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Before the Nebraska Public Service Commission

In the Matter of the Application Application No: OP-003
(Filed by Applicant on 2/16/17)

TransCanada Keystone Pipeline LP
For Route Approval of Keystone XL
Pipeline Project, Pursuant to MOPSA

Landowner Intervenors Dunavan et al.
Susan Dunavan and William Dunavan, Notice of Appeal
Bartels Farms, Inc.
Johnnie Bialas and Maxine Bialas,
Bonnie Brauer,
James Carlson and Christine Carlson,
Timothy Choat, Gary Choat Farms LLC,
and Shirley Choat Farms, LLC,
CRC, Inc.,
Daniel A. Graves and Joyce K. Graves,
Patricia A. Grosserode a/k/a Patricia A.
Terri Harrington,
Donald C. Loseke and Wanda G. Loseke,
Arla Naber and Bryce Naber,
Mary Jane Nyberg,
Kenneth Prososki and Karen Prososki,
Edythe Sayer,
Dan Shotkoski and Clifford Shotkoski,
Leonard Skoglund and Joyce Skoglund,
John F. Small and Ginette M. Small,
Deborah Ann Stieren and Mary Lou
Jim Tarnick,
Terry J. Van Housen and Rebecca Lynn
Van Housen,
Donald D. Widga,

Byron Terry "Stix" Steskal and Diana DEC 2 7 2017
Allpress Brothers, LLC, Nebraska
Germaine G. Berry, Pubiic Service Commission
Karen G. Berry,

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Cheri G. Blocher and Michael J. Blocher,
L.A. Breiner and Sandra K. Breiner,
Jerry Carpenter and Charlayne Carpenter,
CHP 4 Farms, LLC,
Larry D. Cleary,
Jeanne Crumly and Ronald C. Crumly,
Ken Dittrich,
Lloyd Z. Hipke and Vencille M. Hipke.
R. Wynn Hipke and Jill Hipke,
Richard Kilmurry and Bonnie Kilmurry,
Rosemary Kilmurry,
Beverly Krutz and Robert Krutz,
LJM Farm, LLC,

Carol Manganaro,
Frankie Maughan and Sandra Maughan,
Beverly Miller and Earl Miller,
Edna Miller and Glen Miller,
Milliron Ranch, LLC,
Frank C. Morrison and Lynn H. Morrison,
Larry D. Mudloff, J.D. Mudloff, and Lori

Constance Myers a/k/a Constance Ramold,
Nicholas Family Limited Partnership,
Ann A. Pongratz and Richard J. Pongratz,
Donald Rech,
Schultz Brothers Farms, Inc.,
Connie Smith and Verdon Smith,
Joshua R. Stelling,
Richard Stelling and Darlene Stelling,
Todd Stelling and Lisa Stelling,
Arthur R. Tanderup and Helen J.
TMAG Ranch, LLC,
Tree Corners Farm, LLC,
Dave Troester and Sharyn Troester,
Gregory Walmer and Joanne Walmer,


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Landowner Intervenors’ Notice of Appeal
1. All Landowners identified in the caption above given notice of their
intention to appeal the December 19, 2017 Order of the Nebraska Public Service
Commission and the November 20, 2017 Order of the Nebraska Public Service
Commission to the Nebraska Court of Appeals.
2. This appeal is taken pursuant to Neb Rev Stat § 57-1409; the procedure for
this appeal is governed by Neb Rev Stat § 75-136.
Parties to Appeal
3. The parties to this appeal are:
3.1. The Nebraska Public Service Commission;
3.2. The Executive Director of the Nebraska Public Service Commission;
3.3. The Applicant, TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, L.P.;
3.4. All the Landowners identified in the caption above and included in
the “Domina Group” or “Landowner Group” as identified in the
records of the Commission;
3.5. The Applicant, TransCanada Keystone Pipeline Co., L.P.;
3.6. The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska;
3.7. The Yankton Sioux Tribe;
3.8. The Nebraska Sierra Club aka the Sierra Club of Nebraska;
3.9. Bold Alliance & Kenneth Winston;
3.10. United Ass’n of Journeymen & Apprentices of the Plumbing &
Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada, AFL-CIO;
3.11. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union NO.
3.12. Midwest Regional Office of the Laborers International Union of
3.13. Sarah Zuekerman;
3.14. Sandy Zdan;
3.15. Douglas Whitmore;

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3.16. Susan J. Weber;
3.17. Susan C. Watson;
3.18. Julie Walker;
3.19. Elizabeth L. Troshynski;
3.20. Christine Troshynski;
3.21. Paul Theobald;
3.22. Jacques Tallichet;
3.23. Kimberly L. Stuhr;
3.24. Tristan Scorpio;
3.25. Lorne Stockman & Oil Change Int’l;
3.26. Susan Straka-Heyden;
3.27. Susan Soriente;
3.28. Lois Schreur;
3.29. Sandra Slaymaker;
3.30. Cecilia Rossiter;
3.31. Corey Runmann;
3.32. Donna Roller;
3.33. Collin A. Rees;
3.34. Dave Polson;
3.35. Jana Osborn;
3.36. James Douglas Osborn;
3.37. Julie Nichols;
3.38. Greg Nelson;
3.39. Crystal Miller;
3.40. Janece Mollhoff;
3.41. Elizabeth Liz Mensinger;
3.42. & Kendall Maxey;
3.43. Pamela Luger;
3.44. Judy King;

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3.45. Marvin E. Hughes;
3.46. Richard S. Hargesheimer;
3.47. Christy J. Hargesheimer;
3.48. Andy Grier;
3.49. Louis Tom Genung;
3.50. Cathie (Kathryn) Genung;
3.51. Kimberly E. Craven;
3.52. Mia Bergman;
3.53. Wrexie Bardaglio;
3.54. Jayne Anthony;
3.55. Leverne A. Barrett;
3.56. Becky Hohnstein;
3.57. John Jarecki;
3.58. Karen Jarecki;
3.59. Taylor RM Keen;
3.60. Michelle C. LaMere;
3.61. Cindy Myers;
3.62. Christine Polson;
3.63. Joseph Pomponio;
3.64. Julie Schaffer;
3.65. Jonathan H. Thomas;
3.66. American Petroleum Institute & Judith Thorman;
3.67. Lisa May;
3.68. Association of Oil Pipelines & Steven Kramer;
3.69. Consumer Energy Alliance & Michael Whatley;
3.70. National Association of Manufacturers & Ross Eisenberg;
3.71. Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry & Ronald Sedlacek;
3.72. Ports to Plains Alliance & Michael Reeves;
3.73. South Dakota Oil & Gas Association & Adam Martin;

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3.74. All Intervenors, formal and informal, and all parties of record before
the Commission;
3.75. The Attorney General of Nebraska, Hon. Doug Peterson.

Request for Record of Proceedings

The Intervenor Appellants respectfully file separate Praecipes for a Transcript
containing all of the following filed with the Commission:
1. All Applications and amended Applications.
2. All Answers and Amended Answers.
3. All Petitions in Intervention and Amended Petitions in Intervention.
4. All Motions filed by the Intervenor Appellants named in this Notice of Appeal.
5. All prehearing Orders, including but not limited to Scheduling Orders.
Discovery Orders, and other Orders.
6. The filed Closing Arguments and Rebuttal Arguments of all Parties making
such filings.
7. The November 20, 2017 Order, with all Opinions of all Commissioners.
8. All Motions for Reconsideration and the Landowner Intervenors’ Withdrawal
of their Motion for Reconsideration.
9. The Commission’s December 19, 2017 Order on all Motions For
Reconsideration disposing of all claims and all issues affecting all parties.

Request for Service of Notice of Appeal

The Intervenor Appellant’s request that the Commission immediately notify all
parties to the appeal that this appeal has been taken and that it do so in the manner
prescribed by law. This filing is made with the Executive Dir. of the Commission and is
made timely in accord with Neb Rev Stat §75-134.

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Docketing Fee; Cost Bond

The intervenor's deposit with this appeal the sum of $126 for docketing fees and
other fees required by Neb Rev Stat§§ 33-103 et seq. and§ 47-633 other provisions of
In addition, the sum of $75 is paid as a deposit for costs or a bond for costs in
accord with Neb Rev Stat§ 25-1914 and other provisions of law including§ 75-136.

December 27, 2017.

Susan Dunavan, et al.,
Landowner Intervenors Named Above,

By ~
David A. Domina, #11043
Brian E. Jorde, #23613
Domina Law Group pc llo
2425 S. 144th Street
Omaha, NE 68144
( 402) 493-4100 m inalaw .com

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Certificate of Service
Pursuant to 291 Neb Admin Code § 015.01(b), a copy of the foregoing is served
upon all Intervenors of record to this proceeding or their attorneys of record as follows:

James G Powers First National Tower Ste Omaha NE 68102
3700 1601 Dodge Street
Patrick D Pepper First National Tower Ste Omaha NE 68102
3700 1601 Dodge Street
Jayne Antony 16064 Sprint St Omaha NE 68130-2030
Jennifer S Baker 1900 Plaza Drive Louisville CO 80027
Wrexie Bardaglio 9748 Arden Road Trumansburg NY 14886
Leverne A Barrett 1909 Co Rd E Ceresco NE 68017
Mia Bergman 86424 514 Ave. Orchard NE 68764
Ellen O Boardman 4748 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington DC 20016
Anna Friedlander 4748 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington DC 20016
Robert O'Connor, Jr PO Box 45116 Omaha NE 68145
Dara Illowsky 1650 38th Street Suite Boulder CO 80301
Kimberly E Craven 33 King Canyon Road Chadron NE 69337
Cathie Genung 902 East 7th St Hastings NE 68901
Louis (Tom) Genung 902 East 7th St Hastings NE 68901
Andy Grier 916 S. 181st St. Elkhorn NE 68022
Christy J Hargesheimer 620 S 30th St Lincoln NE 68510
Richard S Hargesheimer 620 South 30th St Lincoln NE 68510
Robert J Henry 753 State Avenue Ste 475 Kansas City KS 66101
Michael J Stapp 753 State Avenue Ste 475 Kansas City KS 66101
Michael E Amash 753 State Avenue Ste 475 Kansas City KS 66101
Becky Hohnstein PO Box 272 Minatare NE 69356
Marvin E Hughes 714 W 5th St Ste 120 Hastings NE 68901
John Jarecki 6112 Bedford Ave Omaha NE 68104
Karen Jarecki 6112 Bedford Ave Omaha NE 68104
Brad S Jolly 15355 Gadsen Dr Brighton CO 80603
Brian E Jorde 2425 S 144th Street Omaha NE 68144-3267
Dave Domina 2425 S 144th Street Omaha NE 68144-3267
Taylor R M Keen 5022 Hamilton St Omaha NE 68132-1448
Judy King 1261 Fall Creek Rd Lincoln NE 68510
Michelle C LaMere PO Box 514 Winnebago NE 68071
Pamela Luger 8732 Granville Pkwy LaVista NE 68128
Kendall Maxey 20 Jay Street Brooklyn NY 11201
Elizabeth Mensinger 6509 Wirt St. Omaha NE 68104
Cindy Myers PO Box 104 Stuart NE 68780
Crystal Miller 7794 Greenleaf Drive LaVista NE 68128
Janece Mollhoff 2354 Euclid Street Ashland NE 68003
Greg Nelson 3700 Sumner St Lincoln NE 68506
Julie Nichols 1995 Park Ave Lincoln NE 68502
Jana Osborn 1112 Meadowlark Alliance NE 69301
James Osborn 43110 879th Rd Ainsworth NE 69210
Christine Polson 4923 Valley St Omaha NE 68106
Dave Polson 4923 Valley Street Omaha NE 68106
Joseph Pomponio 551B Sand Creek Rd Albany NY 12205
Collin A Rees 4721 Heather Lane Kearney NE 68845
Donna Roller 2000 Twin Ridge Rd. Lincoln NE 68506
Cecilia Rossiter 949 N 30th St Lincoln NE 68503
Corey Runmann 2718 S. 12th St. Lincoln NE 68502
Lois Schreur 2544 N. 61st Street Omaha NE 68104
PO Box 4376
Tristan Scorpio 208 S Burlington Ave Ste Hasting NE 68901
103 Box 325

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Jul ie Shaffer 5405 Northern Hills Dr Omaha NE 68 152
Sandra Slaymaker 102 E 3rd St #2 Atkinson NE 68713 ~andyslaym;
Susan Soriente 1110 Rockhurst Drive Lincoln NE 68510
Lorne Stockman 714 G St, SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003
Susan Straka-Heyden 46581 875th Rd Stuart NE 68780 suzie
Kimberly L Stuhr 19303 Buffalo Rd Springfield NE 68059 kimberlystuhr
Jacques Tallichet 282 1 S. 79th St Lincoln NE 68506 .i.!!£
Paul Theobald 857 18 544th Avenue Foster NE 68765
Jonathan H Thomas 960 S Cotner Blvd Lincoln NE 685 10 thewild
Elizabeth L Troshynski 87769 484th Ave Atk inson NE 687 13
Christine Troshynski 101 S. 1st St. Emmet NE 68734
Julie Walker 2570 West Luther St. Martell NE 68404 jw9095@yahoo.CQm
Susan C Watson 2035 N 28th St Apt 213 Lincoln NE 68503 scwatson I965@gmail. co111
Susan J Weber 2425 Folkways Blvd Apt Lincoln NE 6852 1 susan
Douglas Wh itmore 8856 N 83rd Ave Omaha NE 68122
Kenneth C Winston 1327 H St Ste 300 Lincol n NE 68508
Sandy Zdan 4817 Douglas Omaha NE 68132
Sarah Zuekerman 1729 K St #7 Lincoln NE 68508 sarahj I I
Lisa May I008 13th Avenue Kearney NE 68845 doodlesand
Michael Whatley 1666 K Street NW, Ste. Washington DC 20006
Michael Reeves 5401 N. MLK #395 Lubbock TX 79403
Adam Martin PO Box 3224 Rapid City SD 57709
Steven M. Kramer 900 17th Street, NW, Ste. Wash ington DC 20006
Ronald J. Sedlacek PO Box 95128 Lincoln NE 68509
Jud ith Thorman 216 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago IL 60606
Ste. 915
Ross Eisenberg 733 10th Street, NW, Ste. Washington DC 20001 ross.e.eisenberg@nam.Qrg
Nebraska Executive 1200 N Street, Suite 300 Lincoln NE 68508 'psc.kxlfi'
Public Director
Doug Peterson 21 15 State Capital Building Lincoln NE 68509 Kimberly.daugheny@nebraska .gov