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Paul G Foret

#21 Floyds Court Houma, LA 70364 US Phone: 985-262-0208 Alt Phone: 985-637-2204

Objective Abilities
Worked as deckhand ,engineer,mate,captain,craneoprator,forklift,rigger,manlift,excaulator,electrical wire120v to 220volts,12v also welded n worked as a helper/tacker,customian, helper, also as a master onboard steered 100 ton vessels offshore for many yrs, i have many skills but wiiling to learn others ,by training are on job[at hand duty].

Employment History
Floor Tech (Floor Technician) 01/2010 - Current shallow cleaners Houma, LA

cleaning floor`s for office buildings Lawn care tech 03/2009 - 11/2009 Cut Too Short Lawn Care Houma, LA

Grass cutting and weed eating, tree trimming,clean ups. [part time work] working during weekend,and some week days with owner. we had only 15 customers ,which some were weekly and others bi weekly. operation /helper 02/2009 - 07/2009 willstaff worldwide Houma, LA

Setting up tables,chairs,stairs,and cleanups,working with lots of people @ events serving food n drinks........ work at call on only, jobs were some days,some weeks,some on job assingement . differnt job required differencenses,[offload r load]truck, others like waittier tables, wash dishes, are assit people to area needed. skipper 08/2006 - 10/2008 • • • • • mate 08/2005 - 08/2006 • Diamond Services Amelia, LA moncla marine Lafayette, LA

operated crew boat in bayous,lakes,rivers,and gulf. maintained vessel maintenance of engines and cleanness of vessel. carried passengers to rig and docks with and without cargo of rig equipment operated a hydraulic crane to offload cargo used a forklift when necessary or when needed. help rig crew as needed [team member]

Operated tugboat in bayous,lakes,rivers,and gulf.

• • • • • • • • •

towed barges to rigs and platforms and laybargers. head of operations inboard vessel of crew performance and maintenance. maintained vessel maintenance of engines and cleannesses of vessel. Operated a hydraulic crane to offload or load materials . Loaded and discharger petroleum to vessel. Cooked meals for crew. Assisted with repairs to vessel break downs of engines or gears and vessel property. work as needed in any department of job site. operated crane to offload boats, barges,and trucks.[friction n hydrolic]

Engineer 04/2004 - 08/2004 • • • • Mate 01/2004 - 04/2004 • • • • • Stagg Marine Morgan City, LA Offshore Specility Houma, LA

Performed engineering duties in planning and desiring tools, engines.machines,and other mechanically functioning equipment. Oversaw installations, maintenance, and repairs of such equipment as centralizied heat,gas, water, and steam systems. sterring of vessel to rigs and platforms. Offloading of cargo to rigs and platforms and docks.

Operated tugboat in bayous lakess,rivers,and gulf. Loaded and offload pertroleum to vessel. sterring vessel from radar,and depth finder, GPS to rigs and platforms and docks. tieing bargers. perform engineer duties in planning and designing tools,engines,machines, and other mechanically functioning equipment.

Captain 05/2003 - 11/2003 • • • • • • Mate 05/2002 - 05/2003 Abdon Callias marine Cutoff, LA JWP boat Retals Chavin, LA

Operated crewboat in bayous,lakes, rivers,and gulf. load and offloading of crew men to vessel and platforms. Loaded and offloaded to vessel deck equipment for platforms ,docks,and facilitys. Sterring of vessel from radar ,depth finder, GPS. maintain vessel cleanness,and engines, decks. check and oil engines as nesscerary.

Operated offshore crewboats to offshore platforms ,carring personell to rigs, platforms,,sterring vessel from radar , depth finder, GPS etc. Welder Helper 11/2002 - 03/2003 PMC/Pipeline Constructoin Maintaincence Houma, LA

• • • •

Helper at welding ,cleaning fire watch,sweeping metals off floors,aligning wiring to welders. Operated forklift , over head crane. rigging equipment and materials . grinding cutting of metals.

Welder Helper 04/2001 - 04/2002 • grand Isle Shipyard Grand Isle, LA

Rigger ,tacker,safety watch perform on site,grinding,cleaning area ,assisting fitter.using overhead crane,forklift,and general labor. operated hoist, fit flanges,valves,using horness on over head jobs,fix electricals and system lines. practice on friction n hydrlic crane offloading platform deck materials.

Skipper 04/2000 - 11/2000 Nabors Offshore n Inland Corp Houma, LA

operatd a 32ft crew boat inland waters/carried personnel,equipment,supplys,groceries, and matreials for inland rig. clean vessel, maintained vessel engines, decks,and repairs.

Education History
Completion Date Issuing Institution Qualification Course of Study

Certification Issuing Organization Title 100 ton OSHA BAISC PLUS coast guard ASSOCIATION OF RECIPROCAL SAFETY COUNCIL Completion Date 02/1978 09/2009 Expiration Date 11/2000 09/2010



07/2014 09/2010


Police,Firemen,Christinity and a person that has good deeds,and loves to work with people .Family and working my growth to my goals,my achievements,and giving blessing to the oat`s my life has brought to me.i also have a honor at my courage,abilitys,and leadership as i have learned and used at work,and at home.//////// i play games on yahoo,work on automoblies,hunting,pool,social events, some partys, going out to dinner......

Additional Information

have many different skills from past employment,laborer to professional at some skills, i can do jst about any skill,any labor,n be trained...

Paul Pierre, Mud Engineer Huscules Drilling 407 montior dr, n/a Houma, LA 70363 985-688-7331 Business reference known for 20 year(s).

Eric Fitch, foreman Tuner Industries 2003 langdon st Houma, LA 70361 985-709-4309 Personal reference known for 10 year(s).

Ray Herbert, Toopusher Key Energy Crowley,LaLA 337-515-5665 Business reference known for 3 year(s).

Antione Foret, Truck Driver Voorhies Supplys Bayou blue rd Houma, LA 985-637-2204 Business reference known for 25 year(s).

Duddley Dupre, PortCaptain Trico Marine 206 north ashland dr Houma, LA 70360 985-876-5150 Business reference known for 20 year(s).

Travis Marcel, Fitter Tuner Industies 215 Gylnn AVe Houma, 70360 985-855-3367 Personal reference known for 10 year(s).