Current Commonly used among
applicable models
3 HOSE 07123-00403 1 17MPa 07621-00403 3MPa New Current Dry type brake
4 HOSE 07123-00403 1 17MPa 07624-00403 14MPa New Current Wet type brake


Brake Valve

Priority Valve

Brake Valve Relief Valve


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