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PAINTING Course Syllabus Fruitport High School

Instructor Dawn Jacobson Important: E- Bookmark these links:



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Course Description:
Painting is a class designed for the serious art student who desires to work with color
theory an a variety of painting mediums. Art I is a required requisite to take this class.
Students will do extensive studies in color usage, learn the history behind each
painting medium, become familiar with famous artists and explore the technical
nature of each of these mediums using classical and experimental techniques with
tempera, watercolor, gouache, acrylics and oil paint.
General Goals:The students will...
● Develop creative problem solving and innovative thinking skills
● Increase technical skills and aesthetic awareness
● Experience new media and enhance skills other media
● Discover an outlet for personal expression
● Learn to be risk taker
● Develop knowledge and appreciation for art history.
● Be able create original works using the elements and principles of design
● Develop and refine communication skills.
● Be able to say why they made their choices
● Learn to be advocates for the art
Assessment of Student Work :
● Evaluation of each project according to a predetermined Rubric
○ Rubics may examine areas such as use of color, technical skills specific to
each medium , composition, craftsmanship, creativity, use of studio time,
self evaluation and reflection.
● Critiques: Formal & casual with dialog and discussion on their own work and
works of others
● Quizzes: to check proficiency in the knowledge and skills developed during the
course of the semester.
○ Quiz One: color theory,
○ Quiz Two: Painting styles & “isms”
○ Quiz Three: Watercolor & Gouache
○ Quiz Four: Famous Artists
○ Quiz Five: Acrylic & Oil
● Digital Portfolio: Students will also keep a of all of their work throughout the
semester in which progression of skills and knowledge should be evident.
● Sketchbook: students must maintain a log of class notes from lectures and
demonstrations, preliminary and final sketches for projects. Books are collected
and scored at random times throughout the semester.
● Daily Employability: The student willingly participates in necessary
preparation or work for classroom, is sensitive to the feelings and knowledge of
others, exhibits a positive attitude toward assignments and has productive use
of studio time.
Student Materials Needed:
● A # 2 pencil is needed each day
● Sketchbook & folder
● Chromebook everyday
● Paint shirt & set of brushes
Grading Scale:
A = 93% - 100% B- = 82% - 80% D = 66% - 63% CR = 77%
A- = 92% - 90% C+ = 79% - 77% D+ = 69% - 67% NC = 0% - 59%
B+ = 89% - 87% C = 76% - 73% D- = 62% - 60%
B = 86% - 83% C- = 72% - 70% E/F = 59% - 0%
*Any student who does not complete 80% of the required course work will fail the class.
Distribution of Marking Period Grading Components
Class assignments = _80__%
Final Exam & Digital Portfolio = _20__%
Total = 100%
● All assignments and projects are expected to be finished and ready for
grading on the due date.
○ Late work will receive a lower grade of 5 points for being late.
■ Extensions: If you need extra time to complete an
assignment, talk to Mrs. Jacobson before the due date.
● Extensions are only granted to students whom have
been working hard in class each day, have gone
beyond project expectations and need additional
time. Full credit is given on extensions.
● Directions, examples and requirements for each assignment are posted on
the weebly.
● All assignments must be turned in with a self reflection filled out by the
student and a rubric attached.
● A student may have one additional day for each excused absence to receive
full credit for their work.
● A student who is truant or suspended may have one day only to make work
for half credit.
● Extra work time (before school, after school, lunch times) can always be
arranged with permission of the instructor.
● If you lose an project you will have to remake it
● Unnecessary use of CELL PHONES or CHROMEBOOKS & Foul Language: One
verbal warning will be given, then points will come off their grade.
○ The only time phones and chromebooks are out is when we are
using them for a project.
● If a student is not in the classroom when the bell rings they will be marked
○ Two unexcused tardies equal one unexcused absence.
● Clear bottle water is the only beverage allowed.
● All dress code policies will be enforced.
○ Dress for a mess and do not complain if you get dirty.
● You are required to always be in your assigned seat during work times.
● NO standing by the door at end of the hour- wait at your table to be excused.
● ART classes will not be an easy “A” you will be expected to work hard and earn
an “A” you will have to clean up after yourself, work quietly, help and be
cooperate with classmates, and expect that you are going to make make
● Please bring your chromebook and bookmark and You will use these links almost everyday. Ear buds are a good idea for
watching video demonstrations.