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Third Grade Newsletter January 8, 2018 - January 12, 2018

Third Grade | St. Benedict’s Episcopal School

Language Arts

Novel Studies and
Reading Detective

• Novel Studies: Henry

Shurley English end

• Chapter 5: Pronouns
Here you will find important information about academics,
announcements, assessments, projects and reminders.
• Shurley Ch. 5 Test
Friday, 1/12 Any spelling information for each week will be in their Spelling spiral
Spelling and Handwriting

• Cursive
Spelling Rule 13

• Spelling Test Friday, How to read words with

1/12 “g”/j/ and “c” /s/

“C” says /s/ when followed by e, i, y
• Topic 6: Multiplication Facts “g” usually says /j/ when followed by

e, i, y
Ex: ice and page

• The Human Body

• Quizlet Link: https://
Sight Words to Memorize:
walk, both, minute, four, does

Third Grade Newsletter January 8, 2018 - January 12, 2018

•Multiplication: We will be starting multiplication: Your students should be practicing facts
through 12 using the quizlet found here:

•Reading Log: The February Reading log is due Friday, 2/2. Students will be required to read
at least 18 days before this deadline. More detailed directions can be found here.

•Book Report: The January/February book report directions will be sent out in Mid- January.

•Third-Topia: If you would like to donate any items to our treasure box,
please send them in with your child! We would love if any parents would
be interested in donating a basketball, soccer ball, and a football to
purchase as some of the larger treasure box options.

•Renweb: Please keep up with your child’s grade percentages and progress on Renweb.

• Please check your child’s Daily Folder and Agenda each day after school. The agenda
contains important information regarding assessments, assignments and projects. It also
contains assignments from the day that may need to be completed as homework.

• Chapel is every Tuesday morning. Please have your child wear the chapel uniform and
proper accessories (ties and cross-ties).