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01 truffles

truffle investment opportunity

key features
• Potential high annual returns

• Unique proven technology

• 100% tree guarantee

• Fully managed and hands off

• In partnership with a global expert

• Early exit strategy if needed

tell me about the industry
With the global supply of truffles in rapid decline and a high and growing world-wide demand,
harvests are consistently attracting prices of Circa £1000 per kilo for this ‘black gold’.

This is an unusual product with an impeccable pedigree. Perigord truffles (black truffles), one of the
most exclusive of all truffles, have seen a price rise year on year of 4%+ since World War II. The accel-
erated growth in fine dining and development of a multitude of truffle related products has fuelled
these increases and is continuing to do so.

Truffles are used in many ways, such as to produce specialist oils, cheese, honey and patés. The price
of these goods carries a high premium as the presence of truffles in any product instantly elevates it
to a “luxury product” status.

With the demand for luxury products being at an all time high and growing the demand for truffle
products is increasing.

the black gold of the food industry

Truffles are one of the most expensive

and luxurious foods on the planet – this
highly desirable fungi has graced dining
tables since Roman times.

World renowned chefs such as Jacques

Chibois and Alain Ducasse use them to
add the finishing touch to some of their
most extravagant dishes and Stanley
Ho, the Las Vegas casino billionaire liked
them so much he paid $330,000 for a
record sized truffle.

With the ever increasing demand for

high end luxury products worldwide,
truffles are an interesting and sound
opportunity for anyone with some
entrepreneurial spirit.
the project management company
Viceroy Jones New Tech’s management company, Parkview, hold the exclusive rights in Spain to
revolutionary science from Dr Paul Thomas, owner of Mycorrhizal Systems. This provides access to
the largest database of truffle research in the World and Dr Thomas is a key asset in the success of
the project.

Viceroy Jones New Tech’s management company are the sole importers of Mycorrhizal Systems
inoculated trees for the whole of Spain and their experience in the shipping and forming of planta-
tions make them the perfect partner group. Currently they have use of over 100 acres of prime land
and have risen in value to Circa £6 million following on from an independent valuation in 2009 of
£2.9 million.

The vision of the company is to become one of the largest truffe production companies in the world
within 10 years for the benefit of clients through Viceroy Jones New Tech.

mycorrhizal systems ~ technology provider

The owner of Mycorrhizal Systems is

Dr Paul Thomas, who has a wealth of
experience in the production of truffles.
Having created a unique way to inocu-
late trees with truffle spores, Dr Thomas
thought it was about time to bring
some science to the previously random
growing of these expensive delicacies.

Fast-forward to now and Mycorrhizal

Systems have plantations globally
through a network of strategic partner-
ships with companies such as Viceroy
Jones New Tech's management compa-
ny, Parkview.

Even though this offer is not in the

company Mycorrhizal Systems or Dr
Paul Thomas himself, Viceroy Jones New
Tech's management company have
constant access to all of their technolo-
gy and the resources of Dr Paul Thomas
whose company will take a royalt y from
all harvests in the future. Additionally,
Dr Thomas is a major partner and pro-
vides lifetime technology support to the
project to ensure the very best crops.
why spain?
The climate in Spain is perfect for the production of the expensive, black Perigord truffle, known as
black gold. This sought after truffle is well known in France. However, the Perigord truffle has always
grown in Spain. When the French hunters were accidentally finding black truffles during their hunt-
ing trips to northern Spain in the beginning of the 20th century, the industry began as people in
Spain started to collect them and sell them to France. The knowledge spread further down south
and truffles were found in greater numbers as far as Teruel, occasionally even Andalucía. Spain has
consistently supplied over 30% of black winter truffles to the market.

Spain is so good for truffles in the current conditions because it has a more extreme climate than
France. Where the winters are getting milder, the Spanish mountains can guarantee frost where
France cannot. These climatic changes mean the weather band that previously covered France is
moving south and has resulted – (with other factors such as housing encroachment) - in production
in France dropping over the last 100 years, from 1000 tons to just 50 tons in recent years.

Black truffles are found naturally in the wild in Europe between the latitudes 40n to 47n. which
corresponds basically from Valencia, Spain to Paris, France. The climate and pH levels of soil in Spain
are perfect for truffle growth and our sites have the perfect soil and climate profile for the best

the offer

Viceroy Jones New Tech are offering all

clients the opportunity to purchase
trees that are inoculated with truffle
spores that, once planted, offer two

1) Buy the trees now and then sell them

again via retail contracts for a higher

2) Hold onto the trees until they start to

produce truffles and receive a higher
return on investment per annum from
years 5-15.

Clients choosing to sell their trees early

will benefit from various retail contracts.
This market is becoming very popular
and recipients of the gifts will receive
hazel trees in a managed plantation
with the harvest either being sent to
them directly or sold to various brokers
and the proceeds sent instead.
offer details
how secure is the offer? what return can I expect?
Viceroy Jones New Tech’s management com- As there are two programmes the returns will
pany, Parkview, currently hold stock of 11,000 depend on the strategy the buyer chooses to
inoculated trees with an asset value of over follow. The structure has been designed to
£1.6 million minimum. attract medium to long term clients as the
yields are very strong from year 5 onwards.
Buyers will receive an ownership certificate for
every tree they purchase and the tree will be The retail option is in place to provide an early
marked and data tagged to ensure all tree exit strategy should it be needed. There is a
ownerships can be determined. The offer 50/50 crop split with the management
includes a 100% guarantee on any trees that company to ensure permanent care and
die meaning no trees are at risk. If any trees do maintenance of the trees free of charge for the
die after being planted or at any time during full period.
the 15 year leasing period they will be
replaced free of charge. The management package includes all
expenses such as water, labour and security.
The yields you see in the forecast are net of all

risks and solutions

oversupply security
Established ‘natural’ plantations are dying off The crops are only vulnerable for 5-6 weeks of
faster than new plantations coming on stream. the year which is well covered with
Therefore the gap in the market is widening. appropriate security.
Furthermore, haute cuisine and the
diversification of foodstuffs is actually increas-
ing demand. Additionally, the global demand
for truffles now reaches into markets as far young trees are protected from rabbits/hares
afield as the Far East and India by tree guards and wild pigs/deer do not
migrate across large distances – strong fencing
price sensitivity and management offset this risk.

Historically truffle prices have risen year on

year and the lack of supply is ensuring prices
remain high – additionally, introducing truffle
lack of water
pieces into oils/honeys etc multiplies the price all land used will have proven unlimited water
per kilo. – many wells in Spain tap into underwater
Fire risks are well managed in Spain and fire
breaks etc. are built in.

viceroy jones new tech

Viceroy Jones New Tech have partnered

with the licenced management company,
Parkview, to create an investment
product for your portfolio.

With potential high yields, this unique

yet proven technology, can help you
achieve your investment goals.

Find out more today.

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