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Lightning Protection Helita Pulsar Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor Poth Uae Gn a Lost o QHELITA France Pulsar, the high pulse voltage, initiation advance lightning conductor In ongoing colaboration with the CNRS (French National Research Ongansation), Heit Continues to innovate and has developed a new generation of lightning devies. Stine Palla mange-wth increased initiation advance performances, represents farther progress in terms of protection, operating autonomy find ease of maintenance. These advancements enforce lis position as International leader In divect ighming protection with over 40000 insalations throughout the word a ISAr Helita quality een ete eg eri iat po eres quality In manutactare. Before Perieiesss eet ete ne Per eel erent eet parreee eas ra kenrer saa ued on eee Bt cae oor era iia et withstand the argous Eonditions SRLS cars iS ota The advantage of initiation advance Tre unique efclncy ofthe Pulsar ighning conductor e based ‘ona specific ination advance; well before the natural formation ofan upward leader, the Pulsar generates a leader that rapily propagates to capture the lightning and dec to earth. Validated nthe laboratory, hs gain in te relative tothe simple od provides ‘additonal eseenial protection, Aow Acs A e 2. = ackn ack Ao Complete autonomy Dung astm he abt elect et may eto between 1010 Boi esoan a te fed oxcee a teshod representing he Inurl ofaighting ste, he Pus phn tran feivate. era ts energy tom he amet eect el the eneay ‘ecto generate igh voage pulses, cating and propagating trupward wdc No ot power sources are requred. ana ne racoacive component we wed RodCheck: Visual Strike Indicator ‘The RedCheck Systems sachet vl indcating system ncinivly ‘eveloped by Halla. The Redcheck system proves a val ndaton hal the Pulsar hasbeen suck by ighing by revealing a igh ie red markt, Scientifically proven efficiency Hatta has proven commitment research and devlopment and con fibiay ous wat Echt tr isa) of ig oo tere Hels co-opontion wih tho CHAS ld fo blo urdersandng {ie tat proces nigh volage Mbortores and of fe hntnng Hrservena Ean Tha fiber have ncerpan ting inthe RES [borat fx Canad and in Matas own LEAT cae. tratona Carteston omissions nciing Br LG ond KER have vated Ka Cualifoudre lat pecan oer te ee i eoemeomestonre 2 See Bsn feet Oe Gov giana gmt ne Pulsar references ‘Reference Li ee we all gif wee me ll af 8 a PE meee wee enw in) _ jn) yi als al] 8 1 & g Calculating protected areas ‘The ras of protection Rp of a Pulsars iven by French standard NF C 17-102 dated Sept 2011, I depends on the nation advance BT of he Pulsar measure inthe high voltage laboratory, on ‘the loves of protection | or W calculated according to the ightnng sk assessment ques or standards (NFC 17-1021 62205.) andon the Reght h ofthe lightning conductor over te area to be protected frinimum heft = 2m). Hota Pulsar also compiles wih NF C 17-102 and IEC 622053. “The protection radi is calculated according to French standard NF C 17-102. Inthe case of Heita Pulsar 60 iting the value of AT used inthe protection radius calculations to 60 ps has boen val ‘ated by the experiments conducted by the members of Gimelec (Groupement des industries de equipement elétique, du contréle-commande ot des sorvces associé, Group of Industries for Materials fr Electrical Equipment and associated Industrial Electonics). Ry) = SCI FaGe>A) (for hz Sm) R, nen,(9)5 (for 2msh <5 m) store him): Rede prteton ins horn pane Fe . [est at etal ita, hme Porte 1 my Hoth oho Pus tp abo tho suracts) fobe potedad b vo) Lol f rteton to) wast L ‘tina et ezrin to Atos Co NEC 17-102 Pulsar rads of protection Installation / testing ‘Thointalton and vricaton of ign protection tens using one A crore Pls unis ust be prlomed in accor wit he ransac- {tru recommends and hose gran n tandard NEC 17 02 Rodchack System Ianergewne soa Passa Lg Te ane ee ‘marker when Pulsars. exons Et Seen Eel conductor test ples Asoo nag helms seinen ago spiny a vy Anaogic uightning ttre Souter / at facilites that are T Saat pg Waveshapes Analysis ‘heart the endorment Detaes analysing of mesa taverhapes posi y means of ‘Somocing te orb tstrto scope meer Electronic Lightning strike counter Pte pte ee a hangs wip ‘mt and ges aed Roe ABS cae Reprecentatie