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From To,
Sri M. SubbaRao, B.Tech., M/s Varma Consultancy Services,
Chief Engineer (R&B) Flat No G1, Plot No 1159,
COT, J. Bldgs& RSW, Ayappa Society Office,
A Block, Anjaneya Towers, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 81
Ibrahimpatnam – 521 456
Andhra Pradesh

Lr no. 001/RFP 001/Judicial Buildings & Residential Qtrs / 2017-18/P-7


Respected Gentlemen,

Sub:- R&B Department – Buildings – Preparation of DPRs for the Works

pertaining to Judicial Buildings & Residential Quarters pertains to
judicial officers in the state of Andhra Pradesh – Package No. 7 -
Acceptance of Tender – Issuance of Letter of acceptance ( LOA ) for
concluding the Agreement – Reg.

Ref: 1) Short Notice InvitingTender through Email vide RFP No.

001/Judicial Buildings & Residential Qtrs / 2017-18 Dt.16.08.2017 of
Chief Engineer (R&B) J. Bldgs& RSW, Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada.
2) CorrigendurmNo.1 Dt. 17.08.2017 to the RFP No. 001/Judicial
Buildings & Residential Qtrs / 2017-18 Dt.16.08.2017
3) Your Bid Dt. .08.2017

- @@@ -

With reference to the above, the lowest rate quoted infixed lumpsum
inclusive of all taxes, by you for the above subject work towards professional
fees for Rs. 36,00,000/- (Rupees Thirty Six Lakh only) is accepted.

The Superintending Engineer (R&B) Circle, KAKINADAis hereby

authorized to conclude the agreement on behalf of the Government of
Andhra Pradesh for the said subject work.

You are requested to attend the office of the Superintending Engineer

R&B Circle, KAKINADA ( within 3 days from the date of issue of the Letter
of Acceptance) on or before 23-08-2017 for entering in to agreement for the
above work in proper departmental form for due fulfillment of the contract
duly furnishing an amount of 1% of the Project Consultancy Fee
ieRs.36,000/-(Rupees Thirty Six Thousand only) in the shape of DD/BG
drawn in favour of Pay & Accounts Officer, Concrned Division / SE
Concerned of the District valid for a period of 6 months issued by any
Nationalized bank s and Non-Judicial stamp papers worth of Rs.100/- +
100/- (Rs.200/-).

You are requested to proceed with the work immediately and follow the

Time Period
Particular (No of days
from kickoff
Issue of work order to Consultants Kickdate)
off date
Submission of Stamp paper for signing of Agreement 3 Days
Submission of survey, Layout, preliminary plans with 10 Days
contours & SBC Report
Submission of approved preliminary layout plan 14 Days
Submission of detailed designs & Drawings including 30 Days
sections and elevations for estimate and bid document
Preparation and submission of Working drawings / As- After
built Drawings completion

You are also requested to furnish the name, qualification and consent
letters of the technical persons to be employed by you for the above work on
your behalf along with proof of qualification held by them.

The written Agreement to be entered into between you and the

Government shall be the foundation of the rights for both the parties and
the contract shall not be deemed to be completed until the Agreement is first
signed by you and then by proper officer authorized to enter into contract on
behalf of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

COT, J Bldgs. & RSW,
Roads and Buildings Department
Government of Andhra Pradesh,

Copy to the Superintending Engineer (R&B) Circle, KAKINADA. He/ She is

requested to conclude the agreement with the selected Bidder M/s Varma
Consultancy Services, Flat No G1, Plot No 1159, Ayappa Society Office,
Madhapur, Hyderabad – 81for the above work immediately.