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PHYSICS 2210 – EXAM 2 FALL 2016

Each multiple choice question is worth 2 points, questions 4 – 7 are worth 6 points each, and question 8 is worth 10 points. Your
work must be shown on problems 4 - 8 in order to receive credit for these problems. Be sure to include appropriate units on your

1. You swing a bat and hit a heavy box with a force of 1500 N. The force the box exerts on the bat is
a. greater than 1500 N if the box moves.
b. exactly 1500 N only if the box does not move.
c. less than 1500 N if the box moves.
d. greater than 1500 N if the bat bounces back.
e. exactly 1500 N whether or not the box moves.

2. An elevator, hanging from a single cable, moves downward and is slowing. Friction and air resistance are negligible. Which
statement is true about the tension?
a. The tension is equal to the gravitational force.
b. The tension is less than the gravitational force.
c. The tension is greater than the gravitational force.

3. When a parachutist jumps from an airplane, he eventually reaches a constant speed, called the terminal speed. Once he
has reached terminal speed
a. his acceleration is equal to g.
b. his speed is equal to g.
c. the force of air drag on him is equal to zero.
d. the force of air drag on him is equal to g.
e. the force of air drag on him is equal to his weight.

4. A 10,000-kg rocket blasts off from earth with a 5. An airplane flies in a loop (a circular path in a vertical
uniform upward acceleration of 2.00 m/s2 and feels no air plane) of radius 150 m. The pilot’s head always points toward
resistance. What is the upward thrust force its engines must the center of the loop. The speed of the airplane is not
provide during this acceleration? constant; the airplane goes slowest at the top of the loop and
fastest at the bottom. At the top of the loop, the pilot feels
weightless. What is the speed of the airplane at this point?
6. In a shuffleboard game, the puck slides a total of 7. Find the tension in cord A (see figure) if the weight
12 m before coming to rest. If the coefficient of kinetic of the suspended object is 450 N.
friction between the puck and the horizontal board is 0.38,
what was the initial speed of the puck?

8. The two blocks in the figure are sliding down the incline. What is the tension in the massless string?


1. e
2. c
3. e
4. 118 kN
5. 38.3 m/s
6. 9.45 m/s
7. 329 N
8. 0.61 N