Communications Bulletin to support the upgrade to Oracle Release 12 Bulletin 1 July 2010 Moving NEW COMPANY( XXX) Finance

and Procurement Forward Through R12 and BI
As part of our ongoing commitment to clients to provide leading edge technology, NEW COMPANY( XXX) (NEW COMPANY( XXX) ) will be delivering a system upgrade from Oracle Release 11 (R11) to Release 12 (R12). In addition, NEW COMPANY( XXX) is upgrading to Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) which will be the new reporting suite for Release 12. NEW COMPANY( XXX) has invested in a several million pound, multi-disciplinary programme, including significant build, test and pilot phases, to ensure the successful delivery of Oracle R12 and BI for our clients. We are pleased to advise that for each existing client of NEW COMPANY( XXX) these upgrades will be delivered to you on a non-chargeable basis within your current service price. We have been briefing clients on a regular basis over the last 18 months at the Finance and Accounting User Forums of the forthcoming upgrade to R12 and will be providing further detail at the forthcoming July Forums.

Benefits of R12
Release 11 is becoming de-supported and we are transitioning clients to R12 in line with our constant drive for modernisation. This is a significant system change affecting all users of Oracle and introduces new features and improved functionality with a fresher look and feel. Oracle R12 is the current standard version and provides the latest technology for future growth and development.

What happens next?
As we move on the journey to R12 more detailed communications listing the specific changes to the system and actions required will be provided. R12 is a significant system change affecting all users of Oracle. Accordingly, training on the new look R12 system will be required for all users. This training will be computer based training, self-teach tutorials, and will be fully supported by NEW COMPANY( XXX) . Training will take place just before people actually need to use the new system for real and we’ll be reminding you about that nearer the time.

Oracle Release 12

• Improved representation of Invoice details on enquiry especially for PO related Invoices: • Invoice line detail can be distinct from accounting analysis • Summarised Tax information as opposed to tax line generated per invoice goods/service line. on-line single line if required.Clients will upgrade to R12 in waves starting from January 2011 with a target completion date for all client organisations to be operational on the new system before June 2012. Purchase Order and Agreement management • Compact Purchase Order and Agreement forms for easier detailed transaction management • Drag and drop functionality for Buyers • eProc self-service • Improved Local catalogue management: • Spot Bulk Prices (with bulk price calculated based on shopping cart quantity changes) • On-line (or at least highly dynamic) catalogue file uploads which are currently processed Kind regards Communications Team NEW COMPANY( XXX) Services Oracle Release 12 Functionality The majority of the functionality will stay the same (or be very similar) with a few noticeable improvements including • Reporting Suite for R12 – Oracle Business Intelligence (BI): • BI is the next generation reporting tool which provides a significant step up in functionality from our existing reporting suite which it will replace. At this stage. • Granular price updates. We will also be issuing regular Bulletins at key points throughout the move to R12.release12@. but will do so in due course providing ample advance notice.newcompany. Further functionality details of R12 are provided below. we are not in a position to advise individual clients of their particular slot in the migration programme. In the a user can categorise regularly purchased items by type • Automated effective date handling Please Note: these only apply to Oracle catalogue content not 3rd party hosts such as GHX and UKProcure. as opposed to formatting/loading a catalogue file • Buyer price approval before publishing for general use • Catalogue authoring role as distinct from a buyer so employees can load on behalf of the buyer with the buyer reviewing and approving changes • Multiple Favourite lists . . if you have any queries please contact your Client Manager or email our special mailbox ask. Please refer to the enclosed BI Bulletin for further details • Improved Buyer User-Interface: • Easy Navigation to support Requisition.

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