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(Sky Belvedere,Viman nagar,Pune)

ROLL NO. : 15069
 Location :
Sky Belvedere, Viman Nagar, near Old Airport
Road, Pune.
 Purpose of the visit:
To study the various types of building services
for the flats and for the overall site.
 Date and time of visit:
11th August, 2017 at 2:00pm.
 Site visit was done by :
Students of studio 15 A, 15 B and 15 C and also
some of the faculty members.
 Site visit organized by:
Ar.Arun Atre
 Topics covered:
1. Water supply system
2. Fire fighting services
3. Sewage treatment plant
5. Bio composting

For the site visit students were

divided into groups as per their class and an
engineer was assigned to each group. The
building services of a sample flat was shown to
each group. No photography was allowed as this
was a high end housing.
The sample flat was a 2BHK with a
servant’s room and a family room where the
television was placed. The rooms were enclosed
with full height sliding windows. These windows
had HS glass of 6mm on the outside while 5mm
on the inside with a gap of 10mm which was filled
by silicone. The windows were soundproof inorder
to cut down the noise of the traffic and also of the
airplanes as the airport was nearby. The whole flat
was fully air conditioned including the servant’s
room. The family room could be converted into a
bedroom as per the requirement of the individual
.Each bedroom had its individual air conditioning
and the indoor unit was placed above the toilets.
The toilet had two European water closets and
shower cubicle and bathtub in toilet. Also there
were two wash basins. The floor to floor height of
the flat was 3.3m with a false ceiling of 17 inches.
There was a cassette air
conditioner in the kitchen with a separate ducting
and there were grilles which would let out cooled air
in all the rooms. There was one outdoor unit and six
indoor units fan coil units. The outdoor unit was
placed next to the servant’s room.VRF (variable
refrigeration system) for the flat and the refrigerant
used was R410. Packaged type AC was used.
The ducting was done in a duct of 2.5*2.5m.
Access to the ducts was through the window of the
toilet on the ground floor.
The flats were supplied with
corporation water. The water was collected at the
UGT (underground tank) and was first purified
(treated with RO and UV) at and then supplied to
the flats through pneumatic pressure system. This
system allows to maintain the pressure of water
even if the water supply is less. The was no OHT
(overhead tank) as there was restriction of height
due to the airport which is nearby. Water from
tankers or borewell was used only for washing
clothes and for flushing.
The grey water from toilets,
kitchen and wash basins was also recycled at the
sewage treatment plant and supplied back for
flushing purpose only while the solid waste was
sent to septic tank and further to the municipal
sewage plant. Rainwater harvesting was also
All the flats had a 24 hour 100%
backup of electricity for the whole flat. The main
cables supplied the electricity from the mains to the
transformer which would transfer it to the generator
and then to the flats. The fire fighting system had
a separate system operated on diesel.
In the basement and elsewhere
there were sprinklers place in the basement. There
were hose reels placed at 30m (in the
basement).There was a separate treatment plant
for the swimming pool. There was a bio-
composting treatment room where the dry
leaves, twigs and all bio-degradable waste were
shredded and then used as manure. There was a
car washing garage.
Every system was well planned
and each pipe was labelled. Hence it became much
easier to carry out the daily functions.