Sports in American Society Course Overview & Expectations

Mr. Kulowiec Room 65 Email: Homework Blog: After School Availability: Thursday, 2:30 – 4:30 & by request Homework Blog: Course Overview: This course will explore American Society through the lens of amateur and professional sports. As a semester course, we will cover eight (8) social and culture topics and make connections, insights and develop a deeper understanding of cultural, social, economic & political issues. Units of Study Covered: – Race – Literature, Film & Media – Drugs – Gender – Economics – Politics – Violence – Business Online Component: All student work will be submitted online: personal blog, google doc, class wiki, video or podcast. Students will need a google account (gmail) for their blog and google docs account. We will use class time within the first two weeks of the course to get all online accounts setup for the semester. Current Events: Each week students will be responsible for finding a current events article about sports that is related to a current, past or future theme of the course. Students need to read the article and write a summary and analysis of the article, explaining what the piece reveals about society or how it connects sports to larger social issues. Each current events entry will be posted on your Sports in Society Blog (we will be creating these in class), and the article must be available online and linked in your blog entry. Reviews of specific games, scores & trivial stories are not acceptable stories for the current events blog entries. Videos may be used in place of an article if it is approved ahead of time and it is embeddable in your blog entry. Unit Creation: At the end of each unit of study, students will be responsible for a Unit Creation. Unit Creations may consist of creating a website, wiki, podcast, video, presentation, voicethread, interview or formal paper.

Grading: A point system will be used for grading in the course. Each current events blog entry, unit creation and formal written assignments will be given a point value. – Current Events Blog Entries: 25 points – Unit Creation: 50 – 100 points – Formal Papers: 25 – 50 points

Class Expectations: 1. Arrive to class on time, seated and ready to begin when the bell rings. 2. Be prepared for class: pencil, pen, paper, notebook, handouts & materials needed. 3. Engage in the class, think, pay attention and contribute to the class. 4. Be Responsible, for your learning, work, behavior and actions. Absence from School: If you are out of school, it is your responsibility to get the work & assignments that you missed while you were out. Students are responsible for completing all missed work while out & staying after school if needed to review material covered while absent. In accordance with PSHS policy, when a student accumulates 9 absences in a semester long course, they will be denied credit for the course (excused absences do not count towards this total).

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