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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fourth Edition

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PMBOK® Guide PMDoc™

4th Edition Project Management Templates

Project Management Project Management Project Management Templates of Project

Knowledge Areas Process Groups Processes Management Documents
I. Business Case
3.3. Initiating Process 4.1. Develop Project Charter
I. Project Charter
4. Project Integration Group 10.1. Identify Stakeholders
Stakeholder Register
Stakeholder Management Strategy
P. Project Management Plan
4.2. Develop Project Management Plan P. Change Management Plan
P. Configuration Management Plan
P. Requirements Documentation
5.1. Collect Requirements P. Requirements Management Plan
5. Project Scope P.
Requirements Traceability Matrix
Project Scope Statement
Management 5.2. Define Scope
P. Assumptions Log
P. Project Documents
P.5.2.3.x.M Scope Management Plan
P. Work Breakdown Structure
5.3. Create WBS P. WBS Dictionary
P. Scope Baseline
6. Project Time 6.1. Define Activities
Activity List
Activity Attributes
Management P. Milestone List
6.2. Sequence Activities P. Project Schedule Network Diagram
P. Resource Requirements
6.3. Estimate Activity Resources
P. Resource Breakdown Structure
6.4. Estimate Activity Durations P. Duration Estimates
P. Project Schedule
7. Project Cost P.
Milestone Chart
Bar Chart
Management 6.5. Develop Schedule P. Schedule Baseline
3.4. Planning Process P. Schedule Data
P. Project Calendar
Group P.6.5.3.x.M Schedule Management Plan
P. Activity Cost Estimates
7.1. Estimate Costs
P. Basis of Estimates
8. Project Quality P.
Cost Performance Baseline
Project Funding Requirements
Management 7.2. Determine Budget
P.7.2.3.xa.F Performance Measurement Baseline
P.7.2.3.xb.M Cost Management Plan
P. Quality Management Plan
P. Quality Metrics
8.1. Plan Quality P. Quality Checklist
P. Process Improvement Plan
9. Project Human P.
Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Human Resource Plan
Resource Management 9.1. Develop Human Resource Plan
P. Roles and Responsibilities
10.2. Plan Communications P. Project Organizational Structure
11.1. Plan Risk Management P. Staffing Management Plan
11.2. Identify Risks P.9.1.3.x.x Training Plan
11.3. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis P. Communications Management Plan
10. Project 11.4. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
11.5. Plan Risk Responses
Risk Management Plan
Risk Register
Communications P. Teaming Agreements
P. Procurement Management Plan
Management 12.1. Plan Procurements P. Statement of Work
P. Make-or-Buy Decision
P. Procurement Documents
P. Source Selection Criteria
4.3. Direct and Manage Project Execution
11. Project Risk 8.2. Perform Quality Assurance
9.2. Acquire Project Team
Deliverables Acceptance Certificate
Work Performance Information
Management 3.5. Executing Process 9.3. Develop Project Team E. Change Request
Group 9.4. Manage Project Team
10.3. Distribute Information
Quality Audit Report
Project Staff Assignment Order
10.4. Manage Stakeholder Expectations E. Resource Calendar
12.2. Conduct Procurements E. Team Performance Assessments
E. Issue log
12. Project Procurement 4.4. Monitor and Control Project Work
4.5. Perform Integrated Change Control
Sellers List
Management 5.4. Verify Scope E. Contract
5.5. Control Scope
3.6. Monitoring and 6.6. Control Schedule M. Schedule Forecasts
Controlling Group 7.3. Control Costs
8.3. Perform Quality Control
Change Log
Work Performance Measurements
10.5. Report Performance M. Budget Forecasts
The templates correlations with 11.6. Monitor and Control Risks M. Quality Control Measurements
knowledge areas and 12.3. Administer Procurements M. Performance Report
M.12.3.3.x.F Technical Documentation
processes are showed by 4.6. Close Project or Phase
3.7. Closing Process Group 12.4. Close Procurements C. Acceptance Certificate
colors and arrows.

The correlation of PMDoc™ Templates with Knowledge Areas and Processes of PMBOK® Guide 2008 is showed on this chart.
It is impossible to use the PMDoc™ Templates just as they are in any application areas but they are providing a clear model of Project
Management Documentation and examples of templates which can be adopted to specific needs of any company or project.
Most of the templates are underconstruction now.
“PMBOK” is registered mark of Project Management Institute.