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Name of


_______________________ INVESTIGATION
Rating Scale Final
0 1 2 3 Score
No reason and
title given or Reason given is Original and
Reason for choosing the Appropriate
obscure reason vague or weak ; insightful
(a) topic and selection of with appropriate title reason and title reason and
title given
inappropriate given title given
Benefits are
Benefits are
Benefits given clearly
Expected benefits to clearly
are not clearly expressed, but
(b) you as a student of No benefits given stated, few are they are not all expressed , /3
English sound and
attainable sound, most are
Material to be Material to be
collected stated collected stated
(type or nature (type or nature
Material to be of material) of material) /2
collected not Limited list of Various sources
stated sources given for possible
(Internet etc…)
Proposal for collection
(c) given
and use of material
Use of the Use of the
Use of the
English English
English Language /2
Language skills Language skills
skills to be used
outlined and an clearly outlined
in analysing the
attempt made and clear
material not
to indicate how indication of
they will be how they will be
used. used provided.

Total marks for Plan of Investigation=10 marks

Scale down to 5 marks

Score awarded = = ______________


Name of Teacher: ________________________________ Time/Date: ______________________________________

CXC 07/G/SYLL 16

Name of Student:_______________

Date: _______________________

The total mark for Individual Participation will be 5 marks based on the responses obtained from
the sessions conducted by the teacher.

Areas Questions for students Final

Do/Did you know what you are/were expected to do to work
1. /1
well in a team?
2. Are you able to focus on what is taking place in your group? /1
How do /did you feel in the group? I feel self-confidence, self- /1
esteem and self-efficacy.
Do/Did you know how to manage how you behave in the /1
5. Do /Did you manage your tasks on time and thoroughly? /1

Total score /5

Name of Teacher: ________________________________ Time/Date: ______________________________________

This scale should be completed by the teacher in discussion with the student on two different
occasions. After the first assessment, discussion should take place and feedback should be given to
the student to allow for improvement. The second assessment should produce the final mark out of
five agreed on by the teacher and student .

CXC 07/G/SYLL 16
Name of Group:_______________

Date: _______________________

Rating Scale
Facets of process Final Score
0 1 2 3
The plan of work exists and All members have seen , read
Plan of work not known by all
1 Communication most group members have and discussed the plan of
group members /2
seen , read and discussed it work
No awareness of what Some awareness of what Members seek out and are /2
2 Collaboration members of the group are members of the group are aware of what all members
doing doing of the group are doing
Group members show no Group members engaged in Group members engaged in Group members engaged in /3
reflection on work at the end reflection on work at the end reflection on work at the end of
6 Reflection* evidence of reflecting on their
of some of the activities or of most of the activities or all of the activities or sessions
sessions sessions
There is obvious Members attempt to resolve Members are actively /3
misunderstanding among issues and problems to Members respect and
creating interaction with
7 Interaction members. Group unable to ensure a comfortable appreciate each other; and
each other and displaying
resolve problems relationship among group show empathy to all members
trust and respect
Total marks for Quality of Within-Group Activities = 10 marks Total Score /10

Name of Teacher: ________________________________ Time/Date: _____________________________________

NOTE TO TEACHER: The mark awarded is a group mark. All students receive the same mark.

CXC 01/G/SYLL 15
Rating Scale
Facets of Task
1 2 3 4
Does not meet the required The required number of stimuli has Contexts in/from which the stimuli Contexts in/from which the stimuli are
number of pieces been selected but some of the are chosen are explicitly given. chosen are explicitly given.
issues are only implied.
Stimuli chosen are of little There is evidence of the procedures There is clear evidence of the procedure
relevance or a weak attempt is Some tasks are noted but used in selecting the three stimuli used in selecting the three stimuli
made to force relevance generally there seems to be
inadequacy, and lack of clarity. Some of the issues associated with Issues raised (in the stimuli) are clearly
1. Content Only one or two tasks the stimuli are not clearly defined and fully explored
attempted The report indicates an stated(more information is needed)
understanding of tasks but All relevant tasks (processes, procedures)
execution is insufficient There is indication of the tasks to be which should have been/ are to be,
done but some aspects are left out performed by group members and
described in the reporting are noted and

Weak response to the tasks: Analysis focuses on some of the Excellent response to the tasks:
(focus, summary, analysis key issues. (focus, summary, analysis)

Issues are not clearly identified Good evidence of research Analysis focuses on the key issues.

Inadequate evidence of Good handling of documentation Findings of discussions and research

research with the occasional error. of the relevance to the stimulus
material are clearly stated
2. Evidence of
All sources of the various stimuli are
acknowledged and documented.

Any comments on the stimuli, apart

from students’ original comments,
are appropriately acknowledged and

CXC 01/G/SYLL 15
Rating Scale
Facets of Task
1 2 3 4
The report: The report: The report:

Good control of basic grammar, Very good control of language Excellent use of Standard English in
3. Language use vocabulary and mechanics. (grammar and vocabulary) - errors the appropriate tone and register
and vocabulary Competent sentence structure do not suggest lack of capacity
but lacking in maturity of The vocabulary shows excellent
expression knowledge of and interaction with
the issues and context.

Total marks for Written Report = 10 marks

Score awarded = __________ + _________+ _________ = __________

Name of student: _____________________________

Name of assessor: ________________________________

Time/Date of assessment: ___________ /_____________

Time Date

CXC 01/G/SYLL 15
Rating Scale
Facets of Tasks
0 1 2 3 4
awkward but acceptable
choppy Intelligible; clear;
1. Fluency of delivery jerky, halting fragmentary smooth;
long pauses well-paced flow
connections with
Clear organisation of
topic/issue unclear;
Limited comprehension ideas;
2. Structure, incomprehensible; Connections with Coherent;
lacks elaboration; Sustained treatment of
Comprehensibility, key issues not depicted; topic/issue unclear; Key issues well developed
Slightly incoherent in topic/theme/issues;
and development of style of presentation does Very incoherent in parts; Well expressed in many
parts; Style very effective and
topic not always aid in Utterance incorrect parts; very effective style
Somewhat limited; impactful in
depicting the key issues.
Adequate style of
Ideas limited to
inadequate words and Accurate use of grammar
lacks basic words; Basic sentences are used;
jargon Effective use of grammar
3. Language use and lack specificity; Control of basic
Lacks specificity and vocabulary;
vocabulary very many errors in grammatical structures;
Limited range of High degree of fluency;
words and sentences Reliance on practical
grammar Rich vocabulary

Score awarded = __________ + _________+ _________ = __________

Name of student: _____________________________

Name of assessor: ________________________________

Time/Date of assessment:___________ /_____________

Time Date

CXC 01/G/SYLL 15
The assessment of this component will be based on the following:

Theme factors – critical knowledge related to theme, how material shaped thinking
Language factors – analysis of language, good organisation.
Process factors – personal value, benefits clearly identified

Reflection on topic/issue/ theme, use of language, process and its effects

Descriptors Marks Final

Candidate produces an excellent reflection comprising THREE
entries which 5 marks /5
 discusses how the THREE pieces of material have affected
the candidate’s thinking about the issue
 examines the use of language in the three pieces
 discusses the process and its effect on the candidate
Candidate produces a very good reflection which
 integrates the treatment of the issue in the three pieces 4 marks /4
 provides a very good examination of the use of language
 discusses the process and its effect
Candidate produces a good reflection which
 addresses the treatment of the issue in the three pieces
 provides a good examination of the use of language 3 marks /3
 gives little discussion of the process and its effects
Candidate produces a limited reflection which
 provides a limited treatment of the issue in the three 2 marks /2
 attempts to provide an examination of the use of language
with limited success
 gives very little or no discussion of the process and its effect
Candidate produces a weak reflection which 1 mark
 mentions the issue /1
 very weak examination of the use of language OR none
 no discussion of the process and its effect.
5 marks /5

Name of Teacher: ________________________________ Time/Date: ______________________________________

CXC 01/G/SYLL 15