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Assignment No. 7 Chemical Reaction Engineering.

Session 2015 Due Date: 22-December-2017

Solve all the questions. Any assignment is found copied or cheated then it is
cancelled resulting in loss of your sessional marks.
All questions are related to CLO 2 and CLO 3

You as a Chemical Engineer knows well about the Design of reactors. While working in an
industry, your manager come up with a problem related to the reactor. He orders you to select a
suitable reactor for the current process of the industry based on your knowledge of reactors and
at what conditions?
a) A CSTR with 200 L, which can operate at 77oC or 0o C
b) A PFR with 800L, which can only operate at 27oC
He tells you the process description in which you find a reaction A + B = Product is carried out
in the liquid phase. The components A and B are introduced separately at 4 mole/L and 5 L/min
respectively and they are mixed together at inlet to a reactor. The mixture goes into the reactor at
27oC. You feel that the reaction is elementary with k = 0.07 L/(mole min) at 27oC and the
activation energy is 20 Kcal/mol.
He also advise you to compare your calculated results with new one that is if this reaction was
performed in a batch reactor with 200 L and the final conversion was equal to that of PFR,
Calculate the time at 77oC and 0oC, knowing the initial concentrations are equal to 1 mole/lit.
Rubrics / Assessment Criteria
Components Marks
1) Calculations of rate constants at 5
various temperatures for CSTR

2) Calculation of CSTR conversions at 4

various temperatures

3) Calculation of PFR conversion 2

4) Calculation of rate constants for Batch 3

reactor at various temperatures

5) Calculation of time for batch reactor 2

6) Selection of best reactor 2

7) Comments 2

You are working in an industry and one day you will come up with a plant shut off. You work as
a plant manager and assigned the task to improve the efficiency of installed reactors wither by
modifying it or by replacing it. For this, you need data for the current reactor and comes to know
that the flow rate is 1 m3/h while the initial concentration CAO is 1 kmole/m3. You are also
provided with the graph of existing reactors (CSTR & PFR) duties. Just tell your boss which
arrangement of reactors is best for achieving maximum output and calculate their volumes.
(Remember your boss only allowed to combine reactors in series)
The graph actually represents the kinetics of reaction and the given rate is in mol/Lh.
Rubrics / Assessment Criteria
Components Marks
1) Identify PFR and CSTR from graph 5
2) Calculations of various areas 5
representing volume of reactors
3) Calculate volumes of different 6
combinations of reactors
4) Comment on your selected one 4