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REV/ISSUE: 02/01


REPORT Pages :2

Originator Name: Mohammad Kamal Mohammad Date: 1/2/2017 Code: 45 CR 1R1GR08I0151
Supplier: PR.NO: NCR NO.: 21 GR
W.O NO: (Requested) Part Description: CAT 3508
Part NO: Drawing NO/SAMPLE:
Found in What Activity? 1. Incoming
2. In- Process Inspection
3. Final Inspection
4. Other

2- Description of non-conformity

1- Dirty air filters & filters indicators one missed and other broken.
2- Fuel leakage from filters housing cover.
3- The firefighting is not completed ( No CO2 cylinder ) & The fire alarm is not completed.
4- Oil leakage from breather hose & cylinder head no.1 & cam shaft window & rocker arms cover
of cylinder no.4 .
5- The generator is dirty need cleaning.
6- Defect on reading the load ambers from the module of GPS & GPS signal &run hours
deviation & is zero.
7- The covers of alternator are not fixed.
8- Corrosion at flexible connection.
9- Air filter sensor is disconnected
10- Defect on breaker hand.
11- The concentration of coolant is zero.
12- Plug of fly wheel is disconnected.
13- No isolation between muffler and sound proof roof
14- Defect on lighting system.
15- Fixing electrical distribution box. Found scratches and corrosion on the container from outside.
16- Panels steel sheets are not fixed from inside.
17- Found corrosion on the doors, grills, floor and roof from inside.
18- Found corrosion on the exhauster and the roof from outside.
19- Painting of ladder and exhauster is not in a good condition.

3- Recommended Action:

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Name: Designation: Signature:

Disposition: Date:

 Use as is  Return to Supplier

 Repair  Reject
 Rework  Request Concession
 Other
Name: Designation: Signature:

4- Correction Action

Responsible manager Responsible Sector Manager

Signature &Date Signature &Date

5- Approval of correction

QC manager Signature &Date

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17- Closing of non-conformity


Planned disposition is accepted, and has been completed as required. Corrective and preventative has been initiated and
changes/recommendations implemented.

Name; Designation: Signature:

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