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Eric Reels

CMD 584
Barrel of Monkeys

“Dump monkeys onto table. Pick up one monkey by an arm. Hook the other
arm through a second monkey's arm. Continue making a chain. Your turn is
over when a monkey is dropped."

Some students may need close-ended game. In this case, print out a
downloadable game board, and after every turn, the player rolls a die and
moves accordingly. The student may also move according to the number of
monkeys on the chain and the end of the turn.

Print-outs available here:


Articulation/Core Phrases
Student will repeat the target(s) X number of times for each monkey in the chain at the end of the turn.

Social Language
Michelle Garcia-Winner’s Conversation Tree/Add-a-Thought.
For each appropriate comment about the subject, students add a monkey to the conversation chain. In a
group, each participant uses a different color. If a student makes an unrelated comment, they will add a
monkey next to the chain.

Amy Laurent’s Question-Comment Board.
Participants each have a set amount of “question monkeys” and “comment monkeys” (each type of
monkey is a different color). For each appropriate comment or question they make, they add a
corresponding monkey to the chain. Since questions are more “valued” in the activity, consider having
the student add two monkeys for each question, or designating the “question monkeys” as the student’s
favorite color.