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ICSE 4th Mathematics test:

Q1. Fill in the blanks:

i. _________________ is repeated subtraction

ii. The number that is divided is called the ________________
iii. The number with which we divide is called the _________________
iv. The answer obtained on division is called the ________________
v. The number left un divided is called the ________________
vi. _______________ = Divisor x Quotient + Remainder
vii. In division the remainder has to be either zero or less than the ________________
viii. If we divide a number by itself the quotient is ____________
ix. If we divide any number by the number _________, the quotient is the same as the number
x. If the dividend is zero and the divisor is a non zero number, then the quotient is _________

Q2. Answer the following questions:

i. 101 �1 =
ii. 0 �15 =
iii. 57 �57=

Q3. A factory produces 1617 shoes in a week. How many shoes does it produce in one day?

Q4. Calculate 11341 �9