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medieval skirmish rules


Juan Perez (order #6987623)

28mm Perry Miniatures - photo and painting Richard Lloyd

Lords&Servants is a game system designed to recreate skirmish games with 28, 20 or

15mm miniatures. It covers the Medieval period and it shares the mechanics of our
popular system Smooth&Rifled.
In the Appendix you will find all the information that you need to create your games,
from simple clashes involving a few men per side to bigger encounters with 60-80
miniatures per side, ideal for multiplayer games.

Design: Lorenzo Sartori

Development: Colin Brewer and Lorenzo Sartori
Translation: Colin Brewer and Lorenzo Sartori
Editing: Colin Brewer
Playtesters: Colin Brewer, Marco Guarnieri, Peter Day and all the Blackwolf Warga-
ming Club.
Cover photo: 28mm Wars of the Roses (Perry Miniatures), photo and collection
Richard Lloyd.

version 1.0 © 2014 Dadi&Piombo

All right reserved. Reproduction of this work by any means without the written permission
of the publisher is expressly forbidden

Juan Perez (order #6987623)

1.0 YOU WILL NEED ................................ 4
2.0 SCALE ................................ 4
3.0 SINGLE MINIATURES AND GROUPS ................................ 4
3.1 Groups definition ................................ 4
3.2 Groups and formations ................................ 5
4.0 TROOP CLASSIFICATION ................................ 5
5.0 INITIATIVE ................................ 6
6.0 ACTIONS AND ACTION POINTS ................................ 6
6.1 MOVEMENT ................................ 6
6.1.1 Moving in column in difficult terrain .................................7
6.1.1 Moving in column in difficult terrian ................................ 7
6.1.3 Moving over linear obstacles ................................ 7
6.1.4 Movement inside buildings ................................ 7
6.1.5 Intepenetrations ................................ 7
6.1.6 Moving more groups at once ................................ 8
6.1.7 Evasion ................................ 8
6.1.8 Dismounting ................................ 8
6.2 FIRE ................................ 8
6.2.1 How to fire ................................ 8
6.2.2 Shooting modifiers ................................ 9
6.2.3 Modifiers for cover and running targets ................................ 10 Shooting from the rear ................................ 10
6.2.4 Linear obstacles and protections ................................ 10
6.2.5 Shooting by Group ................................ 11
6.2.6 Opportunity shooting ................................ 11
6.2.7 Shooting damage test ................................ 12
6.2.8 Saving Throw for Leaders, Heroes
and particular figures ................................ 13
6.2.9 Shaken men ................................ 13
6.3 VISIBILITY AND SPOTTING ................................ 14
6.3.1 Ambushes ................................ 14
6.4 AIMING ................................ 15
6.5 RE-LOADING ................................ 15
OR TAKING AN OBJECT ................................ 16
6.7 MELEE ................................ 16
6.7.1 Melee modifiers ................................ 17
6.7.2 Cavalry versus foot ................................ 18 Dodging ................................ 18 Mounted charge bonus nullified ................................ 18 Useat ................................ 18
6.7.3 Charge by group ................................ 19
7.0 MORALE TEST AND VICTORY CONDITIONS ................................ 19
8.0 SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS ................................ 20
9.0 WEAPONS AND POTECTIONS .................................22
APPENDICES ................................ 27

Lords&Servants- 3
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
photo Renato Genovese

1.0 YOU WILL NEED base.

You’ll need a few miniatures for the
period (based singly, both 2x2cm or 1 3.0 SINGLE MINIATURES AND GROUPS
inch diameter round bases are ok), some The game uses single miniatures that
rulers or other measuring sticks and a move singly or in Groups. A Group is
few 6-sided dice, which we’ll call d6. temporary and can comprise two or
You’ll also need markers to show who is more miniatures under a Leader.
“Shaken” and a figure’s weapon reloa- In order to act as a Group the miniatures
ding status. Some markers are available must be in base to base contact, unless
in the appendix. in open order. See Paragraph 3.1 Group
The game can be played on 90x90cm or Definitions.
120x120cm tables with 28mm miniatu-
res or 60x60cm when using 15mm. 3.1 Group Definition
A Group is composed of two or more
2.0 SCALE AND MEASUREMENTS figures that if in close order must stay
1 figure is 1 man; 1cm is equivalent to in base to base contact. Figures belon-
2m in real-life when using 20mm or ging to different Units can form a Group
25/28mm miniatures, while it is 4m unless you are playing the Large Format
when using 15mm models. A turn repre- (see Appendix). Leaders with Leadership
sents 10-20 seconds. You can halve the Value (LV) 2 or more can be temporary
distances when using 15mm miniatures. attached to any Group (also in the Large
All measurements are taken from base to Format) taking control of it if no other
Lords&Servants- 4
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
Leader with the same (or superior) LV is and polearms have this advantage for a
present. second rank and pikes also for a third.
Single figures that form a Group can Close Order. Groups are considered in
move independently hence a Group is Close Order unless they have the special
temporary. characteristic “Skirmishers”.
The presence of a Leader within the Open Order. Troops classed as Skirmi-
Group allows it to act as a Group. A Lea- shers can form a Group as long as they
der can also activate a part of the Group. stay within 8cm of each other. They are
When a figure is activated as part of a always in Open Order and cannot pass to
Group it cannot take further actions as a Close Order. Groups with this characteri-
single figure for that activation. If a figure stic can evade if charged by other Groups
started its activation as an independent unless they have the characteristics Fe-
figure it cannot make more actions as rocious/Feared or Fanatic, in which case
part of a Group during the same activa- they can choose to attempt to counter-
tion. charge or stand and receive the charge.
When the Group acts (moves, fires, relo- If they choose to countercharge they test
ads...) it uses one single Action plus the as in par. 6.7.4. If passed they charge.
Leader’s Action (an Order). Warbands. Groups with this characte-
Example. A Group of 5 billmen and a ristic move 12/8cm per phase, but they
Man at Arm (Leader) with AV=1/2/3 always keep in Close Order formation.
moves for 2 phases. It will spend 6 APs
(Leader issues the order to move once – 4.0 TROOP CLASSIFICATION
first AP. The Group move once – second Each type of soldier has characteristics
AP. The Leader order it to move again that define how it can move and fire.
– third and fourth AP. The Group move Here is an example:
twice – fifth ans sixth AP.
English Longbowmen
3.2 Groups and Formations AV=1/2/2; C=3, longbow (20/1),
L&S is a skirmish game designed for small Dagger, Mercenary, Extreme Range
skirmishes, so the use of real formations
is very limited. Anyway here are some AV is the Activation Value, or the cost in
possible formations that can be used. Action Points (AP) for each action perfor-
March Column. This is made with figures med by that miniature (or Group). The
in column, either single file or a column first action this soldier does costs 1 point,
two men abreast. the second 2 and the third 2.
Line. This allows the formation to C is a value that is used both in combat
maximise its fire. Using the same Group and for the Morale test, after which
order, a second line can reload while the you’ll find the weapon, in this case a lon-
first line fires. However only a single line gbow where 20 is the Effective range in
can fire. cm and 1 is the re-loading. Dagger gives
Extra Ranks. Figures armed with long advantages in hand to hand combat. You
spears, polearms or pikes in close order can also find some special characteristics,
have some advantages when in melee in this case “Mercenary” and “Extreme
and deployed in more ranks. Long Spears
Lords&Servants- 5
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
Range” (see 8.0 Special Characteristics). [6.6] Capture an enemy flag or weapon
or take an object or make any special
5.0 INITIATIVE actions required by a scenario.
Both players roll 3d6 for each Unit availa- You can only activate another miniature
ble. Whoever rolls the highest total wins (or Group) after the previous minia-
the initiative and can use as many Action ture (or Group) has performed all the
Points (AP) as the total they rolled for actions he intends to perform. The only
that Unit. exceptions are Leaders who can perform
Example: The Teutonic player rolls a 3, a actions at different times of each turn.
4 and a 6, while the Russian player rolls
a double 2 and a 5. The Teutonic player 6.1 MOVEMENT
wins (and becomes the Active Player) Each miniature can move up to the ma-
and has 13 Action Points to spend. ximum distance shown for each Action.
Thereafter the player that lost the initia- These are:
tive (in this example the Russian player) Single footman (not with heavy or full
can use his Action Points (so becoming plate armour) and Groups of Skirmi-
the Active Player). shers: 12/8cm
After the second player has finished, for Close Order Foot and foot with heavy or
each unit the players roll again for initia- full plate armour at all times: 8/5cm
tive. This brings about the start of a new Foot Group charging, or in March co-
turn and you can again activate miniatu- lumn or on a road (not if with heavy or
res that moved in the previous turn. full plate armour): 12/8cm
You can pass your turn and keep a maxi- Full plate cavalry: 16/10cm
mum of 6 Action Points which can be car- Other heavy/barded cavalry: 20/12cm
ried forward for next turn or for Oppor- Light/unbarded Cavalry: 24/16cm
tunity actions, any other points are lost. Carts off-road: 6/4cm
Officers can change the normal rules on Carts on-road: 16/10cm
Initiative (see 8.0 Special Characteristics). The first number is the distance allowed
for the first movement taken in each acti-
6.0 ACTIONS AND ACTION POINTS vation. Successive movements use the
Normally a miniature or Group cannot second number.
perform more than 3 Actions in each Example: A single foot figure is moved 3
Activation phase, the cost of these times during its activation. It will move at
actions in “Action Points” (AP) may vary a speed of 12+8+8cm.
according to the Troop Quality (see Army When a single miniature (or a Group)
Lists). The possible Actions, which can performs three successive Movement
be performed in any order by the Active actions he is considered to be running. A
Player, are: marker can be placed close to the figure.
[6.1] Move (or turn) The miniatures can be pointed in any
[6.2] Shoot direction (free turn) at the end of the
[6.3] Spot Movement, but cannot move backwards
[6.4] Aim more than 3cm per action and keep the
[6.5] Re-load original front facing.

Lords&Servants- 6
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
6.1.1 Moving in difficult terrain linear obstacle.
Movement is halved in Difficult Terrain
(like woods, fords...). FIgures with the 6.1.4 Movement inside buildings
characteristic “Terrain” and “Skirmi- One AP is required to enter/exit a
shers” can move at full speed. building and 2APs are required to move
inside. At the end of any move the
6.1.2 Moving in column in difficult ter- player must declare if the figure is visible
rain outside (behind partial cover) or not. A
A Group moving in column (one behind figure can fire outside the building only
the other) in difficult terrain can move if visible.
at full speed, but for a maximum of 2 A maximum of 2 figures can fire from a
movement phases. If the Group is lead single door or window. Effectively the
by a foot figure classed as Scout or is door/window is regarded as a linear
entirely formed by foot Skirmishers, then obstacle.
movement phases can be up to 3.

6.1.3 Moving over Linear

Linear obstacles are
walls, hedges, and fences
that also give some
Foot can move over a
linear obstacle by spend-
ing one Action (or more
if the scenario requires).
The miniature must
first stop in front of the
obstacle and then spend
an Action to move over
it, ending his movement
just past the obstacle.
Mounted figures can
jump over an obstacle
of level 1 (6.2.4) with no
It is not required that all
the base passes over it.
The obstacle is jumped
as soon as the model 28mm Perry Miniatures - photo and painting Richard Lloyd

touches it. 6.1.5 Interpenetrations

A figure does not count as running if Any Groups can interpenetrate a Group
any of its activations includes crossing a made up by Skirmishers. Foot can only

Lords&Servants- 7
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
interpenetrate Foot and Mounted can in- 6.1.8 Dismounting
tepenetrate both Foot or Mounted with Mounted figures can dismount if allowed
this characteristic. by their army list. Dismounting costs 1
A Group can also interpenetrate a Group action. Figures can remount if a horse
made of Foot Missile Troops, but in this holder keeps the horse. Remounting
case the latter must take an AV test. If takes an action.
failed all the figure within the Missile Dismounting can be performed by a
Troops Group are shaken. Group. One horse holder can keep up to
3 horses. If no one is left behind with the
6.1.6 Moving more Groups at once horses all mounts are scattered and lost
In the Large Format it is possible to move and the figures cannot remount again.
more than one Group with a single order.
The Leader must have a Leadership 2 or 6.2 SHOOTING
more and must be the highest ranked A miniature can shoot with a 180° arc,
among Leaders present within the Groups with a 90° arc (45° per side). In
Groups. To be moved together Groups order to simplify the rules we ask players
must stay no more than 8cm from each to use their common sense to decide
other (closest figures). Every single shooting priorities. There must not be
Group uses its own APs, but the order is any intervening miniatures on the shoo-
issued only by one Leader and only his ting line unless they are in base contact
APs are used for the orders. as in a 2nd rank (only) shooting. In theo-
ry, you should give priority to the target
6.1.7 Evasion that is in front of you rather than one
Troops classed as Skirmishers can evade that is behind. You can always target a
to avoid contact when charged frontal- mounted miniature behind a foot figure.
ly. The evasion is a move that is taken
by the inactive player as a reaction to a 6.2.1 How to shoot
charge. It can be taken both by a single Normally a miniature shoots by rolling
figure or by a Group. 2d6 and must get
The evading figure/Group must move 5 or more if shooting at Close range
the first distance allowed by the move- 7 or more if shooting at Effective range
ment allowance + or minus 5cm fol- 9 or more if shooting at Long range
lowing the die throw below. For example 13 or more if shooting at Extreme range
a Horse archer M=24/16 must move
24cm. Add a d6 and if you roll a 1, then Each weapon has two numbers: the first
you deduct 5cm. If you roll a 6 then add is the Effective range; the other is the
5cm. Re-loading time.
The evading figure/Group can move Close range is up to half the Effective
in any direction but not closer to any range. Long range extends to twice the
unshaken enemy figure. You cannot end Effective range.
your evasion move closer than 5cm to an Extreme range extends to three times
enemy figure. the Effective Range but is only available
when the figure has the ability Extreme

Lords&Servants- 8
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
photo Dadi&Piombo taken a Toutais convention (France)

Range and only with aimed shooting. Miniatures that Aim (a separate Action,
Example: A Genoese crossbowman with see 6.4) roll 3d6 if they are individual
a crossbow (18/3) fires at an English Man figures, or get an extra d6 if they are a
at Arms who is 26cm away. It is more Group.
than the Effective range (over 18cm), but Miniatures that move for an Action befo-
within Long range (less than 36cm), so re or after firing lose a d6 and so only fire
you’ll need a 9 to hit. with 1d6, but do get 2 dice if they then
spend an action in aiming. Miniatures
RANGE AND RESULT TO OBTAIN that move for 2 Actions cannot fire (see
Close 5+ Parthian shot in Special Characteristics as
Effective 7+ an exception).
Long 9+
6.2.2 Shooting
Extreme 13+modifiers

Lords&Servants- 9
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
28mm Saxons (Wargames Factory). Photo and painting Michael Braunstorfer

6.2.3 Modifiers for cover, running and le base of the shooting figure is behind
armour the target. See diagram.
A miniature is in cover if there are one
or more obstacles between them and
the shooter. Do not consider obstacles
that are within 3cm of the firing model,
unless the target is closer to the obsta-
cle than the shooter. A miniature is also
in cover if it is within an area of terrain
(such as a wood or a building). This
counts even if the shooter is in the same
area of terrain. If the target is a single fi-
gure running, it counts as being in cover.
If the target wears full plate armour
or has a shield or a pavise, it counts as Z and Y can shoot at A from the rear. X cannot
being in cover. shoot from the rear as not totally behind A.
If the target is in cover the player that
shoots must re-roll all 5s and 6s or only 6.2.4 Linear obstacles and protections
the 6s if he is Aiming. The dice are only Before the battle begins it is fundamental
re-rolled once, and the second roll that players agree on the nature of the
applies. terrain used and above all define the
height of linear obstacles and protec- Shooting from the rear tions.
Shooting from the rear negates the Unless stated otherwise by a specific sce-
advantage of a shield or a pavise. nario, walls, hedges, palisades and other
Shooting comes from the rear if the who- protections can be of 3 different levels.

Lords&Servants- 10
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
Level 1. Enough to give partial cover to will roll for the shooting damage effect
a model on foot, but not to a mounted (6.2.7).
Level 2. Enough to give total cover to 6.2.6 Opportunity shooting
a model on foot and partial cover to a The Inactive player can perform Oppor-
mounted figure. tunity Fire as a reaction to a movement
Level 3. Enough to give total cover to taken by a single enemy figure or Group.
both figures on foot and mounted. Opportunity fire can be performed both
by single figures and by Groups. Acting
6.2.5 Shooting by Group as single figure during the inactive phase
Shooting by Group is possible only doesn’t prevent acting as a Group in the
against another Group. To work out the active phase and viceversa.
range measure the closest figures of To act on opportunity the Inactive player
each Group. needs to have the required APs in his
A shooting Group rolls 2 dice for the first budget and pass a test (AV Test) by
figure and one additional dice for each rolling more than the last number of his
extra miniature (e.g. A Group with 5 sho- AV with a d6. For example a figure with
oting figures will roll 6d6, 2 for the first AV=2/2/3 has to roll more than 3.
man and one extra for the other four). If If the test is passed he can use only one
the target is a mounted group, then you action to fire (and spend the required
can re-roll 1s and 2s. APs). If the test is failed the required APs
The Group uses the total of all the dice
rolled and hits a second or successive
miniature for each multiple obtained.
All the models in the targeted Group,
with the exception of those in total
cover, can be hit by the multiples, no
matter if out of arc of fire or range.
It is the player that controls the targeted
group who decides which figure has to
take the hit until all of the figures of the
target group have at least one hit, then
excess hits are allocated as the owner of
the target group wants.
Example : A group of 4 French knights
get 6 hits from a group of English lon-
gbowmen. All knights take 1 hit and the
French player allocates the extra 2.
Leaders can be hit only if all other hits
have been allocated or if a triple 6 is
rolled. In this case the shooting player
can ask that a Leader or a special figure
is hit with no possibility to use a saving
throw (6.2.8). In both cases all hit models
photo Richard Lloyd
Lords&Servants- 11
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
are lost anyway. failed, the aiming status is lost and the
The Opportunity shooting temporary figure cannot shoot on opportunity.
interrupts the movement at a point A figure that performs an opportunity
decided by the firer. When the figure shooting spends its APs as if it was the
shooting by opportunity is being charged first action even if it has been already
the player can decide to shoot at effec- activated that turn. So a figure with
tive range or at close range, but with a AV=1/2/3 will use 1 AP to shoot by op-
+1 modifier in the test. If the charger is portunity.
already at close range when starting its
activation, the player has no choice. He 6.2.7 Shooting Damage Test
must test with a +1 modifier. When a target is hit it really means that
As the Opportunity fire can be perfor- the shot has hit the general area, not
med with the use of just 1 Action, the fi- that it has had a devastating effect.
rer cannot aim when on opportunity but To see the effects the Player that controls
can get the bonus for aiming if the order the target must take a Shooting Damage
to aim was issued on the previous turn Test by rolling 1d6.
or within the same turn when the player
was the Active player and the figure has DAMAGE TABLE FOR MEN
not moved or done anything else since. Target Protection roll to pass
If the figure trying to shoot by opportu- No heavy armour or shield 6
nity was previously ordered to aim and Shield 5+
then fails the test to shoot on opportu- Pavese 4+
nity, that figure can re-roll the test. If the Heavy Armour 5+
re-roll succeeds the figure shoots and is Heavy armour+shield 4+
counted as having aimed, if the re-roll is Full plate armour 3+
Modifier: +1 to die roll if shooting was at
long or extreme range.


Unbarded 6
Cloth barding 5+
Plate barding 4+
Modifier: +1 to die roll if shooting was at
long or extreme range.

If the test is not passed, the figure is kil-

led or heavily wounded and is removed
from the table. If the test is passed the
figure is Shaken.
If the firer shoots with a lethal weapon
an unsuccesful damage test must be
If you hit a mounted figure, first roll to

photo FireForge
Lords&Servants - 12
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
photo Dadi&Piombo taken a Toutais convention (France)

see if you’ve hit the horse or the rider. On 1-3 they are hit and you roll for
On 1-3 you hit the horse, 4-6 the rider. damage. With a 4-6 the nearest figure
Now check for damage as above. If the within 5cm is hit instead of the target
horse is hit then the rider is thrown and (friend or enemy), but if no other figure
is immediately Shaken . The horse is lost. is within 5cm then the shot has no effect.
If you don’t own dismounted miniatu- If other miniatures representing Group
res you could decide that the horse can Leaders, Nobles, Heroes or similar are
just be wounded and the man loses the within 5cm, these will not be able to use
advantage to be mounted in melee and this saving throw to “deviate” the shot
moves at the same rate as dismounted. further.
In other words keep the mounted model It is up to the player that controls these
but use it like a foot figure. Future hits targets to decide which alternative mo-
will be always calculated as versus the del can be sacrificed.
rider only.
6.2.9 Shaken men
6.2.8 Saving Throw for Group Leaders, A Shaken man cannot perform any Ac-
Nobles and Heroes and special figures tions and, if attacked in Melee, rolls 1d6
Group Leaders, Nobles, Heroes, Stan- less.
dard bearers and Musicians, get a Saving A Shaken man can recover and act nor-
Throw. mally; he must spend an Action if he is
If they are hit, roll 1d6 before checking within 20cm of a Group Leader, Stan-
for damage. dard-bearer, Musician or Hero who isn’t

Lords&Servants - 13
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
Shaken, otherwise he spends 2 Actions. discover possible ambushes.
A Shaken Standard-bearer does not give
any advantage for Morale Tests. Shaken 6.3.1 Ambushes
figures can be ignored for shooting prio- For every 100pts of deployed troops the
rity purposes. player can use 2 Ambush Markers. These
markers are placed on the table instead
6.3 VISIBILITY AND SPOTTING of single figures or Groups and are mo-
You can see everywhere across an open ved on the table as a single model, using
battlefield. A man in a wood is only visi- the same APs even if they represent a
ble from outside if he is at no more than Group. The player who has prepared the
5cm from the edge of the wood. Beyond ambush must write on a piece of paper
this distance he cannot be spotted from the number (a Group of 10 miniatures
outside, nor can he shoot at targets out- maximum) and the type of the hidden
side. If two men are within a wood they figures.
can see each other (and shoot at each Markers can also be used as dummies
other)at up to 15cm. and not represent real troops if allowed
A man at a window can only be seen in a scenario.
from less than 30cm away. An Ambush is revealed if the player who
Ordinary spotting doesn’t require an controls it decides so, or if it is spotted
Action and the use of APs unless used to by the opponent. In this case the marker

28mm Front Rank - author’s collection

Lords&Servants - 14
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
28mm Foundry, scenics by Manor House - author’s collection
is removed and the figures are placed on order to Aim (and get an extra dice when
the table, no further than 10cm from the shooting) you need to spend 1 Action.
marker. A single figure can spot troops Aiming at troops that are in cover lets
hidden in an ambush by spending an you re-roll only the 6s and not the 5s too.
Action and passing a test rolling equal The Aim order can be given to a Group.
or more than the last number of his AV In this case the Group only gets one extra
with a d6. dice but does keep the advantage of not
Example: a soldier with AV=1/2/3 can re-rolling the 5s.
spot troops in ambush if he rolls more Also troops with the characteristic ‘Extre-
than 3 on a d6. me Range’ can only shoot so far if they
An ambush counter must be either in a aim (and shoot as a Group).
terrain piece, or separated from all ene- The Aim action can last till the following
mies by a terrain piece. turn or the next phase of the turn. In this
Figures with special characteristic Scout case use a marker to show the aiming
can spot at up to 45cm and they can re- status.
roll if they fail the test. Aiming is over once the figure or Group
Ambushes are automatically spotted by has shot, moved or becomes shaken.
figures that are within 15cm of the mar-
ker. Visibility is 180° to the front. 6.5 RE-LOADING
In order to Re-load you need to spend as
6.4 AIMING many Actions as the amount required for
Aiming must be considered as a more that weapon (see army lists). After each
controlled/coldblooded shooting. In miniature or Group has shot, give it a

Lords&Servants - 15
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
28mm Front Rank - author’s collection
marker that shows the time needed, for another action is required for a new
example a “2”. Use one Action to replace attempt) . If the weapon is taken from a
it with a “1” marker and another Action fallen man then you’ll just need to spend
to make the weapon ready to fire again. 1 Action.
A shooting weapon taken from enemy is
6.6 CAPTURING A STANDARD OR WEA- always unloaded and you need another
PON, OR TAKING AN OBJECT, OR TAKE A action to get the missiles (but not ano-
SPECIAL ACTION ther test) and actions to load.
You must perform one Action in contact Taking any objects or performing various
with a dead enemy Standard-bearer to actions like opening or closing doors or
take the insignia. If he is only Shaken any other special actions required by a
then you can decide to try and avoid a scenario, always requires an Action.
Melee and just take the flag. You’ll need
to roll 4-6 on 1d6. 6.7 MELEE
Taking your enemy’s standard leads to A melee occurs when two enemy minia-
an immediate and irreversible loss of 3 tures enter into base-to-base contact. In
points from his MV (see Paragraph 7.0). order to enter into base-to-base contact
If you want to change weapon (eg leave (a Charge move) the miniature must
the bow to change to the dagger) you move in a straight line in the last activa-
need to spend 1 action. If you take a tion to reach the target.
weapon from an enemy that is not dead You can make a free turn before the
but only Shaken, roll a dice (as above) charge if the target is within 180°. If the
and you’ll need 4 or more (if you fail, target of the charge is not within a 180°

Juan Perez (order #6987623)

Lords&Servants - 16
Norman Noble (Antonio Dimichele collection)
arc you must spend 1 Action
for the turn.
The melee does not require
extra Actions apart from that
spent to move into contact.
A charge can be from the rear.
See the same requisites as in
par. The charger must
start its activation with its base
enterley behind the enemy
A figure charged from the rear
can turn if it passes an AV test.
This action doesn’t require any
Miniatures in a Group that are
in a Melee will fight as single
men, however, the rule to en-
gage an enemy unit as evenly
as possible must be observed
too. occupy the loser’s position.
Up to 4 figures (1 main and 3 suppor- When there is a melee involving 2 to 4 fi-
ting) can be in a melee with 1 figure. All gures vs. 1, instead of adding all the dice,
these figures must be in contact with the just roll one additional die per additional
enemy unless they give a rear support figures. The players who charges decides
(see rules on Long Spear and Pike). which among his miniatures is the main
A Melee precludes any other actions for figure and which are the supporting
that miniature in that turn. figures.
Melee Procedure: Both players roll 3d6 All supporting figures are shaken and
and hit according to the Combat value of move back 5cm if the main figure is sha-
the enemy. ken or killed.
Example: A retinue billman with C=4 A single figure charging a Group will have
attacks a dismounted knight with C=5. a melee with the whole Group (maxi-
The billman will roll 3 dice + 1 (for char- mum 4 figures) but can decide who is his
ging) and hit for every 5 or more rolled main opponent.
and will be hit with every roll of 4 or
more. 6.7.1 Melee modifiers and re-rolls
Whoever hits most wins the Melee. The following cumulative modifiers are
With a difference of 2 hits or more, the applied (in dice)
opponent is killed (and removed), with a -1 if Shaken
difference of 1 it is just repulsed by 5cm +1 if Charging (not if the figure’s oppo-
and shaken. If there is a draw then both nent is mounted and you are not)
miniatures retreat 1cm. The winner can +1 Charging from the rear (cumulative

Lords&Servants- 17
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
Men at Arms (Front Rank) and javelinmen (Curteys). Photo and painting by

with the above modifier) frontally a single footman the latter can
+1 if Mounted try to dodge the attacker. The Action is
-1 foot charging through linear obstacles successful if the man on foot rolls less
+1 for an addional supporting figure (up than his C value. In this case the Ca-
to 3 supporting). valryman must complete his full move
Remember that all charging a group and the man on foot is moved 3cm to
must try to match with enemy on one to the left or right (his player’s choice) of
one before adding extra. Modifiers are his original position. Further figures
not applied to supporting figures, they along the line of charge can be attacked
just add 1 dice. in the same turn if the dodge succeeds.

Re-rolls Mounted charge bonus nullified

Weapons with a better initiative (lower Foot with a polearm or a long spear nul-
value - see 9.0 Weapons) can re-roll one lify the charge bonus of mounted (see
dice. modifiers).
Figures with a shield or full plate armour Foot with pikes do the same but only
can make an enemy re-roll one die. if they belong to a group of at least 4
Shield can still be used even if attacked figures, all with pikes.
from the rear. Unseat
6.7.2 Cavalry versus foot A footman with a polearm can try to un- Dodging seat a mounted man before the melee.
When a single Mounted warrior charges To do so the foot soldier must charge or

Lords&Servants - 18
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
has not dodge when charged. Once
the footman is in contact with the
mounted warrior, the latter must
take a C test. With a result less than
the C value of the foot figure, the
mounted figure is unseated. A mo-
difier of -1 is applied if themounted
figure has C=5 ore more.
Example. A billman with C=4 tries to
unseat a mounted man at arms with
C=5. The billman must roll less than
his C -1, so he has to roll 1 or 2.
An useated horseman is to be con-
sidered on foot and shaken. Melee If one Group has more models add a
occurs immediately after. second figure starting from the clos-
Also Mounted troops with lance that est models. No more than 4 figures can
charge or are charged by other mounted melee with one enemy figure, so any
troops can unseat the opponents in the additional figures will be kept out of the
same way. melee. After that the attacker chooses
the order of the melee.
6.7.3 Charge by Group
Only Groups in close order can charge 7.0 MORALE TEST AND VICTORY
and they can only charge another Group. CONDITIONS
Figures belonging to a Group in open Every Unit has a Morale Value (MV). In
order can charge as single figures. order to calculate it add the following
When a Group in Close Order charges a values;
Group in Open Order, the latter, with no 5 for CiC or a Hero
test required, can move away (any direc- 3 for each Leader with LV2 or more,
tion, but not closer to attacker) for a full Noble, Man at Arms
move +d6 unshaken. This move is called 2 for a Standard-bearer or a Leader with
an evasion (see also 6.1.7). Also single LV1
figures can evade if they are in the way 1 for a common soldier
of a moving close order group. When a Unit reaches 1/3 (rounded up)
If a Group in open order or single figures of its MV after loses it performs a Morale
doesn’t evade, only the figures in charge Test at the end of the turn.
reach will be involved in the melee. In Example. A Unit made up with 10 foot
all other circumstances the easiest way soldiers and led by a man at arms (Group
to manage the incoming melee is to Leader) has a MV of 13, so it will have
measure the closest figures of both sides a break point of 5. The Unit will have to
and if they are in charge reach place all test if it loses 5 men or the MAA and 2
figures of both Groups in contact (one men.
vs. one), even if some have to move The Morale Test is passed if the roll of
more than their movement rates. 1d6 is less than their C (Combat Value). If

Lords&Servants - 19
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
English men at arms- 28mm Front Rank. Photo and painting by

there are miniatures

with different Com-
bat Values then for
the Morale Test use
the C that most men
have when the Test
is made, if there are
two equal numbers
then use the higher.
If only Nobles and/
or Men at Arms or
Mercenaries are still
on the field, you can
re-roll the d6 if the
test was failed.
The presence of a
(with a standard and LV, then the Group must be split so that
not Shaken) allows you to re-roll the d6 there is only one figure with the highest
if you fail too, but only if more than 50% LV. Leaders with LV 2 or more can take
of the figures are within 30cm of the control of Groups made of troops not
flagbearer. This distance can be doubled belonging to its Unit.
if he is the army standard bearer. Sergeant. The Sergeant is the basic lea-
These re-rolls are cumulative. der. He has a LV1. He can be the Leader
If you fail the Test the Unit is immedia- of a Group made up of Common Soldiers
tely removed. or be the second in command if the
If the test is passed then the Unit will Group is led by a figure with a higher LV.
remain on the battlefield till it reaches Man At Arms. The MAA is an optional Le-
50% of losses (based on MV) then it is ader. He has a LV2. He can be the Group
removed. Leader of a Group made up of both Com-
When you play with more Units per side mon Soldiers and/or Sergeants and be
then you have to calculate the Army the second in charge if the Group is led
Morale Value (AMV). by a figure with a higher LV (Noble).
When a side has lost 50% (rounded up) Noble. The Noble is an optional leader.
of its AMV, counting all broken units for He has a LV=3. Also, a Noble as a Leader
failed Morale Test, it loses the game. allows player to re-roll 1d6 during Initiati-
ve (for that Unit). A Noble can be upgra-
8.0 SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS ded to Brilliant (+5pts). A Brilliant Officer
LEADERSHIP VALUE. Some figures have a allows players to re-roll up to 2d6.
Leadership Value (LV) that ranges from 1 King, Prince, Constable and other High
to 4. When a Group is formed the figure rank Nobles. These figures are named
with the higher LV is the Group Leader. Lords and have LV4. They can be used
If more than one figure has the same only when more than one unit per side

Lords&Servants - 20
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
are fielded (see Large Format in Appen- Group.
dix I) and usually are followed by a small LETHAL. Some ranged weapons like
Command Group. Only one figure with crossbows, sling, and longbows are more
LV4 per side can be used and he is the lethal than others. Lethal weapons may
CiC. re-roll the shooting damage test (if the
The Leader with LV4 gives the following target was not eliminated). Melee wea-
advantages to the Units whose Leader is pons classed as Lethal kill with a differen-
within 60cm of him. ce of 1 hit instead of 2.
A LV4 Leader can be: SKILLED HORSE ARCHER. The miniature
- Stubborn. He may add 1d6 to one of his doesn’t need to spend an Action to Aim,
Units before Initiative (therefore the unit so rolls 3d6 instead of 2d6. He can also
rolls 4d6 initiative dice). He also allows re-roll all 1s. The bow of a Skilled Horse
one of his Units to keep up to 12 APs as Archer is Lethal within Effective range.
reserve (+20pts). You cannot use this Characteristic if you
- Confident. He adds up to 3d6 to one or perform Group Fire.
more (can distribute) of his Units before PARTHIAN SHOT. Only allowed by caval-
Initiative (+30pts). ry armed with Bow. This is a single figure
Also the LV=4 Leader can be targeted by or Group action. With this characteristic
shooting or charged by enemy the figure or Group can move towards
STANDARD-BEARER. You can re-roll a the enemy, shoot and then move again
Morale Test if 50% of the friendly minia- in any direction counting as 1 move for
tures are within 30cm of an unshaken shooting modifiers.
Standard Bearer. The distance is doubled TERRAIN. Figures with this characteristic
for the Army Standard-Bearer. Gives can move in bad terrain without penal-
advantages on rallying (see 6.2.9). ties.
MUSICIAN. Gives advantages on rallying FEROCIOUS or FEARED. Figures with this
(see 6.2.9). characteristic re-roll all their 1s and make
HOUSEHOLD. Troops classed as Hou- opposing figures re-roll 6s in melee (only
sehold can re-roll both a failed Morale once per melee). This re-roll is done
test (if the Standard-bearer is present before any other re-roll.
they can re-roll twice) and a failed Shoo- FANATIC. A Fanatic can recovers from
ting Damage roll. They also benefit from shaken by moving 1 action at full speed
the same advantages as Mercenary. towards the closest enemy. It can charge
MERCENARY or VETERAN. Can re-roll a 12cm on foot or 24cm if mounted.
Shooting Damage roll (once per shoo- SCOUT. A Scout can spot an ambush up
ting), both as target or as shooter if the to 45cm instead of 30cm and can re-roll
opponent is not a Mercenary, Veteran or if he fails a spotting test.
Household. He can be deployed up to a full 3 move-
MOUNTED. Mounted Troops roll 1 more ment activations ahead of main body of
die in melee. troops.
EXTREME RANGE. Figures with this cha- SKIRMISHERS. Groups with this cha-
racteristic can shoot at Extreme Range, racteristic can move in Open Order (see
but only if they use aimed shooting as a 3.2) and can evade if charged. Also foot

Lords&Servants - 21
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
Command Group - 28mm Front Rank. Photo and painting by




Range: 20
Reloading: 1
Special rules: in
some cases lon-
gbowmen also have
the special rule
Extreme Range (see
Special Characteri-
Longbow is a lethal
weapon within Long
range (see Special

figures with this characteristic move in Range: 16
bad terrain with no penalty. Reloading: 1
WARBANDS. Groups with this characte- Special rules: None
ristic move in Close Order but faster (see
3.2). Heavy Crossbow (with Cranequin or
HERO. Every player can upgrade one of other aids)
his figures to Hero. Range: 18
The Hero has the following statistics: Reloading: 3
AV=1/1/1 and C=6. Other characteristics Special rules: Lethal (see Special Cha-
are the same as his Unit but you can racteristics)
add up to 2 additional Special Characte-
ristics of choice among the following: Light Crossbow
Feared, Fanatic, Terrain, Extreme Range, Range: 14
Mounted. You can also provide your hero Reloading: 2
with any weapon or protection. The cost Special rules: Lethal within Effective
of a hero must be calculated following range (see Special Characteristics)
the Point System you find in the Appen-
dix. You can upgrade up to 1 figure to Javelin
hero (unless stated in a different way by Range: 10
a scenario). Reloading: 0 (but figures have 2 wea-
pons unless stated otherwise)
Special rules: The shooter can move 1

Lords&Servants- 22
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
phase towards the target and shoot with Gun Crew
no penalty. This shot counts as aimed Crew must be taken separately. Every
too. piece can have from 2 to 6 crew.
A javelin can be used as a melee weapon Artillerymen have these characteristics:
with Initiative=4. AV = 2/3/4, C=2, Cost: 5pts each.
The crew must be placed around the
Sling artillery piece within 3cm of it.
Range: 16 The crew make their actions spending ac-
Reloading: 2 tion points like other figures and do not
Special rules: Lethal within Effective need to be moved. These actions cannot
range (see Special Characteristics) be taken as a group.
For simplicity, no distinction is made
Handgun between the various roles of the indi-
Range: 12 vidual crew members for a piece. It is
Reloading: 5 assumed that each figure knows what he
Special rules: All figures hit by handgun must do, improvising other roles when
within Effective Range make the Damage necessary. Anyway you can upgrade an
Test at 5+, no matter the level of protec- artilleryman to master of artillery at
tion. Hangunners cannot fire as Group. +10pts. With this special characteristic
If the firer misses then roll a d6. With when artillery fires all 1s and 2s can be
the roll of 1 the handgun explodes and re-rolled (only once per shot).
the firer is eliminated. Any figure within When you activate a piece of artillery it is
10cm is Shaken. possible to spend the actions of the crew
in any order, but once you switch to the
Artillery next unit it will be no longer possible to
For reasons of scale, artillery is are spend actions for that piece of artillery in
represented in a pretty generic way in the same turn.
You can use the same rules both for Artillery pieces
cannons or for mechanical artillery (like Cost. An Artillery piece costs 30 points
catapults or onagers etc). to which you add the cost of crew and
General rules Movement. A piece (if on wheels) can ro-
Every artillery piece must be operated tate up to 90 ° for every 2 actions. It can
by crew. Artillery always starts the battle also move 1d6 for every 2 figures present
unloaded. (every figure involved in moving spends
Measurements for firing are taken from an action).
the center of the front (eg the mouth of Loading. It takes 7 actions to load an
the cannon). It is not necessary therefo- artillery piece.
re to base the piece, and it is better to Cost of ammunition. Each ball costs
keep the gunners on separate bases, as 10pts.
for normal infantry. Firing. An artillery piece can fire at 40cm
as Effective range (80cm Long, 120cm

Lords&Servants- 23
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
Extreme). Artillery with indirect fire (eg enemy figures must take a test As the
an Onager) cannot shoot at short range. Group was formed only by 6 figures, then
Firing takes 1 action. only 6 (the whole Group anyway) will
To fire you follow these steps: have to test at 3+.
a) You can fire only at Groups or to
other artillery, so you have to identify a Blowing up (only for cannons)
target Group (or artillery piece) that is If the shooting roll results in 3 x 1’s the
within the projection of the whole piece gun explodes. All figures within 10cm of
of artillery (also consider the wheels any part of the gun are shaken and the
if present). If there are no targets you crew killed.
can spend points to rotate the piece (if
possible). Counter artillery fire
b) Roll 3d6 and you hit if you get the Artillerymen can fall victim to shooting,
same result expected for missile wea- including that of other artillery.
pons (5, 7, 9 or 13 depending on the When you shoot at a piece of artillery
distance). Artillery always roll 3d6 even with other artillery, both crew and the

28mm Front Rank, collection Robert Richardson, painted by

if aimed fire is not
considered, and even
if the piece was moved
or rotated before. Also
you don’t have to re-
roll in case of cover.
c) In case of hit roll 2d6
and the result is the
number of figures that
must take a Damage
Test. All figures pass
the test at 3+. If you
fire to a Group in Open
Order (Skirmishers)
then roll just 1d6 to
see how many figures
must take the damage
test. In both cases it
is the player who con-
trols the target to decide who must test. gun when hit must take the test to see
Example. A Burgundian Culverin fires at the effects. Both the crew and the can-
a Group of 6 Swiss pikemen 70cm away. non are saved on a 3+.
As the fire was successful (it rolled a 10
at Long Distance) the Burgundian player
rolls 2d6 (the target is in Close Order) to
see how many enemies must take the
damage test. He rolls a 2 and a 5, so 7

Lords&Servants - 24
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
MELEE WEAPONS Foot with Long Spears must drop that
weapon and draw a sword or dagger if
Sword inside a building.
Initiative: 1 for Nobles, Men at Arms and
all mounted troops. Short Spear
Initiative: 2 for Nobles and Men at Arms Initiative: 3
against mounted. Special rules: can be used as ranged
Initiative: 3 for all other troops weapon. Range: 5cm

Two Handed Great Sword, Two handed Polearm (Bill, halberd, voulge...)
axe or Two Handed Hammer Initiative: 3
Initiative: 3 Special rules: can unseat mounted.
Special rules: Wins the melee with 1 hit Footmen with polearm can be supported
of difference (Lethal). by another friendly figure with polearm
Please note that figures with 2 handed that is behind, forming a second rank.
weapons cannot use the shield in melee. The second figure will count as a sup-
porting figure in melee (add 1 die). The
Hand Axe supporting figure will be shaken if the
Initiative: 2 figure in front is shaken or killed.
Special rules: can be used as ranged
weapon. Range: 5cm Pike
Initiative: 4
Mace, Hammer Special rules: nullify impetus bonus of
Initiative: 2 mounted troops who are charging infantry
Special rules: reduces to 4 the C of the figures armed with this weapon or other
opponent (if greater than to 4). friendly miniatures within the same Group.
A footman with pike can be supported
Lance (mounted) by up to 2 friendly figures with pikes that
Initiative: 1 are behind forming a second and a third
Special rules: Can unseat mounted war- rank. The second and third figure will
riors (see count as a supporting figure in melee
(add 1 die for each). The supporting figu-
Long Spear res will be shaken if the figure in front is
Initiative: 3 VS foot, 2 VS Mounted shaken or killed.
Special rules: nullify charge bonus (both Foot with Pikes must drop that weapon and
of mounted and foot charging). draw a sword or dagger if inside a building.
Footmen with long spears can be suppor-
ted by another friendly figure with spear Dagger
that is behind, forming a second rank. Initiative: 4
The second figure will count as a sup-
porting figure in melee (add 1 die). The Improvised / agricultural implements /
supporting figure will be shaken if the artilleryman
figure in front is shaken or killed. Initiative: 5

Lords&Servants - 25
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
PROTECTIONS With shooting. It works like cover if shot
at and passes the damage test on a 5+ or
Shield 4+ if a shield is used too.
In melee. It forces a successful dice roll Movement. Figures with heavy armour
by opponent to be rerolled . are slowed down (see Movement sec-
With shooting. It works like cover if shot tion).
and passes the damage test on a 5+, but
not if shot at from the rear. Full Plate Armour
No movement penalty. In melee. It can force a successful dice
roll by opponent to be rerolled .
Pavise With shooting. It works like cover if shot
In melee. No advantages. at and passes the damage test on a 3+.
With shooting. A set up pavise works like Movement. Figures with full plate ar-
cover if shot at and passes the damage mour are slowed down (see Movement section).
test on a 4+, but not if shot at from the
Movement. A pavise can only be carried
for a maximum of 2 movements. It takes
an action to set it up or take down.

Heavy Armour (chainmail, mixed mail

and plate)
In melee. It forces a successful dice roll
by opponent to be rerolled .

28mm Foundry, csnics by Manor House - author’s collection

Lords&Servants - 26
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
You are free to use L&S for your prefer- format for multiplayer games.
red scenarios, laying out the terrain as The budget is 1000pts (or more) per force.
you prefer, fielding as many troops as In 28mm the suggested wargames table
you want and deciding on objectives and is 180x120cm (6 feet x 4 feet), in 15mm
victory conditions. is 120x90cm (4 feet x 3 feet). With 20mm
What follows is a guide that will help you miniatures (1/72) you can choose betwe-
to play balanced games in 3 different en the measures suggested for 28mm or
formats you can choose from. 15mm, by halving all measurements in
the latter case.
There are 3 formats: “Small”, “Medium” BUILDING YOUR FORCE
and “Large”. “Small” Format
“Small” Format In this format you field just one Unit that
This format is designed for one Unit versus must be created following the specific
one Unit. The budget is 250pts per force. army list. For example you may decide to
With 28mm figures the suggested warga- field a Unit of Templar Knights seeking
mes table is 90x90cm (3 feet x 3 feet), in for glory in Holyland, so you have to
15mm is 60x60cm (2 feet x 2 feet). With follow the composition of that Unit, with
20mm miniatures (1/72) you can choose minima and maxima required, making
between the measurements suggested the preferred upgrades within the limit
for 28mm or 15mm, by halving all mea- of your 250pts budget.
surements in the latter case. Every Unit requires at least a compulsory
“Medium” Format Leader with leadership 1 and an optional
This format is focused on a clash betwe- Leader with leadership 2 or more. If a
en one unit on either side, but both can Leader with LV2 is not present in the Unit
be reinforced by other figures taken he can be taken from any other unit of
from other Units of the same army. The the same army.
budget is 500pts per force. “Medium” Format
In 28mm the suggested wargames table This format is still focused on a Unit
is 120x120cm (4 feet x 4 feet), in 15mm versus a Unit, but both can be reinforced
is 90x90cm (3 feet x 3 feet). With 20mm by troops from 3 other Units of the same
miniatures (1/72) you can choose betwe- army. For such attached figures minima
en the measures suggested for 28mm or required by their list can be ignored.
15mm, by halving all measurements in Back to our example we can add to our
the latter case. Templar Knights example some foot
“Large” Format sergeants and some crossbowmen. The
This format is designed for a game with limit is that at least half of the budget,
multiple Units per side and it is the ideal 250pts, must be spent on the main Unit.

Lords&Servants - 27
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
In this format a Leader with Leadership can save up to 6 APs before surrendering
2 or more is compulsory and he must the initiative.
belong to the main Unit. This Leader will In this way both players may alternate
be the CiC. several times the roles of Active and
If you add some mounted figures to a Inactive Player during the course of one
foot Unit or vice versa then you may buy turn, until all Units have been activated.
a Leader to allow “orders“ and Group For Large format the budget is 1000pts
actions. In our example the foot serge- (or more) per force.
ants and crossbowmen will require a foot
leader (one is enough). CREATING THE TERRAIN
For Initiative both players still roll 3d6 as Players can freely create the battlefield,
maneuvering a unique bigger Unit. according to the chosen background and
“Large” Format scenario.
Contrary to the other two formats, the How to proceed: both Players roll a d6
Large format allows for more units per and who gets the higher result places the
side. Every Unit must be fielded following first terrain feature. After that the other
the criteria explained in the lists (all mi- Player can do the same or move or remo-
nima and maxima respected) and must ve the existing scenic element, followed
be commanded by a Leader, but there is by the first player that can do the same.
This procedure
ends when both
Players agree on
the final result.

Number the 4
sides of a battle-
field and with a
d4 decide which
side is given to
one player. If not
stated otherwise
the opponent will
deploy on the op-
not a main Unit here. The whole force is posite side. Both players place their mi-
commanded by a Leader with Leadership niatures within 30cm (or 15cm for 15mm
2 or more. scale), three at a time (alternating) if you
With this format the Initiative rules play with the Small or Medium format
change a bit. Every Unit must roll 3d6 or a Unit at a time if the Large format is
or more if the C in C gives more dice to used. Figures with the special characteri-
one or another Unit. Units on both sides stic Scout can be deployed forward (see
are activated in the order decided by the Special Characteritics).
rolls and consequent APs and every Unit

Lords&Servants - 28
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
The following may be taken as a guide. FEUDAL ARMY
Supplements with army lists for differ- 0-1 Command Group
ent periods and wars will be available for AV=1/2/3; C=5, Mounted, Heavy Ar-
free. You can also use the point system mour, Barderd horses
you find in Appendix III. Check out 1 Noble (Lord with L=4), AV=1/2/3; C=5, sword, shield, 45pts
for updates. 1 Army Banner man (LV 2), banner,
sword, shield, 45pts
Command Groups can be used only with 0-1 Musician (C=3), trumpet, sword, 18pts
the Large Format. 0-3 Nobles (LV 2), sword, shield, 35pts
Figures with LV2 (eg a Man at Arms) or The Lord can be upgraded to Stubborn
more can be paid for as their Unit and (+20pts) or to Confident (+30pts).
attached to another Unit as a higher You can provide Nobles with a mace
leader. +7pts or a 2 handed weapon +8pts or a
axe +3pts each. These can either be in
No more than 50% of the Unit can be addition to a sword or the sword cost can
armed with a 2 handed weapon. be removed at -5 pts.
A 2 handed weapon cannot be used 0-3 Knights and Men-at-Arms
while mounted. With a 2 handed weap- AV=1/2/3; C=5, Mounted, Heavy Ar-
on you cannot use the shield in melee. mour, Barderd horses
Lance cannot be used if on foot. You can 1 Noble (LV 3), sword, shield, 40pts
always change the melee weapon of a 0 – 1 Banner man (LV 2), Banner, sword,
figure according to the miniature you shield, 40pts
use. Please refer to the point system for 4-12 Knights or Men-at-Arms (LV 2),
adjustments. sword, shield, 35pts
Units tend to be described as all with You can provide one or more figures with
barded horse or unbarded horse. You can Lance at +3pts each.
change this according to your figures by You can provide any figure with a mace
adding or removing the barding at each +7pts or a 2 handed weapon +8pts or a
figure +/-2pts. axe +3pts each. These can either be in
addition to a sword or the sword cost can
Lists give minima and maxima for each be removed at -5 pts.
Unit (eg 0-2) . This applies only to Large You can upgrade the Unit to Household
Format. If you play with more than 1000 for +7 pts for each miniature.
pts you can double the maxima. Figures can dismount. If already de-
ployed dismounted the cost is 5pts less
for each miniature.

Lords&Servants - 29
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
0-2 Mounted Sergeants You can upgrade the Unit to Mercenary
AV=1/2/3; C=4, Mounted at +4pts.
0 – 1 Mounted Sergeants (LV 1), sword, You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt.
shield, 24pts You can provide the whole Unit with
4 - 12 Mounted Sergeants, sword, shield, Heavy Crossbow (18/3) at +1pts per
19pts figure.
You can provide one or more Mounted 0-4 Regular Spearmen
Sergeants with javelin (10/0), with short AV=1/2/3; C=4
spear at +1pts each or with Light Cross- 0-1 Standard bearer, flag, shield, 16pts
bow (14/2) at +3pts each. 1 Sergeant (LV 1), sword, shield 19pts
You can upgrade one or more figure to 6-20 Spearmen, long spear, shield 14pts
Scout at +2pts each. Notes&Upgrades
You can upgrade the Unit to Mercenary
0-3 Skirmishers at +4pts.
AV=1/2/3; C=2, Skirmishers You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt
1 Sergeant (LV 1, C=4, Shield), sword, or a sword at +3pts.
6-20 Skirmishers, javelin (10/0), 11pts MONGOL ARMY
Notes&Upgrades 0-1 Command Group
The Sergeant acts as a Skirmisher. AV=1/2/2; C=5, Mounted, Feared,
You can exchange (the whole Unit) the Skilled Horse Archers, Parthian Shot,
javelin with a bow (16/1) or sling (14/2) Heavy Armour
or a light crossbow (14/2) at +2pts for 1 Khan (=Lord with LV4), sword, bow,
each miniature. lance, shield, 61pts
You can give any figure a dagger for +1pt. 1 Army Banner man (LV1), Banner,
sword, bow, shield, 53pts
0-6 Militia Spearmen 0-1 Musician, drum, sword, bow, 38pts
AV=2/3/4; C=3 0-3 Nobles (LV2), heavy armour, sword,
0-1 Standard bearer, flag, shield, 10pts bow, lance, shield, 51pts
1 Sergeant (LV 1, C=4), sword, shield, Notes&Upgrades
16pts The Khan can be upgraded to Stubborn
6-20 Foot, long spear, shield, 8pts (+20pts) or to Confident (+30pts).
Notes&Upgrades Any horse can be provided with barding
You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt at +2pst per model.
or a sword at +3pts You can provide any figure with a mace
+7pts. These can either be in addition
0-2 Crossbowmen to a sword or the sword cost can be
AV=1/2/3; C=3 removed at -5 pts.
1 Sergeant (LV 1, C=4), sword, shield,
19pts 0-2 Mongol Nobles and elite heavy
6-20 Crossbowman, light crossbow cavalry
(14/2), 9pts AV=1/2/2; C=5, Mounted, Feared,

Lords&Servants - 30
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
Skilled Horse Archers, Parthian Shot You can ugrade the Unit to Veteran at
1 Leader (LV 3), heavy armour, melee +4pts per figure.
weapon, bow, lance, shield, 56pts Any figure can be upgraded with LV1 at
0 -1 Banner man, Banner, heavy armour, +5pts.
melee weapon, bow, shield, 43pts Any horse can be provided with barding
4-12 Cavalrymen, heavy armour, sword, at +2pst per model.
bow, lance, shield, 41pts
Notes&Upgrades 1-4 Mongol Horse Archers
Any figure can use lance/melee AV=1/2/3; C=3, Mounted, Skirmishers,
weapon+shield or bow, not both to- Skilled Horse Archers, Parthian Shot
gether. To change costs 1 action. 1 Leader (LV 1), bow, 25pts
You can provide any figure with a mace 4-12 Cavalrymen, bow, 20pts
+7pts. These can either be in addition Notes&Upgrades
to a sword or the sword cost can be Figures can dismount keeping the char-
removed at -5 pts. acteristic Skirmishers.
Figures can dismount and get the charac- You can ugrade the Unit to Veteran at
teristic Skirmishers. +4pts per figure.
You can upgrade the Unit to Household You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt
at +7pts per figure. or a sword at +3pts.
Any figure can be upgraded with LV1 at You can upgrade one or more figure to
+5pts. Scout at +2pts each.
Any horse can be provided with barding
at +2pst per model. 0-4 Auxiliary Horse Archers
AV=2/2/3; C=3, Mounted, Skirmishers,
0-2 Mongol heavy cavalry Parthian Shot
AV=1/2/3; C=4, Mounted, Feared, 1 Leader (LV 1), bow, 20pts
Skilled Horse Archers, Parthian Shot 4-12 Cavalrymen, bow, 15pts
1 Leader (LV 2), heavy armour, melee Notes&Upgrades
weapon, bow, lance, shield, 47pts Figures can dismount keeping the char-
0 -1 Banner man, Banner, heavy armour, acteristic Skirmishers.
melee weapon, bow, shield, 39pts You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt
4-12 Cavalrymen, heavy armour, melee or a sword at +3pts.
weapon, bow, lance, shield, 37pts You can upgrade one or more figure to
Notes&Upgrades Scout at +2pts each.
Any figure can use lance/melee
weapon+shield or bow, not both to-
gether. To change costs 1 action. WARS OF THE ROSES ARMY
You can provide any figure with a mace 0-1 Command Group
+7pts. These can either be in addition AV=1/2/3; C=5, Mounted, Full Plate
to a sword or the sword cost can be Armour
removed at -5 pts. 1 Lord (LV 4), sword, full plate barding ,
Figures can dismount and get the charac- 52pts
teristic Skirmishers. 1 Army Banner man (LV 2), Banner,

Lords&Servants - 31
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
sword, shield, 48pts 0-1 Banner man (LV 2), Banner, sword,
0-3 Knights or Men-at-Arms (LV 2), shield, 38pts
sword, 38pts 4-12 Knights or Men-at-Arms (LV 2),
Notes&Upgrades melee weapon, 33pts
The Lord can be upgraded to Stubborn Notes&Upgrades
(+20pts) or to Confident (+30pts). You can provide any figure with a mace
You can provide one or more figures with +7pts or a 2 handed weapon . These can
Lance at +3pts each. either be in addition to a sword or the
You can provide any figure with a mace sword cost can be removed at -5 pts.
+7pts or a 2 handed weapon +8pts. You can provide one or more figures with
These can either be in addition to a polearm at +4pts each (this is added to
sword or the sword cost can be removed the melee weapon).
at -5 pts.
Figures can dismount. 0-1 Currours
You can provide full plate barding to any AV=1/2/3; C=4, Mounted, Heavy Ar-
horse at +4pts per figure. mour
0 -1 Leader (LV 1), sword, short spear,
0-1 Knights and Men-at-Arms 27pts
AV=1/2/3; C=5, Mounted, Full Plate 4 -12 Currours, sword, short spear, 22pts
Armour Notes&Upgrades
1 Noble (LV 3), sword, full plate barding, You can upgrade one or more figure to
47pts Scout at +2pts each
0-1 Banner man (LV 2), Banner, sword,
shield, 43pts 0-1 Staves
4-12 Knights or Men-at-Arms (LV 2), AV=1/2/3; C=3, Mounted, Skirmishers
sword, 38pts 0 -1 Leader (LV 1), sword, short spear,
Notes&Upgrades 25pts
You can provide one or more figures with 4-12 Staves, short spear, 20pts
Lance at +3pts each. Notes&Upgrades
You can provide any figure with a mace You can provide one or more Figure with
+7pts or a 2 handed weapon . These can sword at +3pts each.
either be in addition to a sword or the You can upgrade one or more figure to
sword cost can be removed at -5 pts. Scout at +2pts each.
You can upgrade the Unit to Household
for +7 pts for each miniature. 1-4 Retinue Billmen
Figures can dismount. AV=1/2/3; C=4, Mercenary
You can provide full plate barding to any 0-1 Standard bearer, flag, 18pts
horse at +4pts per figure. 1 Leader (LV=1) sword, polearm, 25pts
6-20 Billmen, polearm, 17pts
1-3 Dismounted Knights and Men-at- Notes&Upgrades
Arms You can provide any figure with Heavy
AV=1/2/3; C=5, Full Plate Armour Armour at +4pts per figure.
1 Noble (LV 3), sword, 38pts You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt

Lords&Servants - 32
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
or a sword at +3pts. 0-1 Crossbowmen
(Only for Lancaster)
0-4 Shire Levy Billmen AV=1/2/3; C=3
AV=2/3/4; C=3 1 Sergeant (LV 1, C=4), sword, 17pts
0-1 Standard bearer, flag, 8pts 6-20 Crossbowman, heavy crossbow
1 Leader(LV=1), sword, polearm, 15 pts (18/3), 10pts
6-20 Billmen, polearm, 7pts Notes&Upgrades
Notes&Upgrades You can upgrade the Unit to Mercenary
You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt at +4pts per figure.
or a sword at +3pts. You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt
per figure or a sword at +3pts per figure.
0- 3 Northern Border Foot If upgraded to Mercenary, you can give
AV=2/2/3; C=3 the Unit Pavise at +3pts per figure.
0-1 Standard bearer, flag, 9pts
1 Leader(LV=1), sword, long spear, 12 pts 0-1 Handgunners (Only for Yorkists)
6-20 Foot, long spear, 7pts (I think to give AV=1/2/3; C=2, Skirmishers
them all long spears to characterize) 1 Sergeant (LV 1, C=4), sword, 22pts
Notes&Upgrades 6-20 Handgunners, handgun (12/5),
You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt 13pts
or a sword at +3pts. Notes&Upgrades
The Sergeant acts as a Skirmisher.
1-6 Retinue Longbowmen
AV=1/2/2; C=3, Mercenary, Extreme 0-1 Burgundian Pikemen
Range (Only for Yorkists)
1 Sergeant (LV 1, C=4), sword, 22pts AV=1/2/3; C=4, Mercenary
6-20 Longbowmen, longbow (20/1), 0-1 Standard bearer, flag, 17pts
21pts 1 Leader (LV=1) sword, pike, 24pts
Notes&Upgrades 6-20 Pikemen, pike, 16pts
You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt Notes&Upgrades
per figure or a sword at +3pts per figure. You can provide any figure with Heavy
You can give to any figure heavy armour Armour at +4pts per figure.
at +4 pts. You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt
or a sword at +3pts.
0-4 Shire Levy Longbowmen
AV=2/2/3; C=3
1 Sergeant (LV 1, C=4), sword, 19pts
6-20 Longbowman, longbow (20/1),
You can give any figure a dagger at +1pt
per figure.

Lords&Servants - 33
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
LV 1 5pts Handgun 2pts
LV 2 10pts Shield 2pts
LV 3 15pts Pavese 3pts
LV 4 20pts Heavy Armour 4pts
Standard Bearer 5pts Full Plate Armour 9pts
Army Standard Bearer 10pts Horse barding 2pts
Musician 2pts Horse plate armour 4pts
Household 7pts
Mercenary/Veteran 4pts AV
Mounted 5pts AV= 1/1/1 Only for Heroes 10pts
Terrain 3pts AV= 1/2/2 Best Mercenary, best Mongol
Ferocious / Feared 3pts warriors… 5pts
Fanatic 2pts AV= 1/2/3 Standard line, best of irregu-
Scout 2pts lars, Mongol warriors… 4pts
Skirmishers 5pts AV= 2/2/3 Second choice line, trained
Warband 2pts militia, most of irregulars 2pts
Extreme Range 3pts AV= 2/3/4 Standard Militia and poorly
Skilled Horse Archers 3pts motivated or untrained troops 1pts
Parthian Shot 3pts AV= 2/4/4 Civilians (with no military
experience) with a weapon 0pts
Pike 3pts COMBAT VALUE (C)
Long Spear 3pts C6= (Hero) 12pts
Short Spear 1pts C5= (Nobles and Men At Arms, Elite
Pole-arm 4pts Mongols, most of leaders) 8pts
Mace 7pts C4= (Standard foot, Mounted Sergeants,
Swords for Nobles and MAA 5pts Mongol warriors…) 5pts
Swords for common soldier 3pts C3= (Militia, Regular shooters, Auxiliary
Axe 3pts troops…) 2pts
2 Handed weapon 8 pts C2= (Skirmishers, civilians…) 0pts
Dagger 2pts
Improvised weapons (agricultural) 1pts
Lance 3pts
Longbow 7pts
Heavy Crossbow 4pts
Light Crossbow 3pts
Bow 3pts
Javelin 1pts

Lords&Servants - 34
Juan Perez (order #6987623)

Lords&Servants - 35
Juan Perez (order #6987623)


Lords&Servants - 36
Juan Perez (order #6987623)


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Lords&Servants - 37
Juan Perez (order #6987623)

Every Unit rolls 3d6 Results to get with 2d6
A Leader with LV3 or more can re-roll 1d6 Close Range 5+
A Brilliant Leader can re-roll up to 2d6 Effective Range 7+
A Lord can add dice to one of his Units Long Range 9+
1d6 if Stubborn / 3d6 if Confident Extreme Range 13+

MOVEMENT Aiming +1d6
Moving -1d6
Single footman (not with heavy or full Target in cover: re-roll 5s and 6s
plate armour) and Groups of Skirmishers: (only 6s if aimed fire)
Close Order Foot and foot with heavy or
full plate armour at all times: 8/5cm GROUP FIRE
Foot Group charging, or in March column
or on a road (not if with heavy or full plate Roll 2d6 +1d6 per each firing
armour): 12/8cm figure.
Full plate cavalry: 16/10cm Special figures and Leaders test
Other heavy/barded cavalry: 20/12cm only if all other hits have been
Light/unbarded Cavalry: 24/16cm allocated or if a triple “6” is
Carts off-road: 6/4cm rolled.
Carts on-road: 16/10cm
Movement is halved in Difficult Terrain (like
woods, fords...).


Target Protection roll to pass
No heavy armour or shield 6
Shield 5+
Pavese 4+
Heavy Armour 5+
Heavy armour+shield 4+
Full plate armour 3+
Modifier: +1 to die roll if shooting was at long or extreme range.

Lords&Servants - 38
Juan Perez (order #6987623)
Both players roll 3d6 and hit accord- HORSES
ing to the Combat value of the enemy.
With a difference of 2 hits the oppo- Unbarded 6
nent is killed, with a difference of 1 hit Cloth barding 5+
the opponent is repulsed and shaken. Plate barding 4+
Whoever hits most wins the Melee Modifier: +1 to die roll if shooting
was at long or extreme range.
Modifiers (d6)
-1 if Shaken
+1 if Charging (not if the figure’s oppo-
nent is mounted and you are not)
You have to roll more than the last
+1 Charging from the rear (cumulative
number of the AV
with the above modifier)
- To fire by opportunity
+1 if Mounted
- To spot an ambush
-1 foot charging through linear obsta-
You have to roll less than the C
+1 for an addional supporting figure
- To countercharge
(up to 3 supporting).
- To unseat
Weapons with a better initiative (lower MORALE TEST
value - see 9.0 Weapons) can re-roll
one dice. The Units take a Morale Test when
Figures with a shield or full plate loses 1/3 of its MV. The test is
armour can make an enemy re-roll one passed rolling less than the C Value
die. on a d6. The Unit/Army is broken
when its losses reache 50% of its
original MV.

Juan Perez (order #6987623)