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English Presentation


GREETINGS – Assalamualaikum wr. Wb, Hi

everyone, first of all let’s thank to Allah, the
almighty who has giving us his mercy and
blessings till we can attend in this meeting
without any obstacle.
Secondly, may sholawat and salam
always be with our prophet Muhammad SAW.
And also thank you Mrs. Nadia for the

INTRODUCTION – I’m Abid Khofif, i’m a

university student.

TOPIC - before we go to the topic, i want to ask

you a question, do you all allow me to present my
paragraph ? ok, as we know well, Indonesia is our
country who became independent at 1945. Than,
what do you think about Indonesia? By the way,
standing here, i’ll present about my paragraph
under the title of Indonesia Lungs of This
World. Do you know this before?

OUTLINING – why it called the lungs of this

world? Because, Indonesia has a huge tropical
forest. The second is, Indonesia has a large oceans
CONTENT – the first reason why our country
called the lungs of the world is having a huge
tropical forest. Indonesia’s tropical forest area in
Kalimantan is about 40,8 hectare. It can make this
island look green and fresh. As Indonesian citizen
we have to keep this forest by not burning or
cutting this forest carelessly

The second reason is large oceans area. Based

on the data, Indonesia’s ocean area is 2/3 larger
than the mainland.

RECAP – we know that our country is rich. Our

country has many amazing things untill it called
the lungs of this world. As young generation,
specifically as moslem young generation we
should be an agent that cares with our
environment and our country. Keep our country
green, and always be the forefront of change.

CLOSING – ok, that’s all my presentation,

hopely it can usefull in our daily lifes. I
apologize for my mistake. Billahi taufiq wal
hidayah wassalamualaikum wr wb