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K.P. Hora Ratna, Jyotish Vachaspati,
(KPSARI, Chennai) KP Astrologer,
3A/24, Srinagarpally, Benachity,
Durgapur - 713 213.
West Bengal, India.
Mobile: +91-7797137777 / 9475358546.

Foreign Travel: A Classic KP Analysis

Question of the Querent: Is foreign travel promised or not? If yes, when?

Horary Number: 75 (out of 249).
Time of Judgment: 02-04-2013 (Tuesday), 10:25:09 Hrs. (IST).
Place of Judgment: Durgapur, (Long / Lat: 23N30, 87E20), West Bengal
Ayanamsa: KPNA 23:57:07

My uncle who resides at Asansol was planning to travel overseas to meet his daughter who is
settled in USA. Due to his curiosity to know about his travel abroad which was quite evident, I
asked him to intimate any horary number between 1 to 249. Accordingly he told me a horary
number which is 75, I made the K.P. chart for the said number on dated 02-04-2013 at 10:25:09
AM at Durgapur.
Moon reveals the nature of query:
Moon is in the star of Ketu and sub of Rahu. Moon is the occupant of 5 (mental inclination), owner
of 1 (self effort). Starlord Ketu is the occupant of 10. Ketu acts as agent of Mars. Mars is the
occupant of 9, owner of 5, 10. Mars aspects 12th cusps by his 4th aspect. Mars is having stellar
positional strength i.e. untenanted (there is no planet in the stars of Mars) and the CSL of house 3,
6. Sublord Rahu is the occupant of 4. Rahu aspects 12th cusps by his 5th aspect. Rahu is the
chief karaka of foreign/foreign travel. Thus Moon signifies the relevant houses (3, 9 & 12). Hence
query is genuine.

Confirmation through Ascendant Sublord:

In horary chart ascendant indicates efforts of querent. In this case under reference, Ascendant
sublord is Mercury in 8 lord of 3 & 12. Mercury is the constellation of Jupiter in 11 (fulfilment of
desire) lord of 6 & 9. It is also the sub of Jupiter as discussed above. As Ascendant sublord
signifies 3, 9 & 12, the querent’s efforts will be fruitful for foreign travel.

Gulberga theory:
If sublord of horary number furnished happens to be either Moon star lord or Lagna star lord
among the Ruling Planets, then query is to be answered in the affirmative, otherwise not. In the
case under consideration sublord of horary number is Mercury and Lagna starlod of ruling planets
is Rahu. Rahu aspects Mercury by his 9th aspect. Hence I told the querent that the answer to his
query is positive and he will get a chance to travel abroad.

Fortuna is in the star of Jupiter in 11 lord of 6 & 9 and it is in the sub of Mercury in 8 lord of 3 &
12 which is indicating that he will be fortunate for a foreign travel.
Horary No. 75/249
Cuspal Positions
Sun Rise:05:28:43 AM Sun Set: 05:52:05 PM Dasa Days: 365.25 D
Cusp Star(Pada) Sgl Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl
Nithya Yoga: Variyan Hora: Moon Karana: Badreva
1 Ashlesha(1) Mo Me Me Me Me
Horary No.: 75
2 Magha(4) Su Ke Me Ma Ma
Question : Is Foreign Travel promised or not? If yes, when?
3 Hasta(1) Me Mo Ma Ve Sa
4 Swati(3) Ve Ra Me Ju Sa
Ruling Planets - 02/Apr/2013 10:25:09 AM 5 Anuradha(4) Ma Sa Ju Ra Ra
DURGAPUR, WEST BENGAL, India 6 P.Ashada(2) Ju Ve Ma Ma Ma
Planet Sgl Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl 7 Sravana(3) Sa Mo Sa Ve Sa
8 Satabhisha(2) Sa Ra Sa Ju Me
Lagna Me Ra Ju Sa Sa
9 U.Bhadra(3) Ju Sa Mo Me Ra
Moon Ju Ke Ra Ra Sa
10 Bharani(1) Ma Ve Ve Mo Ve
Day Lord: Mars 11 Rohini(2) Ve Mo Sa Ke Me
Nirayana Bhava Chalit 12 Aridra(4) Me Ra Ve Ke Ve
II 04:12:23:38 XII 02:17:20:07
Planetary Positions
Planet Star(Pada) Sgl Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl
Su Revati(1) Ju Me Ke Ve Ra
I 03:16:40:00
Mo Moola(2) Ju Ke Ra Ra Sa
III 05:11:45:23 Ju 01:18:05:49 Ma Revati(2) Ju Me Su Ve Sa
5 3 XI 01:16:25:03 Me P.Bhadra(1) Sa Ju Ju Ve Ve
6 2 Ju Rohini(3) Ve Mo Me Ke Ra
Ve Revati(1) Ju Me Ve Su Ve
Sa[R] Swati(3) Ve Ra Ve Ra Sa
Ra Visakha(2) Ve Ju Me Mo Ve
IV 06:13:57:52 Ke 00:24:48:56
Sa[R] 06:16:07:49 X 00:13:57:52 Ke Bharani(4) Ma Ve Me Mo Ra
Fo P.Bhadra(1) Sa Ju Me Ju Ve
Ra 06:24:48:56 4
7 1 Significators - Planets View
10 Planet (A) (B) (C) (D)
Su+ 8 9 3, 12 2
Mo 10 5 1
VII 09:16:40:00 Ma+ 8 9 3, 12 5, 10
Mo 08:05:39:11 Ma 11:22:11:49 Me 11 8 6, 9 3, 12
V 07:16:25:03 Ve 11:19:48:18
Ju 5 11 1 6, 9
8 12 Su 11:18:39:40 Ve 8 9 3, 12 4, 11
IX 11:11:45:23
9 11 Sa+ 4 4 7, 8
Ra 11 4 6, 9
VI 08:17:20:07 Me 10:20:55:21 Ke 9 10 4, 11
Rahu acts as agent for: Ma, Ve, Sa (A) - Planets in Occupant's stars
VIII 10:12:23:38
Ketu acts as agent for: Ma, Sa. (B) - Occupant of house
(C) - Planets in Owner's stars
(D) - House Owner

TmAsc 8:26:23
X 13:57:52 XI 16:25:03 XII 17:20:07 Dasa Summary
Ke 24:48:56 Ju 18:05:49
Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From
Ketu Dasa Venus Dasa Sun Dasa
14-Apr-2010 - 14-Apr-2017 14-Apr-2017 - 14-Apr-2037 14-Apr-2037 - 14-Apr-2043
Ma 22:11:49 Ketu 14-Apr-2010 Venus 14-Apr-2017 Sun 14-Apr-2037
Ve 19:48:18 Venus 10-Sep-2010 Sun 14-Aug-2020 Moon 02-Aug-2037
Su 18:39:40 Sun 10-Nov-2011 Moon 14-Aug-2021 Mars 31-Jan-2038
IX 11:45:23 Moon 17-Mar-2012 Mars 14-Apr-2023 Rahu 08-Jun-2038
Name: Foreign Travel I 16:40:00 Mars 16-Oct-2012 Rahu 14-Jun-2024 Jupiter 03-May-2039
Gender: Male Rahu 14-Mar-2013 Jupiter 14-Jun-2027 Saturn 19-Feb-2040
Jupiter 01-Apr-2014 Saturn 13-Feb-2030 Mercury 31-Jan-2041
Date: Tuesday, 02/Apr/2013
Saturn 08-Mar-2015 Mercury 15-Apr-2033 Ketu 08-Dec-2041
Time: 10:25:09 AM SID: 23:31:19 Mercury 17-Apr-2016 Ketu 13-Feb-2036 Venus 14-Apr-2042
Lat: 23:30:00 N Lon: 87:20:00 E Moon Dasa Mars Dasa Rahu Dasa
For 25:25:51 Place: DURGAPUR, WEST BENGAL, India 14-Apr-2043 - 14-Apr-2053 14-Apr-2053 - 14-Apr-2060 14-Apr-2060 - 14-Apr-2078
Me 20:55:21 Moon 14-Apr-2043 Mars 14-Apr-2053 Rahu 14-Apr-2060
VIII 12:23:38 Mars 12-Feb-2044 Rahu 10-Sep-2053 Jupiter 26-Dec-2062
Ayanamsa: 23° 57' 7" II 12:23:38 Rahu 13-Sep-2044 Jupiter 29-Sep-2054 Saturn 21-May-2065
[KP Ayanamsa] - Placidus Jupiter 14-Mar-2046 Saturn 04-Sep-2055 Mercury 26-Mar-2068
Star: Moola, Pada 2 Saturn 14-Jul-2047 Mercury 14-Oct-2056 Ketu 13-Oct-2070
Star Lord: Ketu Mercury 12-Feb-2049 Ketu 11-Oct-2057 Venus 01-Nov-2071
Rasi: Sagittarius Rasi Lord: Jupiter Ketu 14-Jul-2050 Venus 09-Mar-2058 Sun 01-Nov-2074
Venus 12-Feb-2051 Sun 09-May-2059 Moon 25-Sep-2075
Lagna: Cancer Lagna Lord: Moon Sun 13-Oct-2052 Moon 14-Sep-2059 Mars 27-Mar-2077
Tithi: Krishna Paksha, Saptami Jupiter Dasa Saturn Dasa Mercury Dasa
VII 16:40:00 Bal. Dasa: Ketu 4 Y, 0 M, 11 D 14-Apr-2078 - 14-Apr-2094 14-Apr-2094 - 14-Apr-2113 14-Apr-2113 - 14-Apr-2130
III 11:45:23 Jupiter 14-Apr-2078 Saturn 14-Apr-2094 Mercury 14-Apr-2113
Saturn 02-Jun-2080 Mercury 17-Apr-2097 Ketu 10-Sep-2115
Mercury 14-Dec-2082 Ketu 26-Dec-2099 Venus 06-Sep-2116
Ketu 21-Mar-2085 Venus 03-Feb-2101 Sun 08-Jul-2119
Venus 25-Feb-2086 Sun 04-Apr-2104 Moon 13-May-2120
Sun 25-Oct-2088 Moon 17-Mar-2105 Mars 13-Oct-2121
Ra 24:48:56 Moon 14-Aug-2089 Mars 16-Oct-2106 Rahu 10-Oct-2122
VI 17:20:07 Sa[R] 16:07:49 Mars 13-Dec-2090 Rahu 25-Nov-2107 Jupiter 29-Apr-2125
Mo 05:39:11 V 16:25:03 IV 13:57:52 Rahu 19-Nov-2091 Jupiter 01-Oct-2110 Saturn 04-Aug-2127
+ These planets do not have any planets in their stars.
K.P. rule for Foreign Travel:
As per Horary astrology, Sixth Reader written by SOTHIDA MANNAN JYOTHISH
MARTHAND PROF. K.S. KRISHNAMURTI, page 301, one is to judge 12th cusp and
find whether the lord of the sub of 12th cusp is either retrograde or deposited in a
constellation whose lord is retrograde. If either is retrograde one cannot go abroad.
If the sublord and lord of the constellation in which the sublord is situated are in
direct motion and if the sublord of the 12th is also a significator of either 3rd or 9th
or 12th one is sure to go abroad.

Hints for Foreign Travel:

As per Nakshatra Chintamani page 144 written by Sh. Chandrakant R. Bhatt,
12th cuspal sub lord (CSL) is the guide. Moon is the chief karaka of journey and
Rahu is the chief karaka of foreign/foreign stay.

If the cuspal sub lord 12th be the significator of house 3 (absence of the present
residence, 3rd is 12th from 4th, change of place), 9 (long journey) and 12 (foreign,
foreign stay, life in completely unfamiliar atmosphere i.e. in new environment)
and/or in connection with 3, 9 & 12, foreign travel is promised during the joint
period of the significators of 3, 9 & 12.

Note: The above discussed rule can be cross verified with 9th CSL also as a
supportive indication of someone leaving home or running away.

12th Cusp: The sub lord of 12th cusp Venus is in the star of Mercury and sub of
Self (Venus).

Venus is the occupant of 9, owner of 4, 11. Starlord Mercury is the occupant of 8,

owner of 3, 12. Venus signifies 9, 3-12 through its starlord (Mercury). Thus 12th
CSL Venus signifies 3, 9 & 12 and also 12th cusp sublord and its starlord are not
in retrograde hence foreign travel is promised.

9th Cusp: The sub lord of 9th cusp Moon is in the star of Ketu and sub of Rahu.

As explained above, Moon signifies house 3, 9 & 12 hence foreign travel is


Significators of 3, 9 & 12 houses in respect to A, B, C & D:

A = Planets in Occupant’s Stars
B = Occupant of Houses
C = Planets in Owner’s Stars
D = House Owner

Houses A B C D

Sun, Mars, Ve-

3 - - Mercury
Sun, Mars, Ve-
9 Ketu Rahu, Mercury Jupiter
Sun, Mars, Ve-
12 - - Mercury


KP Astrologer Page 3
The significators of 3, 9 & 12 are: Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Rahu &

I would like to stress the point here that only after this stage of the examination is
reached, we will have to seek the help of the Ruling Planets.

A doubt may arise in the minds of the readers why we should seek the help
of Ruling Planets. Our GREAT GURUJI has given us the DICTA that only the
Ruling Planets are the correct guide on any matter and hence we have to work out
the Ruling Planets and find out the fruitful significators from above discussed
seven planets based on KP system i.e. significators of 3, 9 & 12 and common
amongst the Ruling Planets so that there may not be any doubt in our mind
whether they can give the result.

Ruling Planets (02-04-2013, 10:25:09 Hrs., Durgapur - 23N30, 87E20, West

Lagna (Gemini 08-55-12) Mercury – Rahu – Jupiter
Moon (Sagittarius 05-39-11) Jupiter – Ketu – Rahu
Day Lord (Tuesday) Mars

The fruitful (common) planets amongst the 3, 9, 12 significators and the ruling
planets at the time of judgment are: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu.

Now I am facing the greatest challenge in which joint period the event will be
materialised. Before I present the DBAS analysis I want to present here how result
to be given by Dasa, Bhukti and Antara Lords.

As per by Tin Win (KP-Ezine, January 2009) under the title ‘KP for
Beginners-Part 10– Result to be given by Dasa / Bhukti / Antara Lords’. “By
occupation and lordship, the Dasa lord and its star lord indicate the houses, whose
matters will be enjoyed during the Dasa period. The sub lord of the Dasa lord will
indicate whether the results indicated by the Dasa lord and its star lord will be
positive or negative”.

Present Dasha Lord: Ketu (from 14-04-2010 to 14-04-2017)
Ketu is a fruitful (common) planet. Ketu acts as an agent of Mars. Mars is the
occupant of 9, owner of 5, 10. Ketu in the star of Venus in 9 lord of 4, 11. Ketu is
in the sub of Mercury. Mercury is the occupant of 8, owner of 3, 12. Thus Ketu
signifies 3,9 & 12. Hence Ketu Dasha is taken into consideration for foreign travel.

Present Bhukti Lord: Rahu (from 14-03-2013 to 02-04-2014)

Rahu is a fruitful (common) planet. Rahu is the chief karaka of foreign/foreign
Rahu is in the sub of Mercury, Mercury signifying 3, 9 & 12 as discussed above.
Hence, Rahu Bhukti is taken into consideration for foreign travel.

Present Anthra Lord: Rahu (from 14-03-2013 to 11-05-2013)

Rahu is a fruitful (common) planet. Rahu signifies 11 (fulfilment of desire). Rahu is
in the sub of Mercury as discussed above. Thus in Rahu Anthra, there may be


KP Astrologer Page 4
chances of foreign travel, if transit agrees.

Next Anthra Lord: Jupiter (from 11-05-2013 to 01-07-2013)

Jupiter is a fruitful (common) planet and strongly appeared as twice under the
ruling planets. Jupiter also signifies 11 (fulfilment of desire). Jupiter is in the sub
of Mercury as discussed above. Thus in Jupiter Anthra, there may be chances of
foreign travel, if transit agrees.


From 15-06-2013 to 16-07-2013, Sun in Gemini transits in the sign of Mercury (RP
Lagna Lord) and in star of Mars (RP Day Lord) & and in sub of Rahu (RP Lagna

As transit agrees, I prefer to select DBA of “Ketu-Rahu-Jupiter”.

Since DBA lords Ketu-Rahu-Jupiter are already in the ruling planets, Rahu is
chosen for Sookshma. Because our REVERED GURUJI had said that nodes are
considered stronger than the planets. Using this valuable theory. Rahu is the
strongest in the ruling planets, as it is the lord of the lagna starlord and signifying
the required houses for foreign travel, as already discussed above.

So finally DBAS chain will be “Ketu-Rahu-Jupiter-Rahu” which runs from 23-06-

2013 to 01-07-2013.

My Opinion: Foreign travel is promised during the period between 23-06-2013 to


Actual fact: Prediction comes correct. Actually the querent had gone to USA on
25th June, 2013.

The above analysis clearly speaks about the simplicity, clarity and brevity of the
K.P. rules in arriving at the solution to the problem. My heart bows with all the
humility in expressing my sincere thanks and pranam to our great Guru and
master of astrology Prof. K.S. Krishnamuthy Ji founder of K.P. system and Shri
Chandrakant R. Bhatt, for their noble contribution to the sub lord theory. I would
also like to convey my regards to my Guru Shri Rabindranath Ghosh. I also thanks
to Mr. MK Viswanath Managing Editor of Astrovision for providing this space in his
esteemed magazine.




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