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Save the Nature and protect from the heinous act

Keep the nature away from the harmful hands that could destroy them. Secure

and protect it by the good hands so that it continue blooming like a flowers that add

beauty to the place and give spark to the eyes. Saving nature is like saving life of the

people that surrounded by the starving animal. This nature stated above is the situation

of the people of Mindanao. They suffered crisis due to the war of drugs and the

rebellion people. So, it is right to declare martial law in Mindanao Island? One of the

purpose of martial law is to protect the public safeness and to control the spreading

rebellion in Mindanao. The safeness of the Island people is the most priority in

declaring martial law. Especially to the tourist who want to witness the true beauty of

the Island.

People in Mindanao afraid in declaring martial law because of their experiences

before back then in the declaration of martial law of the former President of the

Philippines Ferdinand Marcus that gave them nightmare. Nightmare because it turn

their life into a mess and dumb especially to the women. Women rights back then are

abuses by the military power. And other also say that declaring martial law is not the

perfect solution although it add another type of heinous crime to the community.

In 1987 Philippines Constitution (sec.18, Article VII) the applicable to a

declaration of martial law must considered the following:

 The basis of the declaration of martial law must be a case of (a)

“invasion or rebellion,” and (b) when the public safety requires it;

 The period of implementation must not exceed 60 days;

 Within 48 hours from proclamation of martial law, the president must

submit a report of his findings to congress;

 Congress (the senate and house combined), voting jointly, on a

majority vote, may revoke such proclamation; and

 The supreme court, upon a suit of any citizen questioning the

sufficiency of the basis of martial law, must promulgate its decision

on such suit 30 days after filing.

According to Senator Joel Villanueva believes the martial law declaration in the region was

necessary because of “the gravity of this horrific incident. ”We condemn to the highest degree the

recent attacks which transpired in Marawi City. As to the President’s declaration of Martial Law

in Mindanao, we understand why the situation calls for it due to the gravity of this horrific

incident,” “However, he believe much needs to be discussed on why putting Mindanao under the

state of Martial Law is the best response for this crisis, most effective strategy and solution to this

problem.” He expressed confidence that the joint military-police team would be able to

immediately stop the threat in Mindanao and restore peace and order in the area. Senator Sherwin

Gatchilian (2017) believe the President has the paramount interest of the Filipino people in mind

in declaring martial law in Mindanao and he confident that the President as a dutiful son of

Mindanao will pour hid hert and soul into efforts to restore peace and order there as quickly as


In 1987 Constitution martial law is legally different from what was envisioned in the

1973 and 1935 constitutions. Aside from the legislative and judicial safeguards related

to the validity of such a proclamation, where Congress can revoke the decision and the
Supreme Court can declare it invalid, the current Constitution is also clear that the Bill

of Rights will continue to limit the powers of the President and the military governors

he will be appointing. Among others, the great freedoms of freedom of expression,

speech, press, assembly and petition cannot be curtailed. Freedom to travel may be

restricted based on national security grounds as provided by the Constitution. Most of

the rights of suspects and those accused of crimes will also be respected, such as right

to a speedy trial, presumption of innocence, custodial investigation rights (right to

remain silent, right to an attorney, right to be informed of the aforementioned rights,

non-waiver of these rights except in the presence of an attorney), right not to be

tortured, right to privacy of communication, and right against self-incrimination.

Therefore, declaring the martial law in the Island of Mindanao is the right

solution so that, this Island will be preserve for the next generation and the leader could

keep the peace of community and he could protect this placed from the people who

capable to do heinous crime in the Island. Keep the Island away from danger.

Mary Joy Z. Escuadro

AB- English III