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ELI Lesson Plan

Week 3, Session 1

Teachers: Kaitlin Griswold

Level: Pronunciation and Accent Reduction
Date/Time: November 21, 2016, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Goal: Review consonants; differentiate long and short “e” sound; begin writing pair/group script.

Objectives (SWBAT):
Students Will Be Able To…
1. Review consonants – “sh”, “ch”, and “th” – through Pronunciation Battleship.
2. Introduction to vowels through Pronunciation Pairs activities and recipe writing activity.
3. Write pair/group script focusing on phonemes introduced at this point.
4. Review Limetown Episode 2/Winona’s story through key word activity.
5. Understand how to create and add content to e-portfolio.

Theme: Long and short “e”; introduction to syllable stress

Aim/Skill/Microskill Activity/Procedure/Stage Interaction Time

Warm-Up Ss will be paired with another S – 1 with whom they have S-S 10-15
Pronunciation not been paired with before. Ss will be given pronunciation min
Battleship battleship handout and shown an example of what they are
going to be doing. Ss will need to make the following
“ships” – 1 box, 2 boxes, 3 boxes, and 4 boxes. Ss will try
to sink their partner’s battleship by saying certain words to
indicate a location (i.e. ship – chop). First person to “sink”
all their partner’s ships wins!

Repeat game with another partner.

Extension: Have Ss review their HW with each other – i.e.

what errors did you notice in your speech, how can you
correct those errors, etc.

Activity 1: 1.1 Pre-Stage: T will share information on vowels with Ss T-S 5-10
Long and Short “E” - place of articulation, voiced quality, differences between min
vowels and consonants.

Go over activities in Pronunciation Pairs Units 1-2. Unit 1 WC 15-20

– A, B, C, F. Unit 2 – A, B, C, D, E, F, I. min

**T will highlight syllabic stress specifically – in 2-

syllable words specifically (
S-S 10 min
1.2 During Stage: Ss will work in partners to read and
find all the long and short “e” sounds within a non-
traditional Thanksgiving recipe. Ss will also be encouraged
to annotate the other phonemes covered in class so far.
WC 5 min
WC will come up with a word bank of vocabulary related
to food for the long “e” sound and short “e” sound.
S-S 10-15
Ss will work with partner to write a recipe for a non- min
traditional Thanksgiving dish they would want to share
with Americans that is inspired by a dish from their
cultures. The recipe must primarily contain words with the
Transition to #2: long and short “e” sound. Ss can look up recipe online for
Those recipes sound inspiration as well.
delicious! Now we are S-WC 5 min
going to work on a Ss will share recipe with WC.
pair and/or group WC 5-10
activity that we will 1.3 Post Stage: WC discussion on Thanksgiving min
continue to work with traditions, including discussions on any holidays that they
until the last day of celebrate that are like the American Thanksgiving.
class – writing a
script. Tangible Outcome & T. feedback/peer feedback:
Annotated recipe(s), student-generated recipe

Activity 2: 3.1 Pre-Stage: Ss will be given a new partner and a script WC

Pair Script Writing from a scene in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You.

WC will perform the script – Ss will volunteer to read the Ss-WC 5-10
dialogue, T will read the information on the scene. While T-WC min
it is being performed, Ss listening will underline the
phonemes that have been covered in class so far.

Ss will use this script as an example for the script they will
write with their partner/group.

3.2. During Stage: Ss will work with partner to write S-S 10-15
preliminary script following these guidelines: min
 At least 10 lines for each person in the group (right
Transition to #3:  Must include all phonemes that have been covered
Thank you for in class – “sh”, “ch”, “th”, long and short “e”
participating in the
group writing 3.3 Post-Stage: Ss will underline the syllabic stress in their S-S 10 min
activities today. Now dialogue following the rules discussed earlier.
we are going to focus
on what happened in Tangible Outcome & T. feedback/peer feedback:
Limetown episode 2. Pair/group script

Activity 3: 4.1 Pre-Stage: T will give Ss graphic organizer for the first WC 5 min
Reviewing Limetown episode. Ss will review the first episode to review the basic
Episode 2 facts of Limetown.

Ss will add Winona to graphic organizer with a partner. S-S 2-5 min
They will choose 3 things to highlight about Winona.
Partners will share with WC.

4.2. During Stage: To review Winona’s story in more S 5-10

depth, Ss will write 1 keyword about Winona on a notecard min
(nothing more – bonus if the write a word that has one of
the phonemes we have covered thus far!). The Ss will pass
their notecard to the right. The S will read the notecard and
take a couple of minutes to come up with details around
Transition to Wrap- that key word.
Hopefully the next S will head to the board to write their details/facts about S-WC 5-10
citizen will be able to the keyword to share with the class. WC will discuss min
shed some more light Winona’s story.
on this story! We are
going to spend the 4.3 Post-Stage: Ss will write predictions of what will S 2-5 min
rest of class going happen as the story progresses.
over the e-portfolio
assignment in greater Tangible Outcome & T. feedback/peer feedback:
detail. Graphic organizer – added predictions, shared facts/details

Wrap-up T will show Ss how to make an e-portfolio using Weebly. T T-Ss 10-15
Introduction to E- will show examples of Ss’ e-portfolios. min
Exit Ticket HW: Record an audio diary for Winona or Leah. Create
and begin adding content to e-portfolio. Limetown episode

**Let Ss know that I will be emailing them about missing S 2-5 min
assignments so that they can make them up over the

Lesson Evaluation Procedures:

Exit Ticket –
1. Write sentence – using the “th” phonemes only –
about something you are thankful for.

Materials: Pronunciation Battleship, Units 1-4 in Pronunciation Pairs, Non-traditional Thanksgiving

recipes, 10 Things I Hate About You script, Handout on e-portfolio

Anticipated Problems & Suggested Solutions: Ss may have a difficult time completing the recipe activity
because the parameters are very specific (i.e. using mostly long and short “e” sounds). T will encourage
students to look up words and other recipes online to make the activity more manageable.

Contingency Plans (what you will do if you finish early, etc.): If we finish early, we will use the rest of
class to cover the next pair of vowels (long/short “a” sound).

Post-Lesson Reflections: