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Cadbury India is a fully owned subsidy of Kraft Foods Inc.

The combination of Kraft Foods and Cadbury creates a global powerhouse in snacks, confectionery and quick meals. With annual revenues of approximately $50 billion, the combined company is the world's second largest food company, making delicious products for billions of consumers in more than 160 countries. We employ approximately 140,000 people and have operations in more than 70 countries.

In India, Cadbury began its operations in 1948 by importing chocolates. After 60 years of existence, it today has five company-owned manufacturing facilities at Thane, Induri (Pune) and Malanpur (Gwalior), Bangalore and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and 4 sales offices (New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota and Chennai). The corporate office is in Mumbai. Our core purpose "make today delicious" captures the spirit of what we are trying to achieve as a business. We make delicious foods you can feel good about. Whether watching your weight or preparing to celebrate, grabbing a quick bite or sitting down to family night, we pour our hearts into creating foods that are wholesome and delicious. Currently, Cadbury India operates in four categories viz. Chocolate Confectionery, Milk Food Drinks, Candy and Gum category. In the Chocolate Confectionery business, Cadbury has maintained its undisputed leadership over the years. Some of the key brands in India are Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Perk, Éclairs and Celebrations. Cadbury enjoys a value market share of over 70% - the highest Cadbury brand share in the world! Our billion-dollar brand Cadbury Dairy Milk is considered the "gold standard" for chocolates in India. The pure taste of CDM defines the chocolate taste for the Indian consumer. In the Milk Food drinks segment our main product is Bournvita - the leading Malted Food Drink (MFD) in the country. Similarly in the medicated candy category Halls is the undisputed leader. We recently entered the gums category with the launch of our worldwide dominant bubble gum brand Bubbaloo. Bubbaloo is sold in 25 countries worldwide. Since 1965 Cadbury has also pioneered the development of cocoa cultivation in India. For over

Crackle and Roast Almond. Chocolate lovers for a quarter of a century have indulged their taste buds with a Cadbury 5 Star. Hardly surprising then that the Cocoa tree is called the Cadbury tree! Today. Our efforts have increased cocoa productivity and touched the lives of thousands of farmers. this was one property that both. Our Cocoa team visits farmers and advise them on the cultivation aspects from planting to harvesting. We also conduct farmers meetings & seminars to educate them on Cocoa cultivation aspects. U.two decades. We are the world's No.K. And we will continue to “make today delicious”! Describe package: The story of Cadbury Dairy Milk started way back in 1905 at Bournville. the brand and the consumer stuck to as a valuable association. And through the passage of time. Cadbury 5 Star has re-invented itself over the years to keep satisfying the consumers taste for a high quality & different chocolate eating experience. we have worked with the Kerala Agriculture University to undertake cocoa research and released clones. snacking and quick meals. .1 Confectionery Company. One of the key properties that Cadbury 5 Star was associated with was its classic Gold colour. Launched in 1969 as a bar of chocolate that was hard outside with soft caramel yoghurt inside. we are poised in our leap towards quantum growth. A leading knight in the Cadbury portfolio and the second largest after Cadbury Dairy Milk with a market share of 14%. The pure taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk is the taste most Indians crave for when they think of Cadbury Dairy Milk. but the journey with chocolate lovers in India began in 1948. Cadbury 5 Star moves from strength to strength every year by increasing its user base. as a combined company with an unmatched portfolio in confectionery. hybrids that improve the cocoa yield. combine the classic taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk with a variety of ingredients and are very popular amongst teens & adults.. The variants Fruit & Nut.

Dairy Milk and Nutties and rich dry fruits enrobed in Cadbury dairy milk chocolate in 5 variants. this 'anytime. The communication is based on the emotional route and the tag line says "rishte pakne do" which fits with the brand purpose of strengthening your relationships with something sweet. Gems. Cadbury Celebrations was aimed at replacing traditional gifting options like Mithai and dry.fruits during festive seasons. Cadbury Perk in 1996.A pretty teenager. a long line. raisin magic. cashew magic. anywhere' snack zoomed right into the hearts of teenagers. With its light chocolate and wafer construct. and hunger! Rings a bell? That was how Cadbury launched its new offering. Almond magic. . It is also a major success as a corporate gifting brand. Cadbury Celebrations has become a popular brand on occasions such as Diwali. With a catchy jingle and tongue in cheek advertising. Perk. Cadbury Perk targeted the casual snacking space that was dominated primarily by chips & wafers. The super premium Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Collection which is a festive offering is an exotic range of chocolate covered dry fruits and nuts in various flavours and the premium dark chocolate range which is exotic dark chocolate in luscious flavours. Rakhi. Cadbury Celebrations is available in several assortments: An assortment of chocolates like 5 Star. nut butterscotch and caramels. Dussera puja.

Cadbury Gems has captured every consumer's fantasy for almost 4 decades. England in the 1960s. Mint Crunch. . encased in a pack that's as colorful as the product itself? Unrivalled in all these years. Black Forest and Old Jamaica.The Cadbury Temptations range is available in 5 delicious flavour variants . Eclairs was first discovered by a local confectionery firm in London. the brand that came into India in 1968 is still going strong. The experience of eating a Cadbury Dairy Milk Eclair is truly unique because of its creamy caramel exterior and rich Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate at the center. Little wonder that Cadbury Gems. In 2006 Cadbury Dairy Milk Eclairs launched a crunchy Eclair with a hard caramel outside and delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate inside called Cadbury Dairy Milk Eclairs Crunch. With its international quality chocolate Temptations soon became a popular brand for "chocoholics". The saying "Good things come in small packets" has been proven right many a times and it couldn't have been truer for the pretty chocolate buttons called Gems. brightly colored chocolate buttons with crispy shells.Roast Almond Coffee. Who can forget the unique. Honey Apricot. The firm then became part of Cadbury in 1971 making Cadbury Eclairs the second largest brand in the company.

In its constant attempt to contemporarise. which became an instant hit with consumers. Early 2006 gave consumers one more reason to celebrate with Cadbury Gems. a fruit flavoured variant with a crispy shell outside and white chocolate inside. a unique stand up tube pack with a flip top was launched. Cadbury Gems has always had 'Masti' as the key proposition in all its communication. Now consumers had not one. the launch of Cadbury Fruity Gems. Cadbury Gems is always a willing ally for pranks and fun. In fact. Cadbury Gems has continuously tried to be relevant and exciting for consumers. but two reasons to enter the 'Masti' world of Cadbury Gems . With this promise in mind. Cadbury Gems brings happiness to the consumer's world.The sheer taste and the fun associated with eating Cadbury Gems and the joy of sharing it with friends has made the brand a dear companion and a source of nostalgia for consumers.

promotion & distribution. There are three variants of Bytes available in the market . . It is an exciting challenge for us to take the brand forward and make it a stupendous success. Cadbury Bournvita was launched during the same year. talk about breaking the stereotype. They are also the gateway to the family. Cadbury Bytes was launched in 2004-05 as Cadbury's foray into the rapidly growing packaged snack market. towns and villages through 3. With Bytes. exciting and adventurous side of life. The Journey: The brand has been an enduring symbol of mental and physical health ever since it was launched in 1948. Coffee and Strawberry. The new commercials. The proposition we have arrived at is "Snacking ka meetha funda". The product is all about breaking a cliché and teenagers identify with breaking stereotypes. It is among the oldest brands in the Malt Based Food / Malt Food category with a rich heritage and has always been known to provide the best nutrition to aid growth and all round development. Cadbury Gems will continue to be the leading brand in Cadbury India's portfolio. Cadbury Bytes is positioned as the 'only sweet snack' in the world of salty snacks. It is hardly surprising then. Throughout it's history. Cadbury Bytes is a one of a kind snack. Cadbury Gems has established itself as one of the leading brands in its segment. With the single-minded purpose to delight every consumer and help them discover the fun.000 outlets in India. The Cadbury lineage and rich brand heritage has helped the brand maintain its leadership position and image over the last 50 years. Cadbury Bournvita reaches across hundreds of cities. Cadbury Bytes is targeted at teens as they are the largest consuming segment of packaged snack category. at two price points. as compared to most of the other snacks. where we take a pot-shot at other snacks.Regular.Rs 5 and Rs 10.'Tommy' and 'Villain'. It's a bite sized snack with a crunchy wafer and rich Choco cream filling. 1948 as a private limited company under the name of Cadbury-Fry (India).Today. packaging. that Bournvita enjoys a major presence in the Malt Food market. Cadbury has entered into a new category with well entrenched and established brands. in that it is sweet and not salty.50. especially for a new sweet snack. Cadbury was incorporated in India on July 19th. Cadbury Bournvita has continuously re-invented itself in terms of product. by saying `Har snack namkeen nahi hota'. Given its market share of 17%.

and its latest offering. Bubbaloo is an innovative soft bubblegum with a centre filled liquid. The communication focuses on the "fun filled liquid centre " of Bubbaloo and is anchored by “Bubba. Cadbury India has expanded its confectionary portfolio in 2007 by foraying into the Bubble gum category with the launch of Bubbaloo Bubblegum. It is filled with a high level of a great tasting fruit flavoured liquid that floods your mouth instantly.Strawberry and Mixed Fruit. Cadbury now offers two options to capture this appeal: Cadbury Bournvita.the cat”.It is a universal truth that mothers attach a lot of emotional importance to nourishment while bringing up their children. . leveraging the rich chocolate and caramel flavour of Cadbury 5 Star. children always look out for the tastiest option to make their daily dose of milk more enjoyable.a successful bubblegum brand from its international portfolio. the international mascot for the brand Bubbaloo. Cadbury Bournvita 5 Star Magic. However. with its popular chocolate taste. Bubaloo is currently available in two yummy flavors.

However.Produce: How Cadbury chocolate is made: The cocoa-bean -. . Drying After fermentation. jute fibres. At fermentation sites either in the plantation or at. Fermentation The fermentation process is decisive in the production of high quality raw cocoa.the heart of the sweetest delicacy in the world -. Criollo cocoa accounts for only 10% of the world crop. The remaining 90% is harvested from trees of the Forastero family. They have a particularly fine. up to the 18th century some native tribes ate only the sweetish flesh of the cocoa fruit. The Varieties There are two quite different basic classifications of cocoa. The main growing area is West Africa. the raw cocoa is thoroughly cleaned by passing through sieves. The technique varies depending on the growing region. The pure variety of the Criollo tree is found mainly in its native Equador and Venezuela. Most of this has to be removed. collecting points. the fruit is treated to prevent it from rotting. Finally. under which practically all varieties can be categorised: Criollo and Forastero cocoas. therefore. as was the case among the Aztecs. The seeds are of finer quality than those of the Forastero variety. and by brushing. used only in the production of high-quality chocolate and for blending. the fruit is opened. with its many hybrids and varieties. Cleaning Before the real processing begins. in fact about 60%. The cocoa tree can flourish only in the hottest regions of the world. What could be more natural than to spread the beans out to dry on the sun-soaked ground or on mats? After a week or so. They regarded the precious bean as waste or used it. sand and even the finest dust are extracted by powerful vacuum equipment. as a form of bitter! This is why. The Harvest Immediately after harvesting. all but a small percentage of the water has evaporated. the last vestiges of wood. the raw cocoa still contains far too much water. mild aroma and are.

attractive glaze. but it also later gives the chocolate its fine structure. Grinding The crushed cocoa beans. sugar and milk are the four basic ingredients for making chocolate. ground to powder and finely sifted in several stages and we obtain a dark. during which some of the cocoa butter is added to it. during which the air in the nearly 10 feet high furnaces reaches a temperature of 130 °C. namely: . During cooling it gradually sets: this is the cocoa paste. strong odour. The entire roasting process. Cocoa paste. but which soon join again. Cocoa Butter The cocoa butter has important functions. A part of the cocoa paste is taken to large presses. which are still fairly coarse are now pre-ground by special milling equipment and then fed on to rollers where they are ground into a fine paste.Roasting The subsequent roasting process is primarily designed to develop the aroma. The other part passes through various blending and refining processes. These cakes are crushed again. Crushing and shelling The roasted beans are now broken into medium sized pieces in the crushing machine.cocoa. The secret of every chocolate factory lies in the special mixing ratios which it has developed for different types of cocoa. Cocoa Powder After the cocoa butter has left the press. beautiful lustre and delicate. At this point the production process divides into two paths. strongly aromatic powder which is excellent for the preparation of delicious drinks . which extract the cocoa butter. The heat generated by the resulting pressure and friction causes the cocoa butter (approximately 50% of the bean) contained in the beans to melt. cocoa butter. It not only forms part of every recipe. By blending them in accordance with specific recipes the three types of chocolate are obtained which form the basis of ever product assortment. cocoa cakes are left which still contain a 10 to 20% proportion of fat depending on the intensity of compression. liquid mixture. This is dark brown in colour with a characteristic. the crushed beans are weighed and blended according to special recipes. Blending Before grinding. The two paths have rejoined. producing a thick. is carried out automatically.

For during this period the chocolate paste will be refined to such an extent in the conches that it will flatter even the most discriminating palate. Rolling Depending on the design of the rolling mills. They then sell it to the general public. A kind of aeration of the liquid chocolate paste then takes place in the conches: its bitter taste gradually disappears and the flavour is fully developed. but dissolves meltingly on the tongue. where they are pulverized and kneaded.) Conching But still the chocolate paste is not smooth enough to satisfy our palates. After the chocolate is produced and has undergone all the quality checks it is transported to the stockrooms. powdered or condensed milk. You can buy it at most of the retail outlets or general stores or groceries shop and small shops Yes there are dealerships distributors who supply Cadbury products to retail outlets and general stores and shops. Asda. But within two or three days all that will have been put right. super stores such as Iceland.go into the mixer. The chocolate no longer seems sandy. It has attained the outstanding purity which gives it its reputation. Safeway and petrol station. Conches (from the Spanish word "concha". They can do this by producing products. These businesses are usually visited by customers on a daily basis. while being constantly stirred. which are eaten in that particular country without upsetting religious or cultural practises. Sainsbury. sugar and flavouring . (One micron is a thousandth part of a millimetre. Tesco. After this Cadbury sells it products to shops that deal with beverages and confectionery e.maybe vanilla . Cadbury Schweppes therefore makes sure that the cultures of these different people are kept. three or five vertically mounted steel rollers rotate in opposite directions. This gives them a wide range of consumers around the world. Under heavy pressure they pulverise the tiny particles of cocoa and sugar down to a size of approx.g. Cadbury produces chocolate for more than 200 countries so that they have a chance to enjoy it as well and make profit. cocoa butter. is given a velvet smoothness by the addition of certain amounts of cocoa butter.Kneading In the case of milk chocolate for example. 30 microns. the cocoa paste. meaning a shell) is the name given to the troughs in which 100 to 1000 kilograms of chocolate paste at a time can be heated up to 80 °C and. . corner shops. Kwik save. PLACE Cadbury dairy milk is produced at the chocolate factory in Bourneville in Birmingham.

There’s the basic Rich Cocoa. which is just plain dark chocolate. “A cube of silk is visibly dome shaped in order to fit smugly in your mouth”. at Rs 49 for 69 grams and Rs 99 for 160 grams 2) The packaging: Silk is costlier because it has better packaging. CADBURY BEGAN ITS OPERATIONS IN 1948 BY IMPORTING CHOCOLATES. Opening the three packaging layers designed to impress makes you understand why Silk is priced higher. 12 Fruit & Nut: Rs. Silk is around Rs 20 costlier.IN INDIA.THESE FACTORIES CHURN OUT CLOSE TO 8. Advertising directly to children is appropriate. The middle cover is the traditional white paper wrap. KOLKOTA AND CHENNAI). PRICE CADBURY DAIRYMILK SILK: The price: The regular Dairy Milk and its variations are priced at around Rs 30. of Silk reads. CADBURY BOURNVILLE: Cadbury’s new Bournville is made from the finest Ghana cocoa beans and is 44% cocoa. Because of this. and of course I’ve tried them all. this time with an ornate description of the new offering (a task carried out by some junior copywriter. 23 PROMOTION Cadbury PLC believes that parents and guardians/carers are the most important influence in the development of children.. There are four different variants. And the third layer is a purple foil. which is now generally accepted as eight years. only when it is conducted in an environment that supports the parental role. Crunchy: Rs. the second packaging layer. we've withdrawn from advertising directed specifically at children aged less than eight years where they're the majority of the audience and we've introduced a global Marketing Code of Practice. which includes specific reference to children. reveling in the fact that the new dome shape is so much smoother. IT TODAY HAS FIVE COMPANY-OWNED MANUFACTURING FACILITIES AT THANE. it’s glossy and smart. MUMBAI. 10 and Rs 30. 3) The shape: The white paper cover. or where the child has reached an age of cognisance and reason. The first outer cover is designed to give the chocolate an exclusive look. such a well thought out concept! Silk eaters can now place a cube in their mouth and feel its shape. dark chocolate with almonds. and Almond. dark chocolate with hazelnuts. And the price is perfect at INR 75 for a 80 gram bar of Rich Cocoa. Raisin and Nut. Wow. CADBURY FIVE STAR: Cadbury five star 5. INDURI (PUNE) AND MALANPUR (GWALIOR). who is now probably proudly showing off his brilliant work)..000 TONNES OF CHOCOLATE ANNUALLY. And if that’s not enough excitement for you. you can choose from Hazelnut. It melts in your mouth and makes you go ’mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’. THE CORPORATE OFFICE IS IN MUMBAI. replacing the traditional golden foil that the regular Dairy Milk has. dark chocolate with raisins and nuts. AFTER 60 YEARS OF EXISTENCE. BANGALORE AND BADDI (HIMACHAL PRADESH) AND 4 SALES OFFICES (NEW DELHI. .

In these circumstances. We are committed to listening to them and acting responsibly in their interests and have done this successfully for generations. and are valued for their functional benefits. including taste. Our advertising will reflect moderation in consumption and portion sizes appropriate to the social and cultural setting portrayed. accurate and well substantiated. . radio. size. Our advertising will never portray or endorse inappropriate or over consumption. cultural. as this is central to consumers continuing to enjoy our brands. They provide fun and enjoyment as treats or refreshment. Unless a food product has been nutritionally designed as a meal replacement. We believe that vending is appropriate in secondary schools. sound and visual presentation will accurately represent all material dimensions of products advertised. What is Cadbury PLC' Marketing Code? We are proud of our brands. Research shows that secondary school children will leave school premises if products they want are not available and vending can help schools ensure their safety and security. Health benefit claims will have a sound nutritional basis and comply with applicable government regulations. They can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle. This code is reviewed annually by the group's President of Commercial Strategy and put before the company's Food Issues Strategy Group for policy approval. In every country where we advertise we will be attentive to local. only when we're asked to do so by the education or school authority. video. All our advertising will be truthful. political and religious sensitivities and always market within the highest common denominator of any existing regulatory. This Marketing Code of Practice ensures we continue to meet our responsibilities to our consumers.Cadbury PLC do not believe that it's appropriate to sell our confectionery and carbonated soft drink products through vending machines in primary schools and we will not do so. broadcast and cable television. We encourage responsible consumption. and when the products meet nutritional guidelines set by the authority. Our consumers are at the heart of our business. Supporting sensible consumption and balanced life style. We will apply these guidelines to all forms of media including print. content and nutrition and health benefits. We provide choice by offering variety and through innovation. point-of-sale. online advertising. other internet activities and packaging. and if requested. we also welcome opportunities to try to work with authorities to produce and supply products that meet their specific nutritional requirements. Copy. it will not be portrayed as such. advertiser. agency and broadcaster guidelines. telephone.

especially where it relates to the likelihood of winning a prize or being included in a club of any kind. premiums or services in a way that obscures the distinction between programme or editorial content and commercial promotion. security. We recognise and will act on the special responsibility we have to protect children from their own vulnerabilities. . we will use the personal information they provide to attempt to notify and obtain consent from the parent/guardian and will not further use such information for marketing to such children.With particular reference to marketing to children We will always take into account the level of knowledge. sophistication and maturity of the people we are advertising to. For example. Commercials and advertisements featuring characters from programmes or publications primarily directed to children should not be adjacent to programmes or articles in which the same personality or character appears. when contacted by a child. Eight years is generally accepted as the age at which children are viewed as being able to comprehend what an advertisement is seeking to achieve and to make judgements accordingly. We will use language and visuals that are clearly understandable in advertising and promotions. Younger children have a limited capacity for evaluating the credibility of information they receive. We will not seek to gain the address or other personal details of the child. (Also see: Advertising to children) We will not advertise during or adjacent to a programme if the content of our advertisement is derived from or associated with that programme. We will not show children under eight years in advertisements and promotions aimed at children. sporting success or intelligence. we will not knowingly link to pages of other sites that do not comply with our standards. Where we have websites with children's content. we will not use broadcast or print media personalities (live or animated) to sell products. we will not e-mail children and we will comply with any higher or additional standards imposed by applicable local law. Our advertising to children will not create a sense of urgency or price minimisation. We will use this area of any website we have to remind and encourage parents to check and monitor their children's use of online activities regularly. We will not have any visual reference of children under eight years on company-owned vending equipment. we will not advertise where children under the age of eight are likely to be the majority of the audience. Therefore. liability and other purposes permitted under applicable law. They also may lack the ability to understand the nature of the personal information they disclose on the Internet. Our advertising will not misrepresent the potential benefits from the consumption of a product such as status or popularity with peers. Under limited circumstances of safety.

where appropriate. there will be a periodic review of business unit activity by regional and global management to ensure that interpretation of the code is aligned locally. we will not use such characters to promote inappropriate consumption. kindness. including animation. honesty. We will. Prior to release. We will take great care when using any form of fantasy. capitalise on the potential of advertising to influence behaviour by developing advertising that supports positive and beneficial social behaviour including sensible consumption. not to exploit a child's imagination in a way that can encourage poor dietary habits or less than sensible consumption. with a view towards proper nutritional development of the child and development of good nutritional practices. generosity and respect of others. which are in the treat and occasional consumption range. language or messages that encourage children to pester parents or others to buy products. all advertisements and promotions to children will be reviewed at an early stage for the appropriateness of the activity and then checked against this code before being signed off by business unit general managers. Our advertising will support the role of parents and other appropriate adult role models in guiding and deciding what children should eat and drink. friendship. justice. .We will not use visuals. regionally and globally. and in so doing expose children to the benefits of constructive advertising approaches. Our products will be represented in a way to encourage the sound use of the product. When using fictitious or real characters to promote our products. In addition.

so says the advertisement... 5)Cadbury Roasted Almond . This basic chocolate forms a part of all cadburys made from fresh milk. apricot and kerels..The Real taste of Life.made with crunchy crispies and butterscotch inside.biteful of soft melting nugets with smooth cadbury milk..All time favourite made from raisins..... cashewnuts.what about my calories’’ and invariably you atleast take a piece offered to you saying ’’oh they are irresistable’’.Kabhi bhi kahin bhi (for the benefit of those who do not understand Hindi(the ad says ’’ a little filling for your stomach .Almonds in Choclate (The nutty kind) 6) Cadbury Perk . 8)Cadbury’s Relish . 7) Cadbury’s Five Star .An assortment of excellent fine choclates in perfect gift boxes for every occasion. Everyone loves to eat this chocolate but quite often when you offer a Cadbury to someone you hear a remark ’’Oh cadbury.Due to the various availability in size and variations it has taken a lead in the chocolate market So Do have the Real Taste of very fatning..... 2)Cadbury Fruit and Nut .The price afcourse varies with the product begining with Rs5/-. Well these are some of the very famous chocolates available from the cadburys to choose according to your taste.. The crackling experience. infact thats very true..anytime anywhere’’ with light wafer centre.. 9)Cadbury’s Gems.Dil mein josh bhar lo(Fill energy into your hearts) great energy bar with centre of caramel and nougets coated with cadbury dairy milk.... 3)Cadbury Temptations . 10)Chocolate Eclairs ...Too Good to Share.. . So do check it out.well one can only say with experience..Thodi si pet Puja .... 4)Cadbury Crackle ..Cadbury is a well known brand not only in India but has earned a name for itself world over.Cadbury milk centre and a caramel shell.Masti ka Partner (Partner full of Pranks) sugar coated chocolate buttons in various colours. The chocolate is available in various variation and combination for eg 1)Cadbury Dairy Milk ... one cannot just have a reason or rather i should say one cannot explain the reason for having a liking towards this brand of chocolates.Bite into one and feel the chocolate ooze 11)Cadbury celeberations .

e. 3 Growth. creating a unique selling proposition (USP) i.SUMMARRY OF THE FINDINGS.which is the increasing of sales 6 Improving the product image-which includes creating a new logo or launching a new brand of product and creating more attractive packaging. Cadbury tests them to ensure that consumers are willing to buy them. Cadbury then promotes its products in various ways such as the use of above the line . whereas corporate objectives are the specific targets required to achieve the aims.which is the spreading of business risks by reducing dependence on one product. 4 Diversification. For example.which includes Cadbury selling new products or expanding overseas. To increase Cadbury's share of the snacking sector When launching a product the company Cadbury’s had to make sure that any new product in the snaking sector must establish points of difference. The common aim and objectives of the corporation such as Cadbury includes the following: 1 Survival 2 Profit maximisation.which is often taken to be the reason why firms exists and to be the primary objectives in practices most firms have a hierarchy of objectives when a firms survival is threaten it may profit maximise in order to restore its financial health. Cadbury lost a lot of money testing out the combination of various ingredients and more than 250 were combined before the recipe of the chocolate was finalized. Fuse. When identifying the basic principals which Cadburys must apply to its marketing will be its basic objectives because all business must have objectives it allows them to increase sales and make profit. To grow the market for chocolate confectionery 2. As the products are developed. a product with unique appeal which is not shared by any of its competitors. Corporate aims are the long term intentions of a business. Cadbury set out two objectives for the development of their chocolate. 5 Sales maximisation. In order to increase sales Cadburys needs to undertake a range of marketing activities before deciding upon the best way to encourage the purchase of its product. These were: 1. Referring back to the example of Fuse.

Nestle[2] have a more diverse product portfolio.Cadbury has traditionally been strong in Europe. chewing gum. magazines. which it feels. • Other competitors have greater international experience . Weaknesses • The company is dependent on the confectionery and beverage market.4%)[1] Strong manufacturing competence. The case study has revealed the fact that Cadbury had embarked on a strategy which involves increased consumption of its products through enhanced reach. where profits can be used to invest in other areas of the business and R&D. which is where a product is advertised through consumer media such as television. including Adams. Global supply chain in low cost locations[4].g. £7971. Recent acquisitions. unique understanding of consumer in these segments. High financial strength (Sales turnover 1997. candy. Aggressive price and promotion activity by competitors . particularly for energy.9% of global market share.promotion. New to the US.4 million and 9.there is an increasingly demanding cost environment.possible price wars in developed markets. CONCLUSIONS. Strengths • • • • • Cadbury is the largest global confectionery supplier. • Competitive pressures from other branded suppliers (national and global). Threats • Worldwide . packaging and sugar. That Cadbury I the most upcoming brand of chocolates in a market like india. with 9. widening the depth of its distribution network and working towards a comprehensive portfolio with brands across all price segments. enabled it to expand into important markets like the US market. can be attained by creating new markets. newspapers and radio. whereas other competitors e. Advantage that it is totally focused on chocolate. Successfully grown through its acquisition strategy. established brand name and leader in innovation. . 2003. transport. possible lack of understanding of the new emerging markets compared to competitors[3]. affordability and visibility.

where raw materials and labour is cheaper ii) reduce internal costs . Cadbury Fuel for Growth[7] and cost efficiency programmes seek to bring cost savings by: 1) Moving production to low cost countries.000 tonnes brown drinks market). • Key to survival within the FMCG market is increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The revenue break up of its different business segments is as follows: Despite the fact that Indians have strong affinity for sweets. and wise investment in R&D. • The confectionery market is characterized by a high degree of merger and acquisition activity in recent years. To respond to changes in consumer tastes and preferences . Nutrition and healthier lifestyles affecting demand for core Cadbury products. Of late.healthier snacks with lower calories need to be developed.000 tonnes Indian chocolate market.[5] Opportunities • New markets. organic and natural confectionery demand appears strong. the company has ventured into the 120. It is also present in the malted food market (Bournvita enjoys a 24 percent share of the 20. Russia. the size of domestic confectionery market is small on account of traditional consumer tastes and habits. consumer wealth is increasing and demand for confectionery products is increasing. global sourcing and procurement.000 tonnes sugar confectionery market ('Googly') and has gained about 5% market share there. Significant opportunities exist to expand into the emerging markets of chain efficiency. where populations are growing. India.Rising obesity and consumers obsession with calories counting. Opportunities exist to increase share through targeted acquisitions[6].• Social changes . • Innovation is key driver. RECOMMENDATIONS Cadbury India's main source of revenue is its 70% bite of the 23. Low-fat. R&D and product launches have led to sugar-free & center filled chewing gum varieties and Cadbury premium indulgence treat. The Chocolate market in .

Large brands like Bournvita and Horlicks dominate in Malted food drinks sector and the growth has been steady in the last five years. and its huge cash reserves might be utilized for the purpose. targeting regular chocolate consumers through generating impulse and a dominant presence at Point of Sale. The management believes that price increase can only be a short term objective. Increase depth of consumption.India is a niche market penetrated largely in urban areas and per capita consumption is low as compared to those in developed countries of the West. The company's business strategy hinges on following for driving its future growth: • • Increase the width of chocolate consumption. through occasion linked gift packs. Build critical mass in the sugar business by introducing value-added sugar confectionery products. as it has done in the Western markets. higher marketing spend and intensive promotions . . The future mission of Cadbury India is 'A Cadbury in Every Pocket'. The company is also looking for acquisition of brands. The market for Malted food drinks is large and is characterized by a few large players. The market can be broadly segmented into white malted food drinks which dominates in the Southern and the Eastern parts of the country and Brown Malted food drinks which dominate in the North and the West. The company sees its growth in future in market expansion and new product launches.the mix. Cadbury is looking at to fuel its future growth. Be a significant player in the gifting segment. Increased reach. Maintain image leadership through a superior marketing mix. • • • Future revenue growth will be through increasingly higher volumes rather than price increases. It is volumes. But future prospects of the chocolate category looks good as the company plans to move into the arena of snack foods. new launches. through low price point packs and distribution focus. which are very important to achieve the long-term goal of having a wide consumer base.

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