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Name: Steve Polhill

Occupation: Automotive Technician

Family information: Single

Community work:
EEPAC (Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee)
Member; President of the East London Optimists Club; Lieutenant Governor
of Optimist International; Chair and Host of the East London Canada Day
Celebration; Argyle Community Association Member; Habitat for Humanity
Volunteer; Reforest London Volunteer

Would you support a four-year tax freeze (yes or no)?


Why or why not?

I think four consecutive years without a tax increase would be difficult, but
not impossible. I believe that if we put the basics first, Police, Fire,
Ambulance, Roads, Sewers, etc and eliminate irresponsible spending such as
$100,000 to beautify a salt dome, $1.5 million spent on council chambers
before knowing if we are staying at the current city hall, a zero percent
increase can be done. If we are diligent I believe a zero tax increase can be
achieved. We could learn a thing or two from Windsor’s mayor Ed Francis,
who has managed not to raise taxes for several years.

Why do you want to represent Londoners at city hall?

I see a serious lack of common sense on city council. City council needs
people that can work together for the good of London, not fight amongst one
another. I want to give the people of Ward 2 the representation they

What do you consider a) the most important issue for London? And b)
the most important issue for the ward in which you’re running?
With tough economic times like these taxes and jobs are always at the
forefront, of both citywide and local concerns. Local concerns in Ward 2 are
the lack of a proper community center and fact that East London seems to be
the only place in London where industrial lands are placed. The residents of
ward 2 want more housing and community developments.

Bill Armstrong

Paralegal; member of the Law Society; Ward 2 Councillor

Community Work:
Environment and Transportation Committee, Community Protective
Services, Save Argyle School Committee, PCB (Pottersburg Storage Site
Decommissioning Community Liaison Group), Argyle Business Association
Working Group, Veteran Memorial Parkway Flag Committee, The Huron
and Elgin Water Boards, East London Optimist Club – Member and
Volunteer at various events.

Would you support a 4-year tax freeze? Yes or No

During the budget process I always work towards the lowest possible tax

Why or Why Not?

Without a detailed analysis going forward for 4 years a zero tax promise
would require massive cuts to City Services including reductions to Police,
Fire, Ambulance, Libraries, Transit, Recreation Services, Community Grants
to Organizations, Snow Removal, Garbage Pickup, Board and Commissions
to name a few.

Why do want to represent Londoners at City Hall?

I have shown leadership as a City Councillor for 16 years. I live in Ward 2
and continuously work with community members and community
organizations to deliver facilities to our neighbourhoods such as;
Bonaventure Splash Pad, Kiwanis Skate Park, beautifying and upgrading
Forest view Park and Kiwanis Park etc. Furthermore, I am involved in
organizing community projects like community clean up days in Lord
Nelson Woods, Forest View Woods, Hilton Avenue Revitalization, etc.
As a City Councillor I have been leading an initiative to build an indoor pool
with a community centre and with members of the community and I will to
continue to prompt this important facility for the Argyle Community.

What do you consider a) most important issue for London? b) most

important issue for the ward in which you are running?
a) To maintain taxes at an affordable level while maintaining sufficient
services to tax payers.
b) The Argyle Community needs an indoor pool with community centre.