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Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

QAnon Posts on 8chan
Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018

IMPORTANT This is important because it is the first

confirmed QAnon post after the
imposter posts on,
Friday, Jan 7, 2018.

NO comms w/ anyone privately. QAnon confirms that he is not

communicating with anyone privately.

NO comms outside of this platform. QAnon confirms that QAnon is not

posting on any other Internet platform,
including YouTube, Facebook, or


are on 8chan, now moved from
“CBTS” to “TheStorm.”

THEY DIVIDE. The Deep State actors seeking to stage
a coup d’état against President Trump
use the tactic of dividing those of us
trying to assist QAnon in preserving
Donald Trump’s presidency.

This is a reference to the imposter posts

on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018. The goal of
the Deep State imposter was to plant
information that would divide those of
us supporting Trump, causing

The imposter’s goal was to plant

disinformation that would ultimately
result in discrediting QAnon’s
legitimate posts.

We Conquer. QAnon’s repeated reassurance that in

the end Trump supporters will win and
the Republic will be restored.

This also affirms to QAnon moderators

that the discrediting of the impostor
was successful. All QAnon posts on
8chan CBTS dated Friday, Jan. 5,
2017, must be discarded as false posts
by the imposter.

Anticipated – human nature. QAnon excuses the moderators from
fault, explain the imposter’s false post
attack was expected – just part of
human nature to disrupt and obstruct.

Anticipated – interruptions by others. Again, QAnon excuses the moderators

from fault, explaining he anticipated
interruptions by others. QAnon is
obviously not upset the impostor
attempted to post. He is reassuring the
moderators he is very pleased with how
the moderators handled the situation.

Matlock meant to become PUBLIC Matlock was QAnon’s initial password

on 8chan.

What QAnon is explaining is that he

identifies with Ambassador Matlock
and that at a strategically important
time, it was important QAnon bring his
association with Matlock public,

In one of his last authentic posts before

the imposter attack, #238914, on Jan.
4, 2018, QAnon asked, “Who is

Jack F. Matlock Jr. was U.S.

Ambassador to Russia after the fall of
the Berlin Wall.

“Matlock” was also QAnon’s password

before changing has access tripcodes
over the Christmas and New Year’s

Clearly, QAnon identifies with
Ambassador’s Matlock’s career and his

A key premise of Ambassador

Matlock’s career was his insistence the
U.S. must engage in dialogue with
international adversaries.

“As one who spent a 35-year

diplomatic career working to open up
the Soviet Union and to make
communication between our diplomats
and ordinary citizens a normal practice,
I find the attitude of much of our
political establishment and of some of
our once respected media outlets quite
incomprehensible,” Matlock wrote.
“Anyone interested in improving
relations with Russia and avoiding
another nuclear arms race—which is a
vital interest of the United States—
should discuss current issues with him
[Ambassador Kislyak] and members of
his staff. To consider him ‘toxic’ is

Matlock’s career is proof there is no

crime for “colluding with Russia.” No
one better than Matlock points out the
hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton and the
Democrats engaging in “McCarthyism”
red-baiting in their effort to deny
President Trump the right to rule.

THIS IS NOT A GAME The statement is in capital letters for


QAnon rebukes the imposter, noting

this is not a game. Quite the contrary,

QAnon’s post are extremely serious
business, designed to save Donald
Trump’s presidency, to preserve the
integrity of the U.S. Constitution, and
to restore the United States as the
Constitutional Republic our Founding
Fathers intended to bequeath to
subsequent generations.

CM – thank you for IDEN verification. QAnon is thanking CODEMONKEY

for verifying that these are authentic
QAnon posts. CODEMONKEY’s
involvement during and after the
imposter’s attack was critical to
preserve the integrity of 8chan and the
verified certification of QAnon posts as

CM- how can a secure “read only” QAnon is asking CODEMONKEY if

board be set up whereby the message there is a way 8chan could establish a
can be safely delivered? “read only” board on which QAnon
could post such that no imposter could
post appearing to be QAnon.

By asking the question, QAnon affirms

that the posts on 8chan are important to
him and that QAnon intends to
continue posting. QAnon is not yet

If a board was created, you verified QAnon continues the development of

IDEN, and control was w/ you/us, that the suggestion posed in the previous
would eliminate confusion as to question.
IDEN/AUTH correct?
“If a ‘read only’ board was created on
8chan such that COEMONKEY and
QAnon controlled who could post on
that board, this would eliminate
confusion on identity and authenticity,
isn’t that right,” QAnon askes

CODEMONKEY. This shows QAnon
took the imposter’s attack seriously and
is anxious to put in place a fix.

All Anonymous posters on 8chan “The

Storm” should be assured that
MODERATORS have put in place a
fix that should prevent imposters from
posting as QAnon in the future – a fix
that should allow CODEMONKEY
and the MODERATORS to determine
for certain whether any given post is or
is not QAnon.

By stating “us” in referring to QAnon,

we have QAnon subtly suggesting
QAnon may be a small team of
intelligence operatives, not simply one
person. This is a subtle suggestion that
is not clearly enough stated as to allow
us to conclude for certain that more
than one trusted intel source shares the
QAnon authenticated identity.

No mod management – only info QAnon would like his suggested FIX,
dumps. once implemented, to allow QAnon to
post information dumps directly,
obviating the need for the
MODERATORS to manage the board
to determine whether or not a given
QAnon post is authentic. The
MODERATORS have taken this
suggestion seriously and the move
from “CBTS” to “TheStorm” on 8chan
allowed the MODERATORS to put in
place more secure procedures designed
to minimize (and possibly eliminate
completely) future MODERATOR

With this statement, QAnon
acknowledges the imposter posts on
Friday were allowed to be published
because MODERATORS made a
mistake authenticating the posts
without taking into consideration an
important element necessary to confirm
the poster’s identity.

Further explanation might risk

compromising 8chan “TheStorm.” All
should be assured the problem that
allowed the imposter to post on Friday
has been addressed and fixes taking
into consideration QAnon’s suggestion
have been implemented.

Message is all that matters. QAnon graciously explains he is not

concerned the imposter posted and he
does not blame the MODERATORS
for the short-lived success of the
disinformation attack.

All that matters is that QAnon has a

post on which QAnon can deliver his

QAnon resumed posting on Saturday,

Jan. 6, 2018, obviously satisfied the
steps taken by CODEMONKEY and
the MODERATORS was sufficient to
maintain the integrity of 8chan

THE GREAT AWAKENING. Again, capital letters emphasize the

importance of this statement.

QAnon correctly telegraphs the

information he is communicating will
cause a “GREAT AWAKEING” of the

American people – who soon will have
no alternative but to acknowledge how
serious and close to success was the
globalist attack undertaken to prevent
Donald Trump from becoming
president, from destroying the
Constitution, and ending the American

Time is severely limited. QAnon is signaling that events are

gaining speed. Likely, the shift from
“Calm Before the Storm” to “The
Storm” has begun – symbolized
appropriately by QAnon deciding to
drop to post now only

Marker missed? It is extremely important to QAnon that

all markers be identified.

Markers are statements that mark ties

between current events as noted by
QAnon and the same events as
discussed by President Trump.

These markers not only confirm

QAnon and Trump are working
together, but also that the event marked
is of importance to both.

[RR-out] Here Qanon is saying we missed the
importance of the marker “[RR-out]
that QAnon noted in Post #238914 on
Jan. 4, 2018.

I initially decoded this as meaning Rod

Rosenstein at DOJ was out. That was
my mistake.

What QAnon meant was that the

reference to former President Ronald
Reagan was now “out” made public by
President Trump.

POTUS Tweet – RR/out QAnon instructs us to examine

President Trump’s tweets to decipher
the meaning of “RR/out.”

Two days after QAnon alerted us to

“RR/out,” President Trump tweeted on
the same day, Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018
the following: “Now that Russian
collusion, after one year of intense
study, has proven to be a total hoax
on the American public, the
Democrats and their lapdogs, the Fake
News Mainstream Media, are taking
out the old Ronald Reagan playbook
and screaming mental stability and

This is a clear indication President

Trump will use the historical example
of President Ronald Reagan to
combat against #NeverTrump
opponents plotting to remove him
from office by using the 25th
Amendment to challenge President
Trump’s mental competency.

Opponents at the time argued Ronald
Reagan was not mentally competent
to be president, yet among his many
accomplishments, President Reagan
ended the Cold War, with the USSR
coming to an end as the Berlin Wall
came down.

On Sunday, Jan. 7, 2017, President

Trump tweeted a second reference to
President Reagan, saying: “I’ve had to
put up with the Fake News from the
first day I announced that I would be
running for President. Now I have to
put up with a Fake Book, written by a
totally discredited author. Ronald
Reagan had the same problem and
handled it well. So will I!”

President Trump has attacked Michael

Wolff’s claim his book largely
fictional book Fire and Fury will
“bring down” Trump’s presidency by
referencing the many similar
unsuccessful attempts made in print
during the 1980s to derail President
Reagan’s presidency.

>>7923 References Anon Post #7935 that
posed the question, “Does this mean
Ronald Reagan, Q?”

This affirms the [RR-out] reference

was to Ronald Reagan, as presumed

Timestamp. QAnon reminds us to look at the

timestamp of all QAnon posts,
stressing the timestamp is important.

Decipher QAnon insists we must decipher the

timestamp of his posts to understand
the message.

Think clock. The timestamp directs our attention to

the real time by the clock at which a
message was posted.

Wind the clock w/ all markers. QAnon is making clear he posted [RR-
out] on Jan. 4, 2018, not so we would
understand the “RR” reference
correctly, but so we would mark he
telegraphed in advance that soon “RR”
would be “out.”

Then, when President Trump tweeted
about Ronald Reagan on Saturday, Jan.
6 and again on Sunday, Jan. 7, we
would realize QAnon had “marked”
that in advance.

Relevent This is important, which is why QAnon

marked it in advance – so we would
pay special attention to the point.

Future proves past. A much repeated QAnon admonition.

The [RR-out] marker preceded the

Trump tweets on Ronald Reagan.

The point is that QAnon knew in

advance President Trump was going to
use the Ronald Reagan defense in
combating efforts to use the 25th
Amendment to remove him from

Proves QAnon is working close to

President Trump in a position of
knowledgeable and trusted confidence.

Why is POTUS referring to Black pop “Black pop” = Black Population

On the same day as this QAnon post.
Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018, Trump tweeted
the following: “The African American
unemployment rate fell to 6.8%, the

lowest rate in 45 years. I am so happy
about this News! And, in the
Washington Post (of all places),
headline states, ‘Trumps first year
jobs numbers were very, very good.’”

QAnon is pointing out that while his

#NeverTrump Deep State opponents
are determined to remove him from
office, he is making sure his
presidency is successful – boosting
the economy and passing an historic
tax cut that have resulted in a historic
rise in African American

Refer back to the crumbs. This is important because the

Democrats depend on African
American votes to win elections.

Trump is busy setting up GOP

victories in 2018 and his reelection in
2020 by making sure the economics
of the USA are restored, realizing
voters typically vote their

QAnon is also setting the stage for

understanding that the Democrats
exploit African Americans and other
minorities for their votes, while
delivering no real benefits to their
constituents once Democrats are in

How much did AUS donate to CF? Here the work of New York-based
financial analyst Charles Ortel is
extremely important.

Ortel’s meticulous work has

documented that the Clinton
Foundation has solicited almost $100
million to fight HIV/AIDS from the
Australian government starting by

Ortel insists the Clinton Foundation

was certainly not authorized to fight
HIV/AIDs, anywhere and failed, in any
case, to ensure that medicines
distributed in its name were safe, rather
than adulterated, and lethal.

To combat HIV/AIDS in Africa, the

Clintons bought defective HIV/AIDS
medications manufactured by Ranbaxy
in India. As I pointed out in my book,
Partners in Crime: The Clintons’
Scheme to Monetize the White House

forPpersonal Gain, the medicines
delivered to Africa by the Clinton
Foundation were not capable of curing
anyone of anything. The Clinton
Foundation pocketed tens of millions
of dollars in the appalling scam.

On May 13, 2013, in what developed

as a global pharmaceutical scandal,
Ranbaxy pleaded guilty to seven
federal criminal counts of selling
adulterated drugs with an intent to
defraud, failing to report that its drugs
didn’t meet specifications, and making
intentionally false statements to the
government.1 In pleading guilty,
Ranbaxy also agreed to pay $500
million in fines, forfeitures, and
penalties, the most ever levied against a
generic-drug company.

A Fortune Magazine article published in

2013, perhaps best captured the moral
bankruptcy of Ranbaxy by relating a
conference call Dr. Kathy Spreen,
Ranbaxy’s executive director of clinical
medicine had with a dozen company
executives in which one of the
participating Ranbaxy executives
dismissed Ranbaxy’s concern that the
company was producing defective ARV
drugs for HIV/AIDS patents in Africa
by saying, “Who cares. It’s just blacks

Katherine Eban, “Maker of generic Lipitor pleads guilty to selling ‘adulterated
drugs,’” Fortune, May 13, 2013,

In an email to the author of this decode,
Ortel said:

“With conflicted crony directors,

and shoddy accountants, the Clinton
team ran roughshod around the
world likely diverting donated funds
for illegal purposes, including
political campaigns and personal

“That such large sums were sourced

so long from Australia likely means
numerous Australian politicians and
bureaucrats were in on the fraud.

“Time will tell whether the

Australian people will demand
justice and recompense for
themselves, as U.S. government
authorities now try to make plain no
one is above the law.

Not former president Bill Clinton.

“Not aspiring president Hillary


“And not significant foundation

donors including the Gates and
Rockefeller Foundations (and many
others) who must have known

In a YouTube video produced by Jason

Goodman, Ortel explains the Clinton
Fraud in Australia in detail, with the
assistance of Australian journalist
Michael Smith.

How Much did SA donate to CF? Saudi Arabia has donated
approximately $10 million to the
Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation website lists

that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
contributed between $10 to $25 million
to the foundation.

Compare. The Clinton Foundation took possibly

up to $25 million from Saudi Arabia
despite Saudi Arabia’s horrible
reputation for abusing the rights of
women, just as the Clinton Foundation
solicited up to $100 million from
Australia to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

In both cases, the Clintons ignored the

obvious and egregious human rights
offenses – delivering worthless generic
HIV/AIDS drugs manufactured by
criminals in India to Africa – while
Hillary took Saudi Arabia’s money
while planning to champion LGBT
rights running as the first “woman
president” in the United States.

Why is this relevant? Shows how CLINTONS advanced

leftist Democratic Party politics with a
callous disregard for their own
willingness to abuse Africans and
women in their pursuit of money that
can be money-laundered through the
Clinton Foundation in a vast criminal
conspiracy that makes a mockery both
of charitable giving laws
internationally and Democratic Party
espousal from the political left of
identity politics.

What phone call between POTUS and On Aug. 3, 2017, the Washington Post
X/AUS leaked? published the transcript of a leaked
phone call between President Trump
and Australian Prime Minister
Malcolm Turnbull that occurred on
Jan. 28, 2017, eight days after Trump
was inaugurated.

Trumbull asked Trump to honor an

Obama administration deal in which
Obama had agreed to resettle in the
USA some 1,200 refugees kept by the
Australian government in offshore
detention camps run by the Australian
These refugees were boat people that
Australia were keeping in two offshore
island camps on Nauru and Papua New
Guinea under an Australian policy that
anyone who arrives by boat without a
visa would never be able to settle on
Australian soil but were sent to the
island camps for processing.

In return, Australia agreed to take a

group of Central American refugees
who had been attempting to make it to
the USA.

In the phone call, President Trump

objected, explaining he had only been
in office a few days and he had
campaigned on admitting to the USA
only refugees the USA had vetted
thoroughly. “This deal will make me
look terrible,” Trump objected to
Trumbull during the phone call.

The point was the illegal release of this

phone call to the mainstream media

was engineered by #NeverTrump Deep
State operatives within the White
House who were willing to break the
law in order to embarrass President

List the leadership in Australia From 2007 through 2013, the Labor
IDEN leadership during Hussein term. Party controlled Australia.
IDEN leadership during POTUS’ term.
Since 2013, a Liberal Coalition has led

Australian politics are strongly leftist,

with a decided globalist influence.

Who controls AUS? Whenever QAnon asks these questions,

Who really controls AUS? he is signaling the obvious is not the
UK? real story.
Why is this relevant?
One might think the United Kingdom
would control Australia, since
Australia is part of the British

In terms of real politics, the UK control

of Australia is a formality.

If the Clintons can draw $100 million

out of the Australian government on an
obvious HIV/AIDS scam in Africa, one
might argue that “New World Order”
globalists like the Clintons are the real
power, capable of stealing Australia’s
wealth at will.

DO NOT LOSE FOCUS ON LOOP QAnon is admonishing us not to pay
CAPITAL any attention “lose focus” on Loop
Capital – a false trail planted as
disinformation by the impostor last

Loop Capital may be important if we

were investigation as our primary goal
the corruption in the Obama family.

But our primary focus here is to

preserve the presidency of Donald
Trump by exposing the #NeverTrump
Deep State coup d’état.

The imposter made a big deal of Loop

Capitol, headquartered in Chicago, in
order to throw us off the track.

Again, QAnon writes this in capital

letters, so it is important.

Look familiar? The desk is the desk Barack Obama
Note the desk. used in his office the Laurel Lodge at
Camp David.

The pen appears to be one of the Mont

Blanc fountain pens Donald Trump

The next and last QAnon post on This is probably all the confirmation
Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018, referenced Post anybody should need that QAnon is
8172 that said simply: affirming he was at Camp David this
[P_Pers]= POTUS PERSONAL? weekend with President Trump.

QAnon’s ability to photograph

Trump’s desk and fountain pen at
Camp David should be proof he is
working in close and trusted proximity
with POTUS.