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Petro-Canada Palmyra B.V.

- Job Description
TITLE: (Describe job type first, e.g. Coord, Advisor, Manager, follow by function) Current Grade Level: Eval. No. (HR)
Commissioning Engineer TBD      

BUSINESS/SERVICE UNIT: (e.g. Central Region, Exploration/Int, Finance) Incumbent (if any): Location: (e.g. city or building)
IBU Operations Ebla Gas Project, Syria Not Applicable Syria

DEPARTMENT/FUNCTION: (e.g. Sales & Distribution, Drilling, HR) Written By: Date:
Production Operations Syrian Operations Team March 2009

SUMMARY DESCRIPTION: Describe the purpose of the position in 2 or 3 sentences.

This position is for a Commissioning Operations Engineer reporting to the Commissioning Manager. Generally the position is responsible for -
Coordinating all pre commissioning and commissioning activities with the Commissioning Manager.
Within the boundaries of the agreed responsibilities coordinate the witnessing and verifying of contractors’ pre commissioning and commissioning tests and report back to the
Commissioning Manager.
Ensure all QC requirements are implemented.
Within the boundaries of the agreed responsibilities coordinate all aspects of the Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and initial start-up operations activities.
Ensure all IT and Communications work packs and pre commissioning documentation is available from contractor in accordance with progress requirements
Verification of process performance criteria.
Walk-down the plant and prepare system punch lists.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Details about where the job fits, any direct reports and relationship to peers will help with evaluation. Use titles only, or attach current Organization Chart.

Box 1 - Please indicate title this job reports to Commissioning Line 3 - All other positions reporting to box 1 manager
Box 2 - Recommended title of the job under review Manager Line 4 - All positions reporting directly to box 2 position
Line 5 – All positions reporting to box 4 position

3 2 Commissioning

Comparable jobs with similar type of work (if any):


APPROVED BY: Manager/Leader: Date:

Human Resources: Date:

(Mgr/ HR Advisor)

Job Description - Page 2

Describe the content and requirements of the job in terms of the following key factors.
SKILL / KNOWLEDGE: Describe the specific technical and SCOPE/IMPACT: Describe the key responsibilities & outputs of the job in order of importance. Describe the job’s scope, such as area
business skills or knowledge required to perform the job. of influence, span of control, geographic scope of operations, etc. if applicable.

• Operations engineering background with strong • Adhere to technical Governmental and Company rules, regulations and procedures.
aptitude to use these skills in a high pressure, high level • Conversant and compliant with Petro-Canada’s Integrated Management System and Total Loss
of activity pre-commissioning and commissioning Management under the “Zero
Harm” policy.
• At least 10 years experience in the oil & gas
• Understand and support PCP’s production operations strategy and philosophy where applicable to the
commissioning discipline..
• Analytical skills to identify and resolve technical
• Prepare and ensure contractor adherence with PCP Permit to Work system.
Instruments and Controls commissioning issues and
• Actively participate in Task Risk Assessments, incident investigations, safety meetings, toolbox meetings,
emergency response
• In depth knowledge of process and utility systems
exercises, drills, etc.
• Act as a team-player in the multifunctional Commissioning Team.
understanding of the physics of oil and gas
• Actively support Vendor representatives with multi discipline resources as required.
• Witness and accept Vendor site activities.
• Verify marked up drawings and agree key drawings requirement with Construction team.
• Full awareness of risks at the worksite with strong
• Monitor and agree close-out of Punch List action points. Ensure all ‘A’ punch list action points are complete
ability to identify hazards present and to prepare
before Ready for Commissioning date is agreed. Agree on ‘B’ Punch list action points and completion dates.
hazard data sheets
present at worksite. • Assist in mentoring, training, and appraising of Syrian National staff in the commissioning team .
• Adequate computer skills e.g. MS Office. • Troubleshoot commissioning related problems both independently and in liaison with PCP Engineering and
vendor specialists.
• Coordinate operating and maintenance manuals. Ensure manufacturer’s data books are available for
handover at Ready for Commissioning Stage. Witness all 24 hours and 72 hours test runs.
• Witness Final Acceptance Tests for the Plant and prepare Final Acceptance Handover documentation
• Self-starter. Plan own day-to-day pre-commissioning and commissioning activities in an effective manner
and in close coordination with the instructions from the Commissioning Manager
• Be prepared to coordinate pre commissioning and commissioning activities in GGS or GTP as required.
• Coordinate start-up and commissioning spares, consumables for first six months of operation.
• Prepare Spare Part Interchange ability Sheets (SPIRs)
•Coordinate all Commissioning test activities carried out by PIL’s Commissioning team meet commissioning
procedure requirements and that all flushing, purging, inerting activities are in accordance with plant
commissioning procedures.

GENERAL CAPABILITIES: Describe any other skills and DIMENSIONS: Describe any data that would define the size of DECISION MAKING: Does the job have Direct or
capabilities that would be useful in this job (e.g. Communication the job/position, such as sales, assets or people influenced by the Indirect/Advisory influence over key decisions? Describe the
and Interpersonal skills, People Management, Execution, job, capital or expense budgets controlled by this job. nature of the problems the job deals with. Is there a
Thinking skills, Business Savvy, Customer Orientation, etc.) guidebook/manual or do problems require unusual or new
• Able to communicate very well in both verbal and
written English and demonstrate good supervisory None identified as this is a temporary position. • Consults with Commissioning Manager on a regular
and coordination skills basis.
• Able to take swift and sound decisions in case of • Direct impact on safety performance of critical
an emergency in order to ensure the safety of activities.
personnel is not jeopardized. • Be able to independently make decisions on routine pre
• Well-developed communication and interpersonal commissioning and commissioning priorities.
skills are essential.

• Trouble shooting and problem solving skills

WORKING CONDITIONS: Describe the physical environment the job/position is located in. Are there unusual physical requirements or mental stress factors that impact the job/position? (e.g. regular
outdoor work, climbing towers, frequent business related travel or having to sit for extended periods of time at a PC, or reception desk).

 Position is based in Syria, in remote camp locations, rotation of 28 days working on shift and 28 days off, travel on days off. Must be physically fit, able to work under sever weather conditions and
able to climb ladders and stair cases to elevated work platforms to monitor/repair process equipment.

Everyone working for or on behalf of Petro-Canada Palmyra B.V in Syria has the responsibility with regard to his or her work:
• To be familiar with the PCP Total Loss Management (TLM) Policy and Integrated Management System (IMS) and its meaning for day-to-day work
• To be familiar with the work and be aware of all associated risks for People, the Environment, Assets and Reputation
• To know the Integrated Management System sufficiently for the work, as well as the potential consequences of not adhering to the system
• To know their roles and responsibilities
• To report any incident, near miss and improvement suggestion
• To participate in and support the Company’s Emergency Response duty rota and activities


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