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Is cancer a death sentence and cannot be explained scientifically when it the process within the

body clearly shows that cancer is a deficiency and excess disease where the immune system is
simply over working?
When breaking the bio opsy cist, when breaking this lymp sacs artificially actually induce a
poisoning in the body?
The sist scientifically is not this monster of a death sentence in the netherworld of superstitution it is
scientifically a sac the lymphatic system sets temporarily until it is ready to drain it out.
The body is over toxified and so it sees it cannot deal with all the aliments and infections and so
white blood cells grow and attack and wait in sacs by the lymphatic system until they are drained
and cleaned out.

Autopsies show that everyone has cancer, but they were never diagnosed for it. Clear proof that
cancer is not a death sentence and that the body goes through various stages of immune system
which are determined by his mental health, environment, exercise, nutrition etc.