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What is the coinage of the name
a. Burmese word for independence

b. Burmese word for the martial

attributes of strong and fast

If Japan is the land of the rising sun
and Thailand is the land of the free,
what about Burma (Myanmar)?
a. Land of Spirits and Stars

b. Land of the Khmers

Who conquered Burma

a. Dutch
b. British

What is the former name of U Nu?
a. Thakin Nu

b. Thekin Nu

Why did U Nu drop the prewar
title, “Thakin”?
a. Burmese were required by the Englishmen
to use it in addressing themselves.

b. Burmese are now masters in their house.

What is the meaning of U Nu?
a. U means roughly “Respected Sir,” or “Uncle”
and Nu is a Saturday name meaning “soft” or

b. U means roughly Major-General or

Generalissimo and Nu means benevolent.

The official name of the
country is the Union of
Myanmar (Myanmar from
the Burmese word for the
martial attributes of strong
and fast).
Cambodia = Land of Khmer
Myanmar = Land of the Spirits and Stars
British and Japanese did a
part in the invasion of the
country, Burma but Dutch
Thakin (master) was the title the
Englishmen insisted that they be
addressed by Burmese.
Thakin Nu then means Master Nu.
U = “Respected Sir” or
Nu = soft/gentle

U Nu = Sir Nu
On the Three Evils
By: Prime Minister U Nu
Astray (adv.)  away
from the right path
Example Sentence:

Humanity has been led astray by

three evils….
Inevitable (adj.) 
impossible to avoid

Example Sentence:

…we cannot escape the three

Transitory (adj.)  not
Example Sentence:

Nor can anybody deny that

property is transitory…
Dogged tenacity (adj.
phrase)  determined in
persisting something.
Example Sentence:

Men have been chasing these

transitory pleasures with dogged
Samsara (n.)  Hindu
cycle of death and rebirth

Example Sentence:

They forget that this life is not even one

millionth part of the whirlpool of Samsara…
Insatiable (adj.) 
always wanting more
Example Sentence:

This insatiable greed for wealth

results in the profit motive…
Commodity (n.) useful
Example Sentence:

…all commodities were common

Exploitation (n.) unfair
treatment or use
Example Sentence:

…these commodities became

objects of exploitation.
Padaythabin (n.) 
fictional tree growing in the
heaven of the ‘Nats’ which is
said to produce whatever is

Philippines = Christmas tree

Burma = Padaythabin tree
Ad infinitum (adv. &
Latin term)  endlessly

Example Sentence:

…the process goes on ad