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To whom it may concern


We are currently doing a research in savings accounts.

Imagine that bank can provide a special account for your children served as a piggy account.
They will be the direct beneficiary and family members can deposit any amount of money into
the account with interest rate similar to term deposit.

All the information is used purely for academic purposes and your identities shall be remained

Question 1. Do you currently use any bank services or have a bank account?

a. Yes b. No

Question 2. What is your income level on monthly basis on Vietnam dong?

a. Less than 1,500,000 d. 4,500,000-7,499,999
b. 1,500,000-2,999,999 e. 7,500,000-14,999,999
c. 3,000,000-4,499,999 f. More than 15,000,000

Question 3. What is your age?

a. 18-24 d. 55-64
b. 25-34 e. 65+
c. 35-54

Question 4. What is your current educational level?

a. Post-graduate d. Lower secondary
b. Undergraduate e. Primary
c. Professional secondary f. No certification

Question 5. Do you have any children?

a. Yes b. No

Question 6. How many children do you have?

a. 1 c. 3
b. 2 d. 3+

what are the most important 4 motivations? Score Criteria 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Interest Rate Additional benefits Bank location Bank reputation Customer service Information available online Question 8. .Question 7. By which means of marketing that you believe the message can be delivered to you most efficiently? Score Criteria 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 TV Internet Brochure/leaflet Newspaper Events at schools and educational institution Telemarketing Word-of-mouth We really appreciate your time. Best regard. In choosing a bank to open account.