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1 Analyzing the Market

Market Description:
Unique Beverage Ltd. products includes juice, beverage and drinks. This kind of products
sold quickly at relatively in low price. Though the absolute profit made on these products is
relatively small, they are sold generally in large quantities. The market of these products is
quite priced sensitive.
Our main targeted customer will be the premium customers, who need quality goods in
relatively low price. Here we will target mainly the young people & the children.
For the above reason we cannot increase our product price but we have to increase our
advertising and sales promotions, because there is a tough competition in the market. We have
to find new ways to market our product and try to modify it.

Marketing opportunities:

Analyzing the current market situation we found that there are many strong competitors exist
in market. But our product is totally new & different from existing products. Our product is
qualitative & good for refreshment. That’s why we think that this juice will be demandable in
market. There is a huge potential market for juice in Bangladesh because; mixed fruit juice is
a new product in the market. People have a positive attitude to fruit juice rather than any other
soft drinks. Because it’s nutritional value is higher than other drinks.

Competitive review

Our product’s market is in maturity stage, for this reason we have to face tough competition.
In this market there are several companies which are providing goods of the same category.
The main competitors are Pran, Shezan, Danish, ACME etc. The market share structure is as
Company’s name Description

PRAN It is the market leader with 43% of market share.

ACME It is in the market not for that long but due to its marketing strategy

and good backup it is in the 2nd position with 20% of the market

SHEZAN Its have13% of market share though it is in the market for a good
numbers of years its weak marketing strategy is responsible.

Danish It is having its almost 11% market share because of its weak
distribution channel.

If we analyze the wholesale price and retail price of our competitor then we can see that there
is a little difference between them and strong competition is in exist. Only with the product
quality, marketing strategy and distribution network they are competing with each other.

2.2 Analyzing STP

2.2.1 Market Segmentation Process:

Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market into different customer segments.
Targeting, also known as target marketing, and then entails deciding which potential customer
segment the company will focus on. Market segmentation, however, always precedes targeting,
which helps a company be more selective about who they are marketing their products to.
Market segmentation and targeting are equally important for ensuring the overall success of a
company. These segmentations is related to the any new product segmentation strategy.
The 4 bases used in marketing segmentation are:
Geographic segmentation:
Geographic segmentation involves a business dividing its market on the basis of geography.
There are several ways that a market can be geographically segmented. One can divide the
market by geographical areas, such as by city, country, state or international region. It can also
be divided into size/destiny and climate.
So for the new juice, first we will be launch in seven divisional areas then gradually depend on
the product success PRAN will be export this new mixed juice.

Demographic segmentation:
Demographic segmentation occurs according to age, race, religion, gender, family size,
occupation, generation, nationality, income, and education. Demographics can be segmented into
several markets to help an organization target its consumers more accurately. With this type of
segmentation, an organization can categorize the needs of consumers.
The primary segmented for this part will be by age, gender, family size, occupation, generation,
income etc for PRAN.

Psychographic segmentation:
Psychographic segmentation is dividing the market based upon consumer personality traits, values,
attitudes, interests and lifestyles. This segmentation allows development and marketing of the
products because there will be a more precise match between the product and each segment's needs
and wants.

Behavioral segmentation
Behavioral segmentation divides customers into groups based on the way they respond to, use or
know of a product. Behavioral segments can group consumers in terms of occasions, benefits, user
status, usage rate, and loyalty status. Ocaasions such as Iftar has been highlighted with its
beneficial impact. User rate, usage rate and loyalty status is not related as anyone have got access
to this drink.
2.2.2 Target market:

A marketer can rarely satisfy everyone. Not everyone likes the same thing. Therefore marketers
start by dividing up the market into segments. They identify and profile distinct group of buyers
who might prefer or require varying product and service mixes by examining demographic
psychographic, geographic, technological and behavioral differences among buyer. Then the
marketer designed which segments present the greatest opportunities, which are its Target
markets. We have segmented our total local market into 4 parts according to the consumers’
affordability, and our main target is to enter into this segmented market and satisfy all the
consumers. Our target market is total local market like

Geographic Demographic Psychographic Behavioral

All divisional Age 10-50 Social Class : Occasion, Benefits
area Gender – Male, Female All- Middle, Upper,

Education- Lower

School, College, universities




2.2.3 Market Positioning:

In marketing, positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create
awareness and positioning in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or
organization. It is the relative competitive comparison of their product occupying in a given
market as perceived by the target market. Our juice helps to maintain good health which create
a value in consumer mind about this product motivate them to buy frequently. Frequent ads on
TV, internet and radio channels will help to reach our message to our targeted consumers. Then
we will have print and billboard ads in respect of our product and market.
We positioned our product as:
 
 High quality product
 
 Reasonable price
 