R&D The company gives utmost importance to the R & D activities, which are carried out, at inhouseR & D center.

The company carries on new innovations in product development, cost reduction,quality improvement, process implementations, process controls. 1) Specific areas in which R & D is carried out by the company During the year, the company has carried out Research and Development in the following areas. ‡Home theaters - High-end models and HTIB Models. ‡Larger Screen Television i.e. 32 inch and 38inch. ‡True Flat Televisions ‡Plasma Televisions ‡Cosmetic design and new out look to the TVs ‡Manufacturing of components for CTV, Refrigerators and Air conditioners. ‡Efforts to reduce power consumption of all its final products. 2) Benefits derived as a result of the above R& D. The company has derived the following benefits as a result of the Research and Development: ‡Development of new design in product and launch of various new models. ‡Able to compete with the foreign players in the Indian Markets by cost reductions andoffering innovation features and to maintain market leadership in Television underVideocon umbrella. ‡Increase in Productivity. ‡Reduction in power consumption of some of the products Future Plans of action In the coming days company is aiming to achieve development in the following areas through Research & Development: ‡Manufacturing of components for consumer Electronics Products. ‡Multimedia TV. ‡Plasma Televisions. ‡Launching of New Brands & Sub-brands under Videocon umbrella. ‡Composite Home Entertainment system with internet adaptability. ‡To work on better features, better quality & improved reliability with reduced/low prices.Your company always attempts to use the latest and advanced technology in production process.

2005 21 November 2007 2008 (Local channels) 2010 (Rest of channels) /2009 in Catalonia Finland Germany Portugal Faroe Islands Belgium Netherlands Italy Switzerland August 27. Sun Direct DTH and TataSky. 1998 Sweden Spain April. Surround Sound.Keeping pace with the technological developments. Bazooka technology and the Freedom series:affordable high quality range of Color TVs for the priceconscious consu mer Direct To Home service is provided by DishTv. Country Official launch Start of closedown Closedown finished System used DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T United Kingdom 15 November. 2001 November 2002 2002/2003 2002/2003 2002/2003 2003 January 1. 1999 May 2000 Planned 2008 Planned 2012 19 September. Few of them have already satrted their premium HD services. Videocon was the first Indian Company to introduce Picture-In-Picture. DD Direct Plus. Videocon d2h. the company keeps on adding sophisticated equipments with focus on automation to minimize manual intervention in the manufacturing process thereby ensuring quality of the final products In ColorTVs. Larger Screen Sizes. Airtel Digital Tv. 2007 August 2003 Planned ~2008 2010 December 2002 DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T . the FullFlat Square Tube. Turbo Sound. Reliance BIG TV. 2004 ~2005 August 31.

2006 February 2006 August 2005 January 1. Dish TV DTH service was launched back in 2004 by launching of Dish TV Reliance ADAG launched their DTH service on 19 August 2008 . 2006 March 31. 2005 January 16. . 2004 Sun Direct he service was finally launched on 18th Jan 2008 Tata Sky was incorporated in2004 but was launched only in 2006.France Greece Denmark Turkey Albania Australia March 31. 2009 DD Direct Plus was launched on December 16. Later on Airtel launched its services as Airtel Digital Tv on 9 October 2008. 2001 Planned 2008 DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T Videocon d2h launched May 1.

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