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HUMSS 11-5

Personal Advocacy:

Breathe healthily, live happily

Save Money – Quit Smoking!

There are different strategies that our government implemented just to stop the
use of cigarettes here in our country. Best example of that is the Executive
Order No. 26 (EO 26), or also known as the Nationwide Smoking Ban signed by our
President Rodrigo Duterte last May 16, 2017. This, provides for the establishment
of smoke-free environments in public and enclosed spaces. But unfortunately the
nationwide smoking ban does not absolutely prohibit smoking in all of these areas.
Moreover, the retail prices of the cigarettes had been raise. The increase is
provided for under Republic Act 10351, otherwise known as the Sin Tax Reform
Law of 2012. ( Sin-tax Reform Law also increased the price of beer and alcohol

It clearly shows that there are several ways that the previous and current
presidency did for the smokers to quit smoking. But still, there are Filipinos who
continue this kind of vice.

So I come up to an advocacy wherein it strongly recommend that quitting smoking

begin with ourselves. It is something that we should think because smoking is
really not beneficial to us and others' health, and of course to our money. I
wanted to voice out that there are good alternative ways to relieve stress and
pain not only hitting a stick full of chemicals.
Irish Calisaan HUMSS 11-5

Personal Advocacy:

Let’s develop our lives,

community, and self-
identities without

The Advocacy said that we must develop our lives,

community and self-identities without using drugs.
Drugs can ruin others life especially your life, if you
abuse drugs. When using drugs, a person doesn’t what
she/he was doing, because he/she is high from the
usage of it. We can’t remember everything we have
done, after the effects of it, because you were not aware.
It can to a certain death of a person, so WE must not
use or abuse the usage of drugs, so we can live happily
and peacefully.