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Background ‘The fst China Symposum on Sustainable Stsimaking Techlogy (CST 2078) wil beheld on October 2425, 2018 Tanja, China, a waown major and beaut catty in east China. ‘After nearly 20 years rapid dovelopmont. the world Hee industy has entre new pio, Making futher Ineoaso of steel preducton has et boon he pry of the ste! indus of major see production counties. Emphasis of the RAD works has or wil bo shitd 19 seeping the ochnolgis fr sustainable development, Le. tetnoogie for ever enhancing prodcton een, king lels with ever higher properties, me aly to ‘eninmont, proving ever bate senicas for customers, For promoting exchange of stalmaking technologies in the now pio, Te Chinese Sait for Metals (CSM) would Ike to launch and organize an international sypetium named as ‘Cina Symposisn on Sustainable Sioslmaking Technology. The frst Symposium wil bo ald in Taj, China on October 24:25, 2088. Aer, ‘tl bo ald every two yoars In other major Chinese (CSST 2018 wil provide an excelent venue forthe ‘academia, researchers and engineers all round the world fo exchange the stalo-ote-at development and ‘Hrmaton on enue reat ostalmalang. We Kindly levi yu to peicpato inthe meaningful symposium and a looking formar to meting you in Tan on Oceber 24-26, 2018 =the bes season of oy, ‘High Efteleney Steimakng Process “BOF Steatnakng “EAE Sisinakng Secondary Refing 2.auatty Contt of Products “Cran Stel Proscton -ranical Compesiion Cont of Stes “Formation Mechanism and Control Measures to The -4igh Gra Stools (Atomebie Sheets, Ppsine Paes, Special Stel, te) “Analysis Methods fr Inclusions “Removal of nchsions Cente inusers (Number, Pasion, S20, Compaction, Property ec) tation of nelson 4. continuous Casting “Sic, Blom, Bile, Tin Ss, Srp, te “Mold Ca0ing, Secondary Cooing ot -Slecromagneic Stang, Elesromagnate Sabin, Tandsh Heating ete 5. Envronment-Feendy Steimaking Technology -Enisens Products of Stotaking and The pacts on Natal Resource Recover tom Stelmakng Sag, Dist, -Reocyo of Stoiraking Wats Energy Saving in Sneaking Less Sap Stating hemonamies una Sirudaons t Organizing Commitee WANG xirhua_Shougang Corporation Li, China ‘Secretary-Generl WANG Xinjiang The Chinese Society for Metals, Cina Assistant Secretary General JIANG Min University of Science & Technology Bala, china Offical Language Orci! ngusge forthe symposia i Engl Cal for Papers Aetract Submission ‘A contbuttons on the theme ofthe symposium as ocebed prveusy ae welcome. Prospective authors re invited to submit en abstract of 800 words (in English) by January 31,2018 to the conference secretarial. The abstact should provide tuft infomation fof seeseent “Thre are two ways to submit papers: “To {il in the form on the conference website ‘wmce82018com ‘To inthe atacod reply form and return to the covfrence screiarat by eral esi2018@csmorg cn. Deadine June 30, 2018 Seotember, 2018 1 2018, The Chinese Society for te you 28a plant manufacturer + ld of sosimaking to actly ny experts inthe steslmeking salon and prtpaton wil help 8 open o promote new becoming 8 sponsor ar Kindy Jo he symposium. 120 xi Votes 100711, chine with your abstract to the conference secretariat by e-mat ees2018@=m orgen Titer OMe OMe. be Prt Famly Name: Frat Name aang Astros: ten i CSSTas pant submit peper am terest in atleding he contorence China Symposium on Sustainable Steelmaking Technology 2018 cppontniion Tianjin, &. R, CHINA October 24-26, 2018 Organized by @ the chinese Society for Metals www. c8t2018. com