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Maximum Marks 100 Last Date of Submission 15th October. 2010 (For July Session) 15th April. 2010 (For July Session) 15th April.CONTENTS Course Code Assignment No. presentation format and submission of the assignments. 2011 (For January Session) Page No. 2010 (For July Session) 30th April. 2011 (For January Session) 9 MCSL-025 MCA(2)/025/Assign/201 0 100 31st October. 2011 (For January Session) 11 Important Notes Viva-voce worth 20 Marks is compulsory for each course. 2011 (For January Session) 6 MCS-024 MCA(2)/024/Assign/201 0 100 15th October. 2011 (For January Session) 4 MCS-023 MCA(2)/023/Assign/201 0 100 15th October. 3 . 3 MCS-021 MCA(2)/021/Assign/201 0 MCS-022 MCA(2)/022/Assign/201 0 100 15th October. 2010 (For July Session) 15th April. Please follow the guidelines given in the MCA Programme Guide for solving. 2010 (For July Session) 15th April.

list the nodes of binary trees in inorder and level order. (25 Marks) Question 3: Suppose that an undirected Graph is represented with the array adjacency list representation. The nodes are linked together to form two circular lists. Also. right. How small must t be so that the above linked scheme uses less space than an m X n array uses? (10 Marks) (c) Design a suitable external (i. the column list. (a) Write any 5 X 8 matrix that has exactly nine nonzero terms such that at least one nonzero term appears in each row and each column. All the implementations should be in C language. Each nonzero entry of the sparse matrix is represented by a node. Question 1: An alternative linked representation for sparse matrices uses nodes that have the fields down. These two lists share a common header node. What is the time complexity of the algorithm. Write an algorithm to remove the an edge from G.e. Ensure that you don’t copy the program from course material or any other source. 2010 (for July. (10 Marks) Question 2: Draw two binary trees whose preorder listing is abcdefgh and whose postorder listing is dcbgfhea. is made up by linking nodes by rows and within rows by columns using the right field. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations. For this sparse matrix. the row list. 2010 session) 15th April. is made up by linking nodes via the down field. The second list. Answer all the questions. 2011 session) This assignment has three questions.Course Code Course Title Assignment Number Maximum Marks Weightage Last Dates for Submission : : : : : : MCS-021 Data and File Structures MCA(2)/021/Assign/2010 100 25% 15th October. row. 2011 (for January. The first list. Your representation should not require explicit input of the zero terms. (10 Marks) (b) Suppose that an m X n matrix with t non-zero terms is represented as above. In addition. The zero terms are not explicitly stored. draw the linked representation. and value. col. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide. one that can be used for input and output) representation for a sparse matrix. In this list. (25 Marks) 4 . a node is added to contain the dimensions of the matrix. which carry 80 marks. Viva-voce carries 20 marks. nodes are linked by columns and within columns by rows.

Rest 20 marks are for viva voce. c) What is the purpose of caching in DNS? d) Why UDP instead of TCP/IP is used in network management protocol? Question 2: a) Write the Linux command for the followings: i) to display the last content of a file. (5 Marks) b) How is multithreading useful in uniprocessor as well as symmetric multiprocessing? Explain. Answer each part of the question should be confined to about 300 words. Answer all questions. Question 1: a) How is microkernel architecture different from a kernel architecture? Explain. 2011 (for January. iii) to change the permission modes of a file and directory. 2011 session) This assignment has four questions. which carries 80 marks. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation. 2010 (for July. v) to list the users currently logged on to the system and count them. (5 Marks) (5 Marks) (5 Marks) ii) Compare two files and display the differences. 2010 session) 15th April.Course Code Course Title Assignment Number Maximum Marks Weightage Last Date of Submission : : : : : : MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management MCA(2)/022/Assign/2010 100 25% 15th October. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations. (5 Marks) b) c) What a shell script that prints a list of every unique word in a file in reverse order? How do you configure a Linux machine to work with a network file system? Write all the steps? (5 Marks) (5 Marks) 5 . iv) to count the number of all files in a directory.

(5 Marks) Question 3: (i) Define the concept of domains. (5 Marks) (5 Marks) (ii) Question 4: (i) (ii) Describe backup strategies for your system? Describe the features of Intrusion detection system? (5 Marks) (iii) List and describe the various security features in Windows 2000 OS? (10 Marks) (5 Marks) 6 .d) How is Linux different from Unix operating system? Explain. workgroups and trusted relationship in the context of Windows 2000? How is distributed file system implemented in Windows 2000? (5 Marks) (iii) Explain drive mapping facility in Windows 2000 with suitable examples? (5 Marks) (iv) Write the purpose of VPN and name some VPN protocols supported by windows 2000.

Question 1: (i) (20 Marks) “For creating a student information management system of a University a database management system is better than that of file management system. A course is taught in a typical semester of the programme. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation. Answer to each part of the question should be confined to about 300 words.Course Code Course Title Assignment Number Maximum Marks Weightage Last Date of Submission : : : : : : MCS-023 Introduction to Database Management Systems MCA(2)/023/Assign/2010 100 25% 15th October. 2011 session) This assignment has four questions. List all the entity sets. • A course may be part of more than one programme. assume that you are assigned the role of Database Administrator for the University database. • The duration of the programme is in semesters. Rest 20 marks are for viva voce. A programme consists of many courses. The relations must be at least in 2 NF. attributes of each entity sets and relationship sets. Draw the E-R diagram for the requirements as listed above for the database system. cardinality etc.” Justify the statement given above. You must do the following with the relations a) b) c) d) Enter about 5 sets of meaningful data in each of the relations Identify the domain of various attributes Identify the primary keys of all the relations Identify the Foreign keys and referential integrity constraints in the relations 7 . 2010 (for July. Some of the constraints that may be assumed for the University database system are: • A student can take only one programme at a time. if any. A course has a number of credits associated with it and may be the part of more than one programmes. What are the key responsibilities you have to handle? Draw an E R Diagram for a system having the following requirements: A University maintains data of its students. the programmes they are registered in and the address information of the students. The database needs to store the programme duration and fees. which carries 80 marks. You may use the concept of keys. 2010 session) 15th April. Answer all questions. Now. in a proper way. 2011 (for January. (ii) (iii) Create the relations from the E-R diagram that you have drawn for part (ii). Make and state suitable assumptions.

(iv) Perform the following tasks using relational algebraic operations for the relations created at part (iii): (a) List all the courses of MCA programme. Show how many block transfers will be saved on average due to creation of index. Identify the functional dependencies in the relation given above. Each department is managed by one manager. (b) Find the student name. however. manger. Assume that the primary index of the relation is ID and this relation is required mostly for the application that generates programme wise list of student names in alphabetical order. one dependent can be related to only one employee. Question 2: (i) (20 Marks) What are the problems associated with data Redundancy in a relation? How can you solve those problems? Can referential integrity constraints help in addressing those problems? Give reasons in support of your answer. Consider a relation Student(ID: 9 characters. role in the project. wi_type. propose a suitable file organisation for each of the relation created. (c) Find the list of students in BCA programme. date of birth. ac_balance) withdrawal (ac_number. de_amount) Type of deposit or withdrawal may be – Cash or Cheque 8 . indexed and hashed file organisations. programme_code: 4 characters) having about 1. programme code and the programme duration of the programme in which s/he is registered. department. Make suitable assumptions if any. dependent names) An employee works in one department. Make suitable assumptions. An employee can have many dependents. age. de_date. IDs of projects working on. A project has a team leader.000 student records. name: 25 characters. de_by. Name. Consider the following employee record in an organisation Employee ( ID. Justify your selection of file organisation. project name. wi_amount) deposit(ac_number. de_type.000. address. An employee can work on many projects. wi_date. Normalise the relational up to BCNF. ac_holderaddress. Create a secondary index that will improve the performance of the system for the given application. ac_holdername. project team leader. if any (ii) (iii) Compare and contrast the features of sequential. department: 10 characters. (20 Marks) (iv) Question 3: (i) Consider the following relations Account (ac_number. duration of project. The database is stored on a disk having a disk block size of 1 MB. date of joining. Consider the problem (ii) in this question.

Compare and contrast the two tier model to that of 3 tier model of client server architecture. Can you implement the database given in question 3 as a 3 tier model? Explain your answer. What are the possibilities that the deposit and withdrawal transactions as created in part (iii) will result into deadlock? Explain your answer. d) Find an account holder who has not withdrawn any money in the last year. Create sample transaction log for the transactions that you have defined in Q3 part (iii). Use two phase locking protocol and lock the data items suitably such that there is no concurrency related problem in the database. You may use my_account view for one of the users. (iii) (iv) Question 4: (i) (20 Marks) Consider the database schema of Question 3. (ii) (iii) (iv) 9 . Suggest suitable data fragmentation needed for this distributed database. suggest at least two different types of users for the system. Create an authorisation matrix for the relations. assume that the bank schema as given in Question 3 is being implemented using distributed database. Explain how this log may be used to recover from failure. Now.Perform the following operations on these tables using SQL a) Create the three tables giving suitable domains and constraints including referential actions. Consider the database schema of Question 3. Write the psedocode for the Withdrawal and Deposit transactions for the schema of the bank given in this question. Create a secondary index on ac_number for the withdrawal and deposit tables. c) Find the sum of deposits that has been credited in each account in the last year. if any.000/. (ii) Perform the following queries using SQL for the relations of part (i): a) Find the list of the account holders whose account balance is less than Rs. b) Add one additional filed ac_type (it can be savings account. d) Give only READ only permission to see my_account view to a user. c) Create a view named my_account that contains the information about my account.1000/b) Find the details of those account holders who have withdrawn more than Rs 1. What is a deadlock? How can you detect deadlock? Explain with the help of a Wait for graph.00. Make suitable the last month. current account or student account) in the Accounts table.

(6 Marks) c) Explain the need of Unicode. Question 1 : a) What is Object Oriented Paradigm? Why Object Oriented Programming is preferred over structured programming. Question 5: a) What is an exception? Explain haw an exception is handled in Java. b) Explain the need of package in Java. (2 Marks) a) What is an array? Explain how an array of variable size is defined in Java. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Program Guide for the format of presentation. Rest of 20 marks are for viva-voce. b) What is platform independence? Explain advantages of a programming language which is platform independent. (4 Marks) (3 Marks) (3 Marks) (5 Marks) b) Write a java program to find whether a given string is a palindrome or not. (2 Marks) b) What are different bitwise operators available in Java? Write a Java program to explain the use of bitwise operators. (5 Marks) b) What is I/O stream in Java? Write a program in Java to 10 . (2 Marks) c) What is a constructor? Explain the advantage of constructors overloading with an example of a Java program. (5 Marks) Question 3 : Question 4 : a) What is polymorphism? Is Interfaces in Java. a kind of polymorphism? Justify your answer. (5 Marks) (3 Marks) (2 Marks) Question 2 : a) List different data types available in java.Course Code Course Titlle Assignment Number Assignment Marks Maximum Marks Last Date of Submission : : : : : : MCS-024 Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming MCA (1)/024/Assign/2010 100 25% 15th October. 2010 session) 15th April. (5 Marks) Question 6 : a) What is multithreading ?Explain advantages of multithreaded programming with the help of a Java program. (3 Marks) b) Explain why main method in Java is always static. c) What is rule of accessibility? Explain different level of accessibility in Java. 2011 (for January. 2011 session) There are eight questions in this assignment which carries 80 marks. Also explain hierarchy of different exception classes in Java. 2010 (for July. c) Explain why Java is platform independent. Also in your programs give appropriate comments to increase understandability. Answer all the questions.

(6Marks) b) What is need of Layout Manager? Explain different layouts available in Java. (5 Marks) Question 7 : a) How a Java Applet is different from Java Application program? Create an Applet program to display your Bio-Data. (5 Marks) (5 Marks) Question 8 : 11 . Make necessary assumptions and use appropriate layout in your program. b) Explain the need of JDBC? Explain steps involved in connecting a databases using JDBC.create a file and copy the content of an already existing file into it. (4 Marks) a) What is a socket ? Explain how a network socket is created using Java.

(3 Marks) Question 2: Use Windows 2000 command and communicate with your friend sitting on a different machine but in a same domain group. 2011 (for January. 11. 26. 45. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations. PART-I: MCS-021 Question 1: Sort the following data using heap sort and show all the intermediate steps. Explain? Set the execution time of two jobs so that it can run automatically tomorrow one at 11:00 a. (2 Marks) Question 4: How can you change the time of execution of the job. PART-II: MCS-022 Question 1: Write a shell script in Unix/Linux to find the lines numbers of a text file are having words which are 5 to 10 characters long and having first letter as a capital letter. 2011 session) This assignment has four parts. (2 Marks) Question 3: Use Telnet to get connected with other remote machine. 2010 session) 30th April. 17. 55. Answer all questions of each part. Write the problems you encounter during connection with remote machine. Rest 20 marks are for viva voce. postorder and inorder traversal outputs of the binary tree. and stop at 12.m. it should print the preorder. After creation is complete.Course Code Course Title Assignment Number Maximum Marks Weightage Last Date of Submission : : : : : : MCSL-025 Lab Course MCA(2)/025/Assign/2010 100 25% 31st October. Assumptions can be made wherever necessary. (5 Marks) Question 2: Write a program in ‘C’ language for the creation of a Binary tree. 12 .00 Noon and for another Job starts at 1:00 p. (5 Marks) Note: You must execute the program and submit the program logic. 35. 19. 34. 93. 78. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation.m and stop after its completion. 88 Write an algorithm in C to implement this and find its time complexity. Lab Records of each part will carry 10 Marks. 2010 (for July. sample inputs and outputs along with the necessary documentation for this question. Each part is of 10 marks.

monthly and annual income of each Motion Picture. It maintains information about different team member’s like actors. and Sales of each motion picture. Design and implement the necessary tables. Distribution. Each team member has a name. do not use any library class) to represent linked lists of integers. Design a suitable form for storing basic information about motion pictures to evaluate the performance and appreciation by general public. co-producers. • Maintain necessary details about Distributors. certification details. (10 Marks) PART-IV: MCS-024 Question 1: Create a Java class (i. Motion Picture wise in term of sales. show the profit /loss statistics. Studios etc. job title. Performances. Each motion picture has a title. assistants. contact details and address. These Films. Find out how many Distributors placed the orders last year but did not made full payment till now.(3 Marks) PART-III: MCS-023 Question 1: A film production company named “Apex Entertainment”. and other team members and their salary/contract amount. address. contact details and a banner. Create a database in MS-Access. TV serials and Documentaries. Each Studio has an owner. length and the type. Team members. which must provide the following functionalities: • • • • Query support Report generation Easy input facility for new data Keep details about Expenditure. which produces motion pictures like Films. After creating the database you must perform the following tasks: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Design a report to display the daily. TV serials and Documentaries can be shot in studios. directors. year of production. Team members are connected to one or more type of motion pictures. Also. Provide it with methods that can be used to reverse a list and to append two lists. Design a report to display performance of the Directors and Actors.e. 13 . This production company sales its products to various distribution company through bidding and contract.

hexadecimal) we can multiply it by 16.e. and the resultant integer part is the first digit of the base-16 representation. (5 Marks) Note: You must execute the program and submit the program logic. and you may make the output array have the same length as your input array. 14 . not just one of length 1000. Multiplying the fraction left over by 16 gets the second digit and so on. Write a method that accepts an array of digits (base 10) and creates and returns a new array representing the same fraction but now base 16. (5 Marks) Question 2: To make a fraction to a representation base 16 (i.Comment on whether your design has led you to make the methods for append and reverse static. Your code should work for any length input array. Assumptions can be made wherever necessary. sample inputs and outputs along with the necessary documentation for this question.

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