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Lesson Plan in Science 8

I. Objectives
1. Describes the coordinated functions of the organs of the digestive system.
2. Traces the path of food as it is being digested.

II. Subject Matter

A. Lesson: The Digestive System
B. Reference: Science 8 – LM pp. 291-295
Science 8 – TG pp. 205-207
C. Health Integration: Take care of one’s digestive system.

III. Procedure
1. Drill: Reading words taken from the lesson.
Esophagus small intestine anus
Stomach large intestine
2. Review: Different structures of the digestive system.
3. Lesson Proper:
a. Activities
1. Video presentation/ chart presentation on digestive system.
2. Powerpoint presentation on the digestive process.
3. Group Activity: Follow the food as it passes through the digestive tract and
explain the process of digestion.

b. Analysis
1. What are the different organs that made up of digestive system and
describe their functions.
2. What are the stages of digestion?
3. How does the digestive system break down food to nourish the body?
4. Infusion of health value: What do you do in order for the digestive system to
function well?
c. Abstraction
Describe the coordinated function of the digestive system.
d. Application
Describe what happens during each stage of digestion and shade the
part where it happens. See the attached illustration.
IV. Evaluation

Test I: Find the statement in Column B that best describes each word in Column A. Write the letter of
that statement in the space provided.

Column A Column B

1. _________ mouth A. makes bile

2. _________ large intestine B. produce juices in the mouth
3. _________ liver C. churns food, adds juices
4. _________ stomach D. where digestion begins
5. _________ teeth E. water removed, solids stored
6. _________ small intestine F. tiny, finger-like projections found in
small intestine
7. _________ salivary glands G. breaks, grinds food into pieces
8. _________ gall bladder H. absorbs food, sends it throughout body
9. _________ villi I. stores bile

Test II: Trace the path of food as it is being digested (5pts.)

CPL: ____________

V. Assignment
Research on the following:
1. Diseases that result nutrient deficiency and ingestion of harmful substances.
2. Prevention and treatment of diseases, including traditional and alternative