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Yoga and T



4 Letters to the Editor

5 The Yoga Way to Happiness - Talk by Shri Yogendraji
8 Hatha Yoga Pradipika
9 Life Style Management - Dr. Jayadeva in Parisamvada
12 What is Yoga? - Talk by Smt. Hansaji J. Yogendra
13 Talasana - II
14 Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) - Smt. A. N. Desai
17 Four Satsangs - Shri Ajay Kalra
19 My Experience with Yoga - Shri Jayprakash Varandani
20 From the Archives of YTH - Yoga, A Way of Life - Shri J. Clement Vaz
22 A Moment in Childhood - Smt. Anuradha Rao
23 The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - A Perspective - Shri Samar Chauhan
24 Teacher Training Course - A Student Perspective
25 The Thinker
26 Yogic Ahara - Smt.Minati Shah
27 Thoughts on the Gita - Smt. Hansaji
28 Yoga News - Smt. A. N. Desai
31 A Bouquet of Scriptural Tales - The World is a Mirror

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Letters to the Editor
I joined The Yoga Institute in 1975 and learnt Asanas, Pranayamas etc. from Dr.
Jayadeva. I attended the Institute for one full year and continued with what I learnt
even at home and now I am still continuing with Pranayamas. I will be completing 81
years of my life in August 2016 and by God’s grace I am healthy and active. I do not
have any major health problems like High B.P., diabetes, cholesterol, cardiac problems,
etc. My body parts are functioning well. I hope that my example will encourage those
who are learning at the Institute to follow sincerely the teachings to lead a healthy
life. On the occasion of the International Yoga Day, I express my gratitude to you for
showing me the path and improving my life.

Rahul Mehta
Vadodara, India

It has been almost two and half years that I re-visited The Yoga Institute. My
deepest gratitude to you forever for all you do for the world. You have touched my life;
I am on the path of self-discovery and spiritualty in this journey of yoga.


I have been visiting The Yoga Institute since November 2015 and whenever I have
visited it, I have felt a since of quietness and calm. I discovered that the place not
only can draw you but can also change you completely. Not only yourself and Smt.
Hansaji, but even the teachers and the employees at the Institute are good examples
of compassion, friendliness and a non-materialistic outlook towards life.

Recently I had visited the book store at the Institute, and my total bill was
approximately Rs. 171.72. The person at the counter returned Rs. 30 to me instead of
Rs. 28. When I tried to tell him that he has paid me a rupee or two more, he replied,
that a rupee or two more will not make anyone richer or poorer. I was surprised to hear
this, as this was one of those rare few times when a shop or a business establishment
was not looking to take more money, but rather willing to help me as I didn’t have the
change. Most of us have materialistic goals and are ready to do anything to achieve
goals even at the cost of other people’s happiness. However here at the Institute was
someone who could think above the material goals Each and every person who works
here can be a role model for the society outside the four gates of the Institute.

Pooja Shah

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The Yoga Way to Happiness
Talk by Shri Yogendraji Circa 1982
Yoga is a technique for living. Life they have put down is that man must
means existence, so the technique for be healthy to enjoy anything. A sick
existence during the existence should man or an unhealthy man cannot enjoy
be of such a nature that what you expect anything, however nice it may be. Some
from life is available to you. What do good music may be on, along with very
you expect from life? good scenic views, but a sick man simply
does not enjoy it. So health became
primary in yoga. There are many
practices and processes which are of a
physical, psychophysical or psychiatric
nature and they are developed further.
All practices in yoga more or less tend
to be towards good health.

Health, happiness, peace of mind, Good health cannot be had as long

ultimate knowledge - these are your as there is disease. So even before
expectations from your life. You try acquiring good health, you have to get
to receive happiness through various rid of diseases, not only of the physical
means, like the material system of body but also of the mental, ethical and
happiness: enjoying music, going to intellectual character. The first attempt
a party, eating good food, dancing, is preventive. Yoga says that if you
and you think you get your happiness do not create any further diseases and
from there. But you ultimately find have only the stock of diseases which
that in order to maintain that rhythm you already have, it can be taken care
of happiness, you have to sacrifice and of. But, if you keep on adding to it,
suffer much, because that happiness is when will it end? Hence yoga teaches
for the time being; it’s impermanent. you restraint; if you want to prevent
Anything which is impermanent is anything from occurring in life that will
never happiness, because as soon as it be troublesome, have restraint. Don’t do
ends, you are at a loss. A drunkard, as things in the spur of a moment; think
long as he is in his state of intoxication, whether it is worth doing, whether it
thinks he is alright, but as soon as will create pleasure for you, pain for
that condition is gone, he is miserable. you or do nothing. If you are entering
So happiness through these worldly into something which will give you
means ends somewhere. Therefore, immediate pleasure, you cannot be
you want happiness that is perpetual. sure that it will remain continuous or
Now where is that to be found? Yoga permanent, so think over it.
says it is available in yoga; where the
mind is trained to that attitude where You are asked to be discriminative, to
it believes there is happiness all around, see both sides. You cannot say something
all the time. is good unless you see something else
which is better or worse than it. So a
Happiness cannot be enjoyed unless sense of comparative knowledge of
there is health, so the first principle things which are good and which are


bad is a part of Yogic study. It tells you are two processes accepted by yoga.
to examine yourself, and ask yourself
whether you are happy at whatever You therefore have to sit down and
level you are in life. Sometimes you evaluate yourself in the condition as
feel like saying yes and sometimes you you are in today and see from yoga’s talk
say no. You are quite uncertain about of technology, what should apply to
what you are or how you are. Yoga says you. Yoga does not throw flowers at you
reflect, sit quietly, condition your mind, so that you do nothing and everything
and then evaluate yourself to find out comes to you just because you think
whether the state at which you are in of yoga. Yoga says you have to work
life is the one that you want or you want yourself; yoga can only help you if you
a change. If you are very sincere and work, it cannot do anything on its own.
honest with yourself, you will find that In studying yoga, you have to be under
the life that you live is not satisfactory, practice all the time. You cannot say
and you want something else, but you that you will do it today and forget your
do not know how to get at it. So yoga yoga tomorrow, that would not do. At
says don’t worry; first having known present, unfortunately, that seems to be
what you are, find out what is wrong the position, they learn yoga in a hurry,
with it and what is right with it; pursue go to some Ashram, some Sanyasi, some
the right and remove the wrong by Yogi, learn a few things, probably good
the method of elimination. By having things also, but unfortunately there is
positive and negative contemplations; no persistency, there is no constancy of
which means you sit, you think of purpose to carry on with it, to involve
certain defects within yourself and it into their life. They are enthusiastic
then you try to think of the contrary, for a very short period and afterwards,
why that defect cannot be recovered under one excuse or another, they seem
and why it cannot be improved upon; if to leave the studies.
there are good, how to make it better.
Yoga cannot grow that way, like a tree
There are two types of contemplations that you plant and put a jug full of water
where you sit quietly before you begin in; that does not make any difference, it
your yoga, Pratikpaksha Bhavana and requires nourishing each day.
Vipaksha Bhavana, the two Bhavanas, the
two types of concentrations, where one
is in favour of what you are, and one is
against what you are. After you think
over these things, you have to decide
how to make progress. Those which
are bad and which you think are against
your interests, remove them one after
the other, have patience and those which
are good in you, try to increase them.
A time will come when the good, when
it is made to enlarge itself, will make
the evil lesser and lesser each time. So
either you promote that or you decrease
evil so that there is more good, which


So yoga practices are not those kind but not time. They are too busy because
where you practice all sorts of things the situations have changed; man is
in one day and then forget them. It has completely exploited by circumstances
to be a continuous practice because and by those who govern him.
the nature of our mind is such that
it is always unstable, a momentum is There is a continuity of work given
there all the time. What you are just to him and by that time, he has nothing
now is not what you are the very next that he can think of. There are countries
minute, it is something quite different. where they are not supposed to think
To stop that and to keep it at one place anything, they just have to keep on doing
is the process which yoga tries to something which has been told to them
teach you, so that if you are in a good and there are supervisors who go and
frame of mind at a highly elevated see whether they are doing their work or
stage, you can maintain that position. not. No man can sit and contemplate. If
But, unfortunately, sometimes under he does, they will kick him and get him
some influence, you get into a higher back to work. They believe in physical
exalted stage and then you fall down work, something which is worldly and
very quickly. Yoga tries to teach you that which can add to the prosperity of
stepwise how you can maintain that what they like, but not anything to do
position for as long a period as you with their mind or with their higher
want. Sporadic attempts to study yoga self. This type of a culture, which has
are a sheer waste. You learn something come into the materialistic countries, is
just now and you forget it afterwards, a bane to humanity. It is made to forget
that is not the way it is to be; you must the higher perspectives of life and life
study yoga and see that it is practiced. is now lived at the level of an animal.
This will happen only when you realize They give you good food because they
the benefits of yoga. A man, who drinks want good work from you and not
milk and becomes stronger, will want because they love humanity. They give
milk because he has become stronger by you good work so you can work hard
it. So you must have faith in the practice and when you work hard, they exploit
of yoga, which gives you something you and they know how to take the
that you did not have before, and that last drop of blood out of your body.
analysis has to be done by you in a quiet This is the present stage of humanity
period. where human beings are exploited
completely by a gang of dirty people
Now the question that arises today who have collected themselves and
in the modern world is whether people called themselves a political body or a
can find time; everybody has everything political philosophy or a political entity;
some social structures; some cultural
structures; some religious structures
and they are all busy trying to take the
blood out of your body. Don’t attend
to anybody, be non-conforming, believe
in nobody, and do just what is right,
otherwise any happiness and peace of
mind will never come to you. This is the
teaching of yoga.


Hatha Yoga Pradipika
od]lijj ldtfxf/'M clx+;f+ lgod]lijj .
d''Vo+ ;jf{;g]]iÅ]s+ l;4fM l;4f;g+ ljb'M ..$)..
Just as a sparing diet is amongst the Yamas, and non-violence is amongst the
Niyamas, so also amongst all Asanas, the Siddhas, the perfect ones, consider Siddhasana
to be the chief.

NOTE: The Yamas are those found in the Hatha Yoga tradition as enumerated
in verse 17. The Niyamas cannot be the traditional Niyamas either of Patanjali or of
Hatha Yoga since Ahimsa does not form a part of it. Consistency evidently is lacking
in this verse in light of the previous verses (17 /18). The emphasis on Ahimsa is based
on the commentaries on the Yoga Sutra.

To lessen the use of many meditative postures, the value of Siddhasana has been
re-emphasized. It implies that the mastery of one meditative posture is sufficient for

rt'/zLltkL7]if' l;4d]j ;bfEo;]t\ .

åf;Ktlt;x:qf0ff+ gf8Lgf+ dnZff]wgd\ ..$!..
One may practice always Siddhasana from amongst the eighty-four poses. (This
lead to) purification of the 72000 Nadis.

NOTE: The idea represented earlier, that Siddhasana is as unique amongst Asanas
as Sushumna is amongst the 72,000 nerves, is also indicative of the special place of this
meditative posture in the scheme of Asanas. The emphasis therefore is not so much on
the physical education aspect of yoga, but on the effect they produce on the nervous
system. The Asanas are essentially formulated for the achievement of yoga and not for


Life Style Management
Dr. Jayadeva in Parisamvada
We all feel that we are contributing our own home, in earning, in our respect,
a lot. We even have dreams and so on. That is occupying all
of changing the world, our time. Changing ourselves
influencing the country’s would require a change
future, improving the in our outlook towards
society, making an ideal life, our personal
family, and so on. We philosophy, our values.
express these ideas There we have done
and sometimes also no work. We just
believe in them when carry on or Chalao.
we are younger.
Is money the
But gradually, we most important thing
realize that we cannot for us in life? It is. It
change the world. The has to be replaced. Our
world will continue as it is. own personal development
A country has its own destiny is the most important thing.
and in spite of the Experiencing a
best efforts of better state of
great people it has consciousness
remained just the same. The society is very important. We have to work
around us is full of all kinds of people at it. During the day there should be
and they will carry on in the same way. moments when this understanding and
Even with family, in 20 to 30 years, we these kind of experiences come. If it
realize that other members of the family comes, it will come continuously. But
just carry on their own pattern and our we have not given it any footing. A little
ideal thinking does not work. So as far thought comes and then it goes. We
as the external world is concerned, we have not worked hard at it, just as we
have very limited capacity. work hard in the office to earn money.
Setting good values, building up correct
During the day, besides earning attitudes, so that that line of thinking
our bread and carrying on with the stays all the time is important; setting
responsibilities at home, we should up a behaviour also that matches, so
not claim that we are doing much. Our that we can come back to our own clear
whole mentality of carrying on is of thinking at any time. Here we are carried
Chalao. But there is another area that away. Others are doing so we also do.
we can think of and also work on, is We cannot resist. We just don’t want
‘ourselves’. This is an area that we have to behave differently. Those who evolve
not attended. Changing ourselves is and grow are those awkward people
in our hands. It is a tough job, but we who don’t go with the society. They try
can attempt and we can succeed also. and see that they believe in something
But the point is that we don’t have any worthwhile and follow it. It may be a
interest in it. We are more intrested in very ordinary thing, drinking a cup of


5-6 cups of tea. Initially I was very
restless but now it has quietened
my mind. I now go regularly for
morning walks.
Dr. Jayadeva: So you think you
have started some changes?
tea Audience: Yes.
i n Audience: In my routine,
t h e to make life’s ends meet, I
m o r n i n g. used to go overboard in
Ever ybody my work and I used
does it so we to feel that this is
do it. And like also not enough.
that our whole day Slowly the
is knit up with all
such kind of things
and so is our ordinary
mind. So when we are
learning yoga this also
should be considered,
whether we want to make
changes in these areas and
how much effort we are
making. What do you think?
realization came that if the body itself
Dr. Jayadeva: I will ask you a personal is not fit, if the mind is not useful then
question. You have been good enough the results are not going to be that
to read very good books and bring good. So now I have started making a
them to the Institute. Now as a result sincere effort to be cautious so that my
of this good work, can you give us some mind is relaxed. It does go overboard
examples where you have changed many a times but I still am very
yourself ? watchful now and it has helped me a lot.
Audience: I had come here for the I have also started telling myself that
betterment of my heart problem and the results will come on their own. You
during the last 3-4 years it has improved just cannot expect that it will come at
a lot. I found very good results. It really one stretch, so I work hard but I work
helped. I have improved 50%.That sensibly giving equal importance to my
is the medical report. I am not fully body and my mind. As you cannot climb
implementing it, but I am trying to a mountain at one stretch, so also you
improve more and more. cannot improve at once.
Dr. Jayadeva: It is good we have with us Dr. Jayadeva: Good.
a person who is working on this. Audience: I would like to share one
Audience: I have been coming for a example about how we are all keen and
long time, since 1994. Till 2004 I was we know everything that others should
drinking tea. Then I was told to stop do. We keep advising that the trains
drinking tea. So I stopped drinking the are not running on time and what Lalu

10 YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016

Prasad should do and what he should
not do. When we are walking, we talk
a lot about what the world should do,
where the world is going, etc., but we
hardly talk about ourselves. So my wife
and I decided that whenever we
go for a walk we will not talk
about anyone else except the
two of us. We were surprised
to find that our talking
reduced by almost 95%.
We spoke for hardly 5%
of the time. From then
onwards, we have started
implementing it and it
has given us tremendous
benefit. We have been
able to overcome many
problems. Earlier we
thought they were
problems, but now we
don’t think they are
problems. We think they
are opportunities to grow.
Dr. Jayadeva: So the men
are trying to bring change
in their own personal life.
Anything the ladies would
like to say?
Audience: I think if we
have the determination,
then we can do it. As
someone talked about
drinking tea, I also had
been drinking tea in the
morning for years,
but suddenly I developed
an allergy. So for my body
I stopped drinking tea
and now I don’t feel like
drinking it anymore. Even
if my friends are drinking
around me, I don’t. I wanted
that determination that if
something is not good for
my body, I shouldn’t take it.
Dr. Jayadeva: So we have got
good boys and girls here.
YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 11
What is Yoga?
Talk by Smt. Hansaji J. Yogendra
If we understand our own selves
and our body, we will realize that even
if one area is disturbed, it affects the
whole system. Even if a person has
some pain in a finger, his entire body
will be stressed. Because of the pain, system helps us in solving them. To
the person starts breathing shallow, remember this, these kinds of words
his hunger is gone, his head gets heavy, are used.
irritation comes in, his thinking is
affected; nothing works well. Now if we It is believed that yoga is for the
are going to treat only the finger, then old and not the young. Don’t the young
we have not attended to our breath and live their life? Don’t young people have
other things. So just observe – there is tension. Don’t they fall and get hurt,
nothing like our body. In our system, we or catch a cold and cough? Then how
can’t separate the body, mind, emotions, can we say it is not for the young? Yoga
intellect, etc. We have to use everything starts from the womb itself.
for living our life. So if there is a
disturbance in one area, all areas have People come to yoga only when
to be looked after. all other avenues are closed. When
a person has a heart problem and the
Yoga has a holistic approach. Just doctors say nothing can be done, then
doing it for fitness, energy, etc. does not he comes to yoga. If you could have
work. These days yoga has become a come to yoga earlier, things would have
fashion. Any word is attached to ‘Yoga’ been very different. You would not have
and it becomes some type of yoga. Yoga fallen sick and if you did, you would
encompasses everything; it cannot be have been able to handle it yourself.
divided or separated using words. It is
being marketed and people are running Earlier, people used to think only
for it. Yogis, Sanyasis, etc. practiced yoga. But
yoga is for every human. A recluse
People say yoga is a religion, it is would use different techniques, whereas
Hinduism, but, actually, yoga is a householders would use a different
way of life. It has nothing to do with technology. But, yoga is definitely a
religion. Of course, it can be called science of living.
the ‘Grammar’ of religion because
once you understand yoga, you can So bring yoga in your life by bringing
understand religion. Again, some say a balance in life, concentrating on
yoga is for awakening the Kundalini, the everything you do, becoming aware,
serpentine energy. Dissect your body thinking before any action, etc.
and you will not find any Kundalini. The Understand what is right, what is
message that is given is that the body wrong and act, do not react - all this is
has a lot of dormant energy, and we yoga. Make efforts, and with the right
need to understand that whenever there knowledge, move forward towards
are problems, our own energy, our own progress.

12 YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016

Talasana – II
When one tries to co-ordinate with another, one has to practice control over
one’s own self first. In controlling oneself, one needs to co-ordinate the
functioning of one’s body and mind.


1.Stand erect with feet 12” apart and

2.Keep abdomen gently drawn in and
chest thrown forward.
3.Keep eyes fixed at a point ahead.
4.While inhaling 2 seconds, raise both
arms and heels simultaneously.
5.Stand on your toes and reach
maximum position of stretch. Let the
arms touch the ear lobe. Keep elbows
straight and palms facing each other.
6.Maintain the pose for at least 4 seconds
while holding your breath.
7.Rotate arms backwards and lower
arms and heels simultaneously, while
exhaling 2 seconds.
8.Repeat 3 rounds.


Acute cardiac problems, severe back



Stretching of the body at full length

is of utmost importance for relieving
the compression of the cartilages of
the spine, stretching of the skeletal
muscles, and encouraging freedom and
growth of the lungs, heart and other
vital organs.

YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 13

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
A.N. Desai
What is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)?
Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto immune disorder. This means that the immune
system forms antibodies against the body’s own cells. As the synovial lining of the
joint becomes inflamed the tissues swell and produce more than the usual amount
of fluid needed to lubricate the movement of the bones within the joints. This
irritates nearby nerves and stretches the capsules surrounding the joints. The
cartilage covering the bone ends and the bone itself may also be damaged.

Symptoms: Causes:
•Pain and stiffness in affected joints, The causes of RA are not fully understood. Some
usually more so in the morning of the factors are:
•Joints may feel warm to the touch •Female sex hormones like estrogen and
•Swelling in the joints progesterone seem to affect RA in pre-menopausal
•Weakening of the muscles around women.
the affected joints •Genetic factors: RA sometimes runs in families.
•Painless nodules on pressure areas •Stress: Some people believe that stress may
such as elbows contribute to the development of RA.
•A general feeling of fatigue and
•Occasionally there may be
deformity of the affected joints
•Usually RA develops in a
symmetrical manner, so both hands
and both knees may
be affected together
•The body parts most affected
are the shoulders, hands,
wrists, knees, neck jaws
feet, ankles and eyes. The other
problems that can occur are anemia,
tiredness, circulatory and cardio
vascuilar problems.

Simple Remedies:
•Rest when tired
•Keep the joints active - Exercise daily
•Have a simple diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole wheat products. Avoid deep fried foods.
There are some foods which have shown to help certain cases. In a Japanese study it was shown
that green tea has anti-inflammatory effects. Another
study showed that avocado and soya bean extracts can help in relieving the symptoms of
• A positive frame of mind should be fostered. Research has shown that people who are happier
and have a positive outlook are likely to cope better with RA.

14 YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016

Rheumatoid arthritis
usually affects joints
symmetrically (on both
sides equally), may initially
begin in a couple of joints
only, and most frequently
attacks the wrists, hands,
elbows, shoulders, knees
and ankles.

Some interesting facts:

• RA affects women two to three times more than men. The risk in women is further increased
in the weeks after giving birth and when breast feeding.
• Excess weight can place four or five times more pressure on certain parts of the joints than it
does elsewhere in your body- so even a small amount of weight loss can make a big difference to
the load your joints can carry.
• Exercise and RA - When the joints are painful the very idea of exercise can seem overwhelming,
but it is important to keep the joints mobile, reduce stiffness and maintain the strength of the
muscles. Exercise can also stimulate the release of endorphins (chemicals which can help block
pain signals).
• Joints affected by RA need rest as well as activity, a good balance between the two must be
• Yoga has wonderful things to offer for the mind, body and spirit.

YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 15

Real Life Experience of a Yoga with positivity; every minute there had
Student: to be faith in God and love for fellow
I had Rheumatoid Arthritis and I was men.
told by many doctors, including one in
London that there is no cure for RA. The daily practices of Asanas,
Well perhaps there is no cure as such Pranayamas and Kriyas combined with a
in allopathy, but my life experience says deep faith in the Gurus, their constant
that with discipline and a change of guidance and loving care brought about
attitude everything is possible. I am a a miracle. The pain slowly vanished. I
living proof of using what Dr. Jayadeva was free from the, “Sorry no cure for
Yogendra, President of The Yoga your disease,” trip.
Institute, calls “innocent remedies.”
The price to pay for this was simple.
I was a bubbly, full of energy, fifteen Strict discipline in diet, in doing the
year old who joyfully took part in all Asanas to keep the flexibility, in thinking
sports activities. Life changed instantly and loving kindness towards all.
with excruciating pain in my legs and
fingers. I was taken to many doctors My ‘designer hands’ are yet there -
and was on six aspirins a day. The the deformity left its mark in the initial
pain in the joints reduced but the pain stages of RA itself - but I had vowed
at other levels including my stomach that even if the body is crippled I will
was aggravated. I came to The Yoga not allow my mind and spirit to be
Institute and Mother Sita Devi said, crippled.
“Stop all medicines.” I could not imagine
living without my pain killers; I ran It is now forty three years since I
away from the Institute. walked into the portals of The Yoga
Institute. I will ever be grateful to The
Life was flowing by and so were the Yoga Institute for the light in my life.
side effects of the pain killers. The - Devi Lakhiani
doctors put me on strong doses of
steroids; the side effects continued. (Many of the facts in this article are from
My brother read a book and suggested the book,“Healthy Bones, Muscles and Joints”
that perhaps I should ‘detoxify’ myself. published by The Readers Digest”)
A simple diet of no sugar, no Maida
preparations, no salt and no deep fried
foods was advocated. Lots of salads,
vegetables and fruits combined with
whole wheat preparations were taken.
The system slowly adjusted to these
dietary changes and my detoxification
process helped.

Then I made my second entry into The

Yoga Institute. The diet continued but
there was a ‘diet’ of another kind which
was introduced. It was to feed the mind

16 YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016

Four Satsangs
Ajay Kalra
As a student of the 7 month under my belt, I just had one more to
Teacher Training Course at the Yoga go! All I had to do was get chosen for
Institute, I had to complete a number another acting role and cruise safely to
of assignments. One of them was my goal of completing four Satsangs.
to participate in four Satsangs, an Of course fate in the form of Priyam
interactive session with Dr. Jayadeva Ma’am, had something else in store for
and Smt. Hansaji held every Sunday me. She nominated me to be the senior
morning. The Satsang topics are based compere! So I wisely chose to accept my
on various Yogic concepts related to fate with Uday, another co-student, as
living a balanced and meaningful life. my deputy compere!
Each of these topics is presented by
students of various Teachers Training Much as I did not want to lead, here
Courses through four short skits. I was in charge of fifteen participants
These presentations are compered looking to achieve a common goal. I
by two students who have the added started with ensuring the scripts for
responsibility of leading the team the four skits were entertaining while
comprising of fourteen participants staying true to the message. This is the
to their end goal of an interesting and key aspect of any Satsang. If the script,
insightful presentation. Two of the meaning plot, climax and dialogues is
senior most faculties, Smt. Priyamvada of a good quality, it is quite likely that
and Shri Sharad Waghmare, have the the performance will be good. As they
overall responsibility of guiding and say in the movie business, no amount
mentoring the entire team each week. of good acting can bring to life a
poorly written story. The second key
I started my Satsang experience in a element is casting. Now this can be
small and dignified role of a nuclear tricky as one does not know everyone’s
scientist. Even though I wanted to be acting capability. Luckily for me, I
a compere, I did not fancy to taking had a fair idea as I had seen most of
the added responsibility for leading the the participants act in the previous
Satsang team. The only reason I raised Satsangs. Good actors are like trump
my hand to compere in the next Satsang cards, they need to be used judiciously.
was because Mumtaz, my co-student, I cast good actors in lead roles keeping
was the senior compere. Mumtaz is a in mind their personalities and
natural leader, while I on the requirements of the role.
contrary am a reluctant Where I felt that the
leader. I prefer the life casting did not work,
of anonymity unless I suggested changes
I am pushed to take mid-way.
charge. In the third
Satsang, I played the Now came the
role of an overweight big daddy of
businessman. Finally any Satsang
with three Satsangs presentation.

YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 17

Getting everyone to come on time to senior compere, the possibility of self-
practice their skits! This was the part learning or Swadhyaya is far more. The
I did not fancy. I do not like to take true test of our wisdom is only revealed
responsibility for others. Yet being a when we relate to others. In other words
leader I had to ensure that our goal was it is Yoga in Action.
met, which meant I had to find a way
to influence them to practice as often Two hours before the performance is to
as possible. I realized my leadership start is the craziest part of any Satsang!
approach is laissez-faire, which means Everyone is running helter-skelter -
making each member responsible for practicing the skit, getting the props
his own participation by giving them in place, doing the decoration, ensuring
freedom to make their own choices. that the power point is working, etc.
More often than not I simply brought The performance went off well! I was
to their awareness our intermediate delighted that our hard work had paid
and final goal from time to time. Also off. Hansaji’s much valued feed-back
as a leader it was very important to was positive and encouraging. The
walk the talk. When I committed to a entire team was overwhelmed by the
time, I had to ensure that I come good appreciation we got from all quarters.
on my commitment or risk losing my The general sentiment was that this
credibility with the team. Satsang was entertaining! Whew! With
that I had climbed the Mount Everest
There were few moments when I of my 7 Month Teacher Training
almost lost my patience, felt taken for Course. Completed four Satsangs!
granted, dejected or aloof. But each
time I introspected, I realized it was A leader is only as good as his team. The
my own ego that was the cause of these sincerity and talent of my team made
emotions and not any external event success possible. I am very impressed
or person. It dawned on me, to be a with our Satsang co-ordinator couple,
leader one needs to be totally involved Priyam Ma’am and Sharad Sir for
on the one hand and totally detached dedicating a significant part of their
on the other. In other words take full life to this process. If I feel tired and
responsibility and be fully surrendered overwhelmed after every Satsang, I
at the same time. Just like inhalation wonder what it would be like to produce
and exhalation! I realized leadership Satsangs week after week, month after
and authority is a lonely space. It is easy month, year after year, decade after
to complain or comment on how things decade for more than twenty-five
should be done when others are in years! I fold my hands in a humble
charge and not so easy to be in charge acknowledgment of their commitment.
yourself. It made me reflect on my own
flaws in relating to authority in the And of course, the Satsang process
past. For the first time in my life, I felt itself which puts us all together
empathetic towards authority figures. in a space where we have to work
Felt their vulnerability and humanness. together and put up with each other’s
idiosyncrasies and achieve a common
I feel Satsang practice is a great self- goal. The real test of yoga! My
awareness opportunity. It sets the stage gratitude to the unknown unseen force
to relate to fifteen different personalities. that makes all this possible.
And if you are in a leadership role as a
18 YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016
My Experience with Yoga
Jayprakash Varandani
I have been associated with The Yoga was better but not completely cured.
Institute from the past three months. When analyzed, it was identified that
In 2014, I was diagnosed with prostate my urinary bladder was too weak to
enlargement, which is a common pump out the flow and hence in addition
ailment among men today. Some of the to medicines, I was asked to do some
key issues related to this ailment are exercise to strengthen the bladder.
irregular and insufficient outflow of
urine, and weakening of urinary glands. Hence, in February 2016, along with
medication, I got myself associated
I visited a specialist, who prescribed with The Yoga Institute. I explained
s o m e the entire
medication situation to
to cure the internal
me of this doctors
ailment. t h e r e ,
Initially the submitting
medicines my medical
w e r e reports
effective, for better
but as time guidance.
passed by
the effect After three
of these months
medicines of regular
reduced, medication
making it a n d
difficult prescribed
for me to exercise, I
undertake my day-to-day activities. visited my doctor for check-up and to
my surprise, the results were positive.
In January 2016, I decided to take a My urinary bladder had strengthened
second opinion and visited a specialist and the urine flow has reached almost
surgeon. He advised multiple tests to normalcy.
and based on my reports, asked me to I was then asked to continue with
undergo a small surgery to cure the my exercises and the medicines were
ailment. I decided to go ahead with the reduced almost to a fourth.
Today, I can undertake all my day-to-
For this, I was hospitalized for two day activities and would like to thank
days, which included around 3 hours of my doctor (Dr. Abhinandan Sadagale),
surgery and 24 hours of post-surgery consultants and The Yoga Institute for
observation. Post-surgery, situation their constant advice and support.

YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 19

From the Archives of Yoga and Total Health
Yoga - A Way of Life
moral and spiritual forces in man.
Hence it seeks to develop the total man
recognizing the intrinsic relationship
which exists between the physical and
mental planes and which it works upon
for the development of an integrated

Yoga therefore is basically

psychosomatic in its effects. Since the
human body is a temple of the mind
or psyche, yoga attaches considerable
importance to the proper functioning
By J. Clement Vaz of the body on the principle “mens
Published in ‘The Yoga Institute’ sana in corpore sano” (a sound mind
April 1968
in a sound body). For this purpose, it
prescribes a course of Asanas, Kriyas,
The modern city dweller is too much Pranayamas, etc. These are not mere
a creature of his circumstances. He physical exercises as understood in
lives in constant fear and tensions of the modern sense. Each Asana, for
all kinds. Like a feather tossed about by instance, is so designed as to stimulate,
each on-rushing gust, he has neither without over-straining or fatiguing, the
time, nor freedom to choose his own natural function of a particular organ
pattern of living. Social, economic and or a particular system in the body.
political pressures and incidents in the Thus, Talasana, Konasana, Chakrasana
world around him and beyond weigh on or Utkatasana will exercise the various
his mind. In vain he craves for mental joints in the body, tone up the various
peace. muscles and secure the health of
the entire nervous system through
To such a man, yoga could well prove their energizing effects on the spine
to be a boon if, of course, he would (Merudanda). Similar beneficial effects
approach it with faith and confidence on the nervous system and the digestive
urged by a powerful motivation. Yoga is system will also result from regular
the ancient Indian science of living. A practice of some of the other means
well-developed sense of self-discipline such as Yogamudra, Paschimottanasana,
characterizes the life of one who has Dhanurvakrasana, etc, All these Asanas,
imbibed the spirit of yoga. He lives in however, have as a common basis a
a planned way purposefully. There can well-defined breathing rhythm and
be no haphazardness of any kind with consequently, Asana are necessarily
him. linked with Pranayamas which not only
make the respiratory system function
Yoga aims at a harmonious at peak efficiency, but also exercise a
development of the physical, mental, profound and continuous influence on

20 YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016

the mind or the psyche. Even the Kriyas follow the five-fold benefits of Niyama,
which are performed as purificatory namely purity in thought, word and
processes are psychosomatic as they too deed (Saucha), contentment (Santosha)
influence both the body and the mind. ability to react to the opposites with
Thus yoga physical education, which the same equanimity of mind (Tapa),
includes yoga hygiene and sanitation, self-knowledge (Swadhyaya) and
can provide man with perfect bodily resignation to the will of the Absolute
health and inner harmony, for when (Ishvarapranidhana).
the different internal and external
organs - the many hormonal and other These ten commandments of yoga are
secretions in the body and the various the basis of yoga philosophy which is
systems namely the nervous system, evidently founded on very sound moral
the respiratory system, the circulatory and universal principles. With a living
system, and the digestive system - faith in these principles, it is possible
function normally and well, man is to climb up, steadily and securely, the
bound not only to live healthily but also other necessary steps towards the
to live contentedly and to live long. attainment of the sublimest in yoga.
Asanas, together with yoga hygiene
But yoga is not only the science and Pranayamas, point the way to the
of living, it is also the art of living. acquisition not only of good health
Yoga physical education is essentially and longevity but also of mental,
static, sedative and subjective, not moral and spiritual elevation until full
aggressive or objective in its results, control of bionergy (Prana) is achieved.
and accordingly, is best suited to a life This energy is the highest form of our
of meditation and mental sublimation. physical nature so that with the control
Yoga has a set philosophy, which is of Prana, the process of the yoga
to rise through a gradual process aspirant may be said to pass on from
of self-awareness, resulting in self- the realm of Hatha Yoga to the realm
improvement to the final stage of self- of Raja-Yoga or, in other words, from
realization by subjugating the ego which the physical to the metaphysical. From
it regards as the greatest hindrance in then on he lives through the processes
that process. of thought-abstraction (Pratyahara),
concentration (Dharana), meditation
The yoga philosophy is based or mental sublimation (Dhyana), until
upon an unchanging code of ethics he reaches the final stage which may
known as Yama-Niyama. It has two be described as trance-consciousness
aspects, the positive (Niyama) and the (Samadhi).
negative (Yama). Yama enjoins non-
violence in thought, word or action There is no short-cut to the yoga
(Ahimsa), avoidance of untruth (Satya), way of life. It is a continuous, life long
non-stealing (Asteya), abstinence experience, one stage merging into
from unregulated indulgence in sex the other, but at no time will yoga fail
(Brahmacharya) and non-covetousness to enjoin strict moral behavior, self-
(Aparigraha). Regular practice of discipline and purity of mind. Yoga
Yama is fundamental to the acquisition therefore is both a science and an art: it
of the spirit of yoga from which will is a way of life.

YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 21

A Moment in Childhood
Anuradha Rao
jump, skip, hop, eat and eat and do not
put on weight. Many, rather most of us
The aroma of the first dust, the sky cannot sit down crossed legged. Simple
opening out its doors, allowing the first Asanas like Sukhasana, if practiced well
showers to pour upon the dry hot land, can help us not only for conditioning but
quenching its thirst, simply bring in me in building our agility, strengthening
calm and peace. our knees, spine and the core abdominal
I love the rains. It is by far the best
season of all. Going out and standing Children always want everything
under the pouring rain may sound first. They love themselves. If someone
insane, but it is fun and I love it. We hits them or hurts them, they cry and
are told, and our mind is trained to complain. We have forgotten to love
believe, that we will fall sick, catch a ourselves. Yoga teaches us to love
cold, pneumonia, migraine etc. in the ourselves - our body and our mind.
rain, but it doesn’t matter.
See a small baby sleeping, observe
How many of us remember such crazy the abdomen. The inhalation and
things that we have done as children? exhalation is so equal and rhythmic.
Just recollecting them gives such There are adults who cannot sleep at
pleasure. There was a song, “Those night. They listen to music and try to
were the days my friend, we thought sleep. Regulating the breathing will
they would never end….” Where have bring that blissful feeling we crave for.
they gone? Memories left in one of the
forwarded Whatsapp messages? We look at children and smile
automatically; we find them cute,
I see children playing in a park and I adorable and lovable. We want them
wonder where adult life has brought us. around us. We go all out to have them.
Work, meetings, cocktail parties, food Our life is complete with children.
and more food, gyms, shopping, maybe Continuing on the path of yoga even in
a weekend game? No playgrounds, no a small way liberates and brings about
PT exercises? Is being out of childhood the same carefree attitude in us just like
being out of fun zone? children. The end result is acceptance,
tolerance, happiness and freedom. It
Learning yoga and being able to spread makes people want you around them.
this subject makes me say confidently
that there is still hope. That little child Rewind life and watch yourself as
which is hidden in each one of us has to a child. What are the things that you
be brought alive. Yoga is an experiential loved doing the most? What is it that
science. You can experience the feeling as a child you loved experiencing the
and Bhavas through yoga. most? Go for it. Practice yoga and live
that past moment, now. Stay on the
How agile are children? They run, yoga path.

22 YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - A Perspective
Samar Chauhan

Chapter 1.13

tq l:ytf} oTgf]›Eof;M ..!++=!#..

Tatra Sthitau Yatnah Abhyasah

The proposition in yoga is stopping the Chitta. The solution to this lies in the
two pillars of Abhyasa viz. continuous efforts and Vairagya viz. total disinterest in
anything else. This Sutra discusses Abhyasa.

The most important thing here is that the efforts have to be continuous. That is
the biggest challenge. For this to be possible the focus must be clear and motivation
behind it has to be very strong. This is an area we need to examine for ourselves. If
our interest is just one, our motivation could be stronger and we may succeed. This
is true for any field. Great musicians, for instance, do not restrict their practice to an
hour a day. Their rehearsals start from the morning and continue throughout the
day without any distractions.

Unfortunately, most of us are lacking here. We have diverse interests and hence
our motivation - and consequently efforts, are occasional and diluted. Learning yoga
for instance is a side activity which we carry out whenever time permits. And even
during this period, we may practice Sukhasana for 2-3 minutes and then say ‘What
next?’ That is our approach. In the absence of a variety we get bored, tired or

For the technique of Abhyasa to work - Steadiness of the mind is very important.
It needs to be totally one pointed and focussed. If the mind is wavery, jumpy – it
cannot work. For this, certain techniques have been mentioned in subsequent Sutras
- with the idea being to train the mind so that it remains continuously on one point.
Making mind free of negativity and full of positivity, filling the mind with certain
thoughts or ideas or images, making it free of desires and aversions – these are some
of the techniques that help. The attempt to control the mind includes the stages of
dream and sleep. And the approach required is ‘Carry on till you succeed’.

(Based on Parisamvada talks)

YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 23

Teacher Traning Course
-A Student Perspective
At The Yoga Institute, we regularly organise 3 Months Teacher Training Course
where, after successfully completing the course and passing the examinations, the
students are given their certificates. The course is a residential course and has
participants from various nationalities all staying together in the premises at the
Institute. From the recently concluded course in July 2016, some of the students
have shared their experiences with us -
The I chose The
Institute has helped me Yoga Institute to do the
understand Dharma Bhava and the Teacher Training Course (TTC)
hierarchy of duties. I have learned that as it appeared to be the perfect place
maintaining my peaceful state of mind is my for me. More than half way through the
first Dharma. course, I saw myself being more detached,
more accepting and loving of myself. The
- Parminder Kaur Institute has given me the right keys to
open the closed doors within myself.

- Severine Freval

TTC has a good
balance of theory and
practical. The diversity in the
course participants has helped me
see life from a different perspective. The
course has helped me in doing Swadhyaya.
The key lessons I have learned are of
courage and the importance of constant
effort in my Yogic practice. I have also
realized that in order to be a good teacher,
my learnings need to be based on my
own experiences and Yogic journey.

- Jennifer Batcha
Life at
the Institute was very The
different from my routines. Hence course has provided me
I had to put in constant and dedicated with the required training and tools to
efforts, as the Yoga Sutra says, to fight against confidently take an Asanas class.
my resistance to discipline. With constant efforts
I was able to regularly write the ten positive - Deepak Ranjan Choudhury
points and do the reflection daily. I now try to
live each day with a sense of purpose.

- Kristin Barnhurst
24 YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016
The course has helped me to see the situations
objectively with a witness like attitude. I
have become more mindful and aware about
myself and my surroundings. Also, the The Thinker
public speaking talks have helped me be
more confident while facing the audience. We depend on yoga to take charge
Just like one needs to water the plants of us, but the unfortunate thing
daily, yoga requires constant and dedicated is that we don’t allow yoga to take
practice. This journey, right from making a charge. We are not ready to forget
decision to do the course, to convincing the everything else and concentratedly
family and finally the course has been the do what has been told. We sit down
best time of my life and all the struggles to do an Asana, but the mind goes
prior to coming here were worth it. to the problems at home or office
or wherever. We want to do some
- Rasika Kshirsagar thinking on that also. We just can’t
say ‘stop that’. We don’t even want
As is often mentioned at the Institute, we to say that, we don’t know how to
must respond and not react, I have started say that. So apparently, we come to
to implement this concept in my daily life. I learn yoga, but we are not mentally
am also trying to be non-judgmental about ready for it. This is our situation.
people and things. My aim of coming to the
Institute has been fulfilled as I feel that I We don’t come to learn yoga with
have found a path to walk on. the intention of gaining complete
control over the mind. We want
- Alan William Brown answers to some of our questions:
“Why have I put on a lot of weight
For me, yoga was set of Asanas and physical on my tummy, or why do I have a
postures to be performed regularly, but after headache?”, only things like that.
this course, I now go back with a different Instructions are given - sit down,
and more complete understanding of yoga. don’t have any thoughts, watch the
I have learned the importance of Bhavas breathing, but those instructions
and the various meditative postures. I have are forgotten.
learned to live in the moment and be positive We go to the
in my outlook towards life. And above all, I old pattern of
know that each obstacle I face is to help me thinking.
learn and grow in my spiritual journey.
Now, what
- Rosaleen Veilleux is the solution?
Whether yoga
The various techniques for conscious will take charge
relaxation have helped me improve my of us and make
sleeping pattern and also helped me to us quiet and
learn how to relax my body and mind. The steady, or who
course has reaffirmed my faith in the higher will take the
reality - Ishvarapranidhana, we say. I would initiative?
like to thank the course coordinators for the Do send us your views at
motivational words on the first day of the yogatotalhealth@
course which re-affirmed my faith that this
is the right course for me.

- Mallika Poswal Sharma

YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 25
Minati Shah

Shri Yogendraji (Founder of The Yoga Institute) once took a small interview of
an aspiring yoga student.
Founder: What is the aim of your life?
Student: I want to study for my master’s degree.
Founder: What after getting the degree?
Student: I want to look for the job.
Founder: What after getting the job?
Student: May be I will get married.
Founder: But all are your desires! The aim of life should last as long as life does!

The Guru creates a larger background for one to have an aim and direction in life.
One can manage it with the help of yoga.

To maintain hygiene and for management of health in the rainy season, Charak
Samhita recommends the use of honey, old rice, old wheat, Moongdal and old barley.
Corn Handavo Method

Ingredients • Soak Rawa and Dal for five hours.

• Grind to dropping consistency.
• 2 cups Idli Rawa •Mix barley flour, ginger paste, turmeric
• 1/2 cup yellow Moong Dal powder, 1tablespoon oil, jaggery, curd
• 1/4 cup barley flour and salt to taste.
• 5 corn cobs grated and well cooked • Allow batter to rise for five hours (if
• 2 teaspoons ginger paste it does not rise, mix ½ teaspoon soda bi
• 2 teaspoons chopped coriander leaves carb and ½ teaspoon lemon juice).
• 1/2 teaspoons turmeric powder • Mix cooked corn and coriander leaves.
• 3 tablespoons oil • Heat a non-stick pan on medium flame;
• 2 tablespoons jaggery apply little oil on it and pour the batter.
• 1 cup sour curd • In a small frying pan, add the rest
• 1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds of the oil. When the oil gets heated,
• 1/2 teaspoon sesame seeds add mustard seeds. Once mustard
• Salt to taste seeds stop popping, add sesame
seeds and pour it on the batter.
• Cover and cook till the bottom side
turns brown. Then carefully turn
it upside down and cook uncovered
till the other side is well cooked.
• Serve hot with ketchup or Indian pickle.

26 YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016

Thoughts on the Gita
Smt. Hansaji

tq t+ a'l4;+of]u+
net] kf}j{b]lxsd\ .
ott] r ttf] e"oM
;++l;4f} s'?gGbg ..^–$#..

There he comes to be united

with the knowledge acquired
in his former body and he
strives more than before for
perfection, O son of the

Persons because of their earlier evolutions are born differently. For the ordinary
kind of an individual, it will take more than a lifetime to gain a spiritual urge. Most
of us are not even able to create a real interest in a better life than what they are
leading. Eat, drink and be merry, that is the philosophy. However, with the individual
who has worked hard in the previous birth by reading scriptures or by perfect teacher
or by certain spiritual effort, the case is different. They have already acquired deep
spiritual insight, though they may not be able to achieve anything spiritually. Any
spiritual experience and they are immediately put in the direction. With this kind
of strong inclination, they begin their sincere efforts. The efforts at this stage are
very strong and sustain. Then they are able to atain the highest. So one can say that
a very deep urge helps in early spiritual realisation. In the Yoga Sutra, the word
“Samvega” is used for a student who with strong urge succeeds easily.

Thoughts on the Gita

Chapter VI – 43

YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 27

Yoga News
A. N. Desai

On 17th July 2016, a special Satsang was held to commemorate the 41st Birth
Anniversary of Dr. Patanjali Jayadeva Yogendra, the young and son of Dr. Jayadeva
and Smt. Hansaji Yogendra, who met with an untimely death on 24th July 2012.
Singers Shri Iqbal Mehmood, Shri Shailesh Mavinkurve and Kum. Divya Naithani
presented a special musical tribute to Dr. Patanjali by singing his favourite songs.
Smt. Hansaji’s speech about Dr. Patanjali, sharing some very interesting aspects of
his personality was very touching.

50 children from Euro Kids, along 20 Students from the Terence Lewis
with their mothers came to The Yoga Dance Academy attended a 1 day camp
Institute on 23rd July 2016, to celebrate at The Yoga Institute on 28th July
Mother’s Day. A large number of 2016. They found Smt. Hansaji’s talk
volunteers looked after them very well. to be the best and said that she solved
The children made a special presentaion almost all their problems. Smt. Hansaji
to Smt. Hansaji and thanked her for was very amused and appreciated their
having such a beautiful Institute, unique and creative style of doing
expressing their wish to come again. Namaskar.

28 YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016

The auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima was observed on Sunday 24th July,
2016 with a special Satsang entitled Guru Shishya.

The skit on Guru Shishya Smt. Hansaji and Shri Hrishiji admiring
the Rangoli depicting the Satsang topic

Sadhakas waiting in queue to receive blessings from Dr. Jayadeva and Smt. Hansaji

YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 29

• 21 - day Better Living Course starts on the first
Sunday of every month.
• Teacher Training Course starts on the 1st of
every month.
Health Camps Year 2016
2016 2016
7 Day Health Camp (English) 27th - 2nd Sept 24th - 30th Sept
7 Day Health Camp (Hindi) - 10th -16th Sept
Meditation Camp 20th 17th
Cardiac + Hypertension - 4th
Diabetes 7th -
Orthopaedic 28th 25th
Stress Management - 11th
Pregnancy Ante and Post Natal 15th - 16th 17th - 18th
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HEALTH• August 2016
• July 2016
A Bouquet of Scriptural Tales
The World is a Mirror (Mahabharata)
(In this section, for the coming year, we will delve into the ancient treasury of tales from
the Indian Scriptures, which teach us to lead a virtuous and a spiritual life.)

The Sacred Scriptures, from all religions in the world, have a reservoir of stories
which hold within them spiritual truths and pearls of wisdom. They inspire us to
walk the Path of Righteousness, which takes us forward in our spiritual journey.

‘Mahabharata’ is considered to be one of the national epics of India and is believed

to have been narrated by Sage Veda Vyasa and written by Lord Ganesha. This national
epic of India contains the sacred ‘Bhagavad Gita’. It is a storehouse of knowledge
about various aspects of human nature. It describes the war of Kurukshetra which
was between the two large armies of the cousins - the 5 Pandavas and the 100
Kauravas, depicting the victory of righteousness (Dharma) over unrighteousness

Once, the disciples of Guru Dronacharya wanted to know why Yudhishthira

(the eldest Pandava brother) is recognized as an embodiment of virtue and why
Duryodhana (the eldest Kaurava brother) is regarded as the wicked man. So Guru
Dronacharya demonstrated that the reputation assigned to the two cousins was not
without foundation.

Guru Dronacharya called Duryodhana, and told him to go and find a virtuous man.
Duryodhana travelled far and wide for many days and finally when he came back, he
told his Guru that he could not find a single virtuous man. Then, Guru Dronacharya
told Yudhishthira to go and find a wicked man. Yudhishthira too, travelled far and
wide for a long time, and on coming back he told his Guru that he was not able to
find even a single wicked man. All the disciples of Guru Dronacharya were surprised
at these two contrary outcomes and turned to their Guru for an explanation.

Guru Dronacharya then said that, the world is only a reflection of one’s own
mind. Therefore to Yudhishthira who was a virtuous
man, the whole world appeared to be full of
virtuous men; and to Duryodhana who was
a wicked man, the whole world appeared
to be abounding in evil. And thus Guru
Dronacharya explained that, ‘As is
the mind so is the vision of the
world’. Our personal perception of
the world will help us to recognize
our own mental makeup, which in
turn can help to bring about positive
changes within ourselves.

YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • August 2016 31