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Parveena Ahanagar the iron lady of Kash-
mir is the founder chairperson of Asso-
ciation of Parents of Disappeared Person
APDP, founded in 1995 in Indian occupied
Jammu Kashmir. Praveen’s son Javeed
Ahmed 19 was picked by Indian occupa-
tion forces from his residence on 18th of
August 1990 and subjected to enforced
disappearance. In search of her son she
traveled from post to pillar and has shown
way to thousands of bereaved families
who’s dear ones disappeared while in cus-
tody of occupation forces. IN 2005 Iron
lady of Kashmir was nominated for the
Noble Peace Prize for her strength, paci-
fism and human rights activism. Human
Rights groups have documented around
10,000 cases of enforced and involuntary
disappearances in Indian Occupied Kash-


& Compiled by
Ghulam Hassan
Altaf Hussain Wani

Introduction 04

Killings 05

Pellet Victims 09

Torture 10

Use Of Human Shield 11

Civilian Driver Used As A Human Shield 12

Brutal Attacks On Educational Institutions 12

Media Gag And Internet Blockade 15

Arbitrary Detentions 17

International Concerns 17


Indian Human Rights record came under scrutiny when third cycle of universal periodic review (UPR) was held at
Geneva on May, 04, 2017.
India came under heavy criticism form states as well as civil society groups for its noncompliance of the international
commitment and obligations. It was 3rd time India came under scrutiny and over 112 state representatives made
observations and submitted recommendations to government of India to improve its human rights record.  One can
easily judge by the worst kind of human rights violations India state has been inflicting on people of Jammu and
Kashmir living under forced occupation of India.
Human Rights situation in Indian occupied Kashmir remained under severe criticism from local and International
human rights organisations ever since 1989. The public outcry against Indian occupation and for the achievement
of United Nations recognized right to self-determination has been met with military might without regards for the
international human rights law and fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution.
The presence of over 700000 Indian troops has turned Kashmir into a military garrison and these troops have been
committing the worst kind of human rights violations. More or less every part of this beautiful piece of land has been
bruised and brutalized at the hands of these alien forces. The civilian population has been facing bullets, pellets,
teargas shells, PAVA shells and other means of unabated repression day in and day out. The International human
rights and Humanitarian Laws are being trampled under jackboots in every nook & corner of this occupied territory
and the culpable soldiers continue to enjoy impunity under black laws.
Human Rights desk of Kashmir Institution of International relations monitors the human rights situation of Indian
occupied Kashmir. Besides monitoring daily human rights situation, it also monitors what national and international
human rights institutions and UN human rights procedures report about the human rights situation of the occupied
This document will cover the rights violations that took place from January, 2017 to May 2017.
Year 2017 also stated with a killing note and torture, restrictions on freedom of assembly and association, restrictions
on internet, gaging of social media and other means of communication and attacks of educational institutions and
medical services continue.
KIIR acknowledges  the hard works and dedication of the human rights defenders and organisations and also ac-
knowledges the element of risk they took while documenting these incidents.

KILLINGS Date of Incident: March 28, 2017
Victim Name: Amir Fayaz Waza.
Age: 16 Years 
Date of Incident: March 28, 2017
Parentage: Fayaz Ahmad Waza
Victim Name: Zahid Rashid Ganaie
Address: Wathora, Chadoora, District Budgam, Central
Age: 24 Years 
Parentage: Abdul Rasheed Ganaie
Civil status: Single
Address: Nagam, Chadoora, Budgam, Central Kashmir.
Profession: Student.
Civil status: Single
The victim was killed when
Profession: Business/Jeweler
the Indian forces showered
Zahid was shot dead by the
bullets on a civilian protest in
Border Security Force (BSF)
Chadoora. This son of a poor
when he was streaming a
labor (sand digger) was buried
protest demonstration on
in a graveyard in Wathora,
Facebook live in Chadoora
near his home, where he
area of Budgam. Among six
used to live with his father,
siblings, he was the only
mother and two sisters. ”The occupation troops have
male child and a hope of
taken the life of my only son, but I don’t want anything
his rich father to keep the
from them. Not even justice, because there has never
family’s jewelry business
been any in Kashmir, Amir’s father repeatedly told the
running. While speaking to media, the victim’s father
visiting mourners”.
has said that he had offered a prayer for a son at a
shrine, before Zahid was born, but his life has been
taken by the occupation forces and that too in a cold-
blooded murder.

Date of Incident: March 28, 2017.

Victim Name: Ishfaq Ahmad Wani
Age: 23 Years 
Parentage: Abdul Rashid Wani
Address: Rangreth, Chadoora, District, Budgam, Central
Civil status: Single
Profession: Motor Mechanic.
Ishfaq’s asthma patient father
had planned to sell some of his
Date of Incident: April 9, 2017.
land so that they could open their
Victim Name: Faizan Ahmad Dar
own mechanic shop but Indian
Age: 12 Years 
troops shattered the dream of
Parentage: Fayaz Ahmad Dar
this poor family by pumping
Address: Dalwan, Chrar-e-Sharif, Budgam
a bullet in Ishfaq’s chest. The
Civil status: Single
hapless father was told about the
Profession: Student 7th grade.
gruesome murder of his son on
Faizan was short in the back of his head by the Border
phone. When he reached the SMHS hospital Srinagar,
Security Force (BSF) near a school in Dalwan, Budgam.
the doctors in white aprons were taking out Ishfaq’s
According to eyewitnesses this innocent boy was
dead body on a stretcher. The eye-witnesses have said
carrying a packet of biscuits while returning home
that the victim was just standing on a road side when
from a nearby store when he fell prey to the bullets
he was shot in the chest by the unbridled forces of
fired by the troops on a group of local people protesting
against Indian rule on polling day.

Date of Incident: April 09, 2017. on protesters in Budgam area. Abass was shifted to
Victim Name: Shabir Ahmad Bhat a hospital where they were declared as brought dead.
Age: 22 Years  In the firing incident, at least 22 others were injured,
Parentage: Ghulam Muhammad Bhat according to local residents.
Address: Dawlatpora Chadoora,
District Budgam, Central Kashmir.
Civil status: Single
Profession: Labor
Shabbir, who was one among the
nine people killed on April 9, had
left his home at around 1.45 pm
on polling day. His cold blooded
murder was carried out by the
Central Reserve Police Force
(CRPF) when like many other
villages Dawlatpora witnessed
a complete boycott of the Indian election drama. The Date of incident: 09th April, 2017
victim was shot in the back near the graveyard of his Victim Name: Jana Begum
village and the bullet had pierced his heart. Age: 55

Date of Incident: April 09, 2017.

Victim Name: Amir Ahmad Resray
Age: 17 Years 
Parentage: Manzoor Ahmad Resray
Address: Sogam, District Budgam, Central Kashmir.
Civil status: Single
Profession: Student of 11th Class
Amir was on his way to a tutor when
he was attacked by the Indian Besides killing of eight civilians, a 55-year-old lady
forces. The soldiers of Border Jana Bagum of Dalwan reportedly suffered heart
Security Force (BSF) opened direct attack as she got traumatised due to heavy firing of
fire on the victim and killed him on Indian forces.
spot when Dadhompora, like many
other villages of Central Kashmir,
boycotted the parliamentary
election drama. Amir was studying in Dadhompora
and was staying there at his maternal grandfather’s Date of Incident: April 09, 2017
house. His poor parents had sent him there for the Victim Name: Umer Farooq Ganai
better education and they wanted him to be a doctor. Age: 21 Years 
However fate had something else in store as his life Parentage: Farooq Ahmad Ganaie
was taken by the occupation troops and that too at a Address: Baroosa, District Ganderbal, Central
very young age. Kashmir.
Civil status: Single
Date of incident: 09th April, 2017 Profession: Driver
Victim Name: Abass Jahangir The victim was killed when Border
Age: 22 Security Force (BSF), without any
On 09th April at around 11 am, Abass Jahangir and his provocation, fired directly towards
friend, students of Higher Secondary School Dalwan a group of boys sitting in a ground
were killed after Border Security Forces opened fire at Baroosa near Srinagr-Leh

Highway in Ganderbal district, on the day of polling.
The young Umer was the only son of his parents and
a sole breadwinner of his family comprising physically
disabled father, ailing mother and two un-married

Date of Incident: April 09, 2017.

Victim Name: Muhammad Abbas Rather
Age: 18 Years 
Parentage: Fateh Muhammad Rather
Address: Dhalwan, Chrar-e-Sharif,
District Budgam, Central Kashmir.
Civil status: Single Profession: Student of 10th class.
Profession: Student Aqeel was shot dead at point blank range by an Indian
Muhammad Abbas was killed by army soldier. This brutal murder was carried out by the
the Border Security Force (BSF) Indo Tibetan border Police (ITBP). The victim had left
on the morning of April 09, 2017. his home to fetch medicines for his ailing mother on
According to Fateh Muhammad, a the morning of polling day but his blood-soaked dead
Head constable in J and K Police, body was handed to his ailing parents just a few hours
Abbas was killed in a targeted fire. later. The video of this victim being shot into his head
Fateh Muhammad, while talking to media, has said at a very close range by the trooper went viral on social
that there is no fun of fighting the case legally because media.
they (Government) will prove them (Soldiers) innocent.
Date of Incident: April 9, 2017.
Date of Incident: April 09, 2017 Nisar Ahmad Mir-23.
Victim Name: Adil Farooq Sheikh Victim Name: Nisar Ahmad Mir
Age: 19 Years  Age: 23 Years 
Parentage: Farooq Ahmad Sheikh Parentage: Muhammad Ashraf Mir
Address: Yarigund Kawoosa, Address: Rathsun Beerwah
District Budgam, Central Kashmir. District Budgam, Central Kashmir.
Civil status: Single Civil status: Single
Profession: Student of 12th class Profession: Shawl
Adil Farooq was killed with pellets weaver
showered by the Indian forces Nisar’s dead body was found
on polling day. After receiving near a local playground in
multiple pellets in his face and Rathsun village, after the
chest this 12th grade student was indiscriminate firing of Indian
brought to JVC hospital Srinagar, forces on a group of youth who
where doctors declared him as were shouting pro-freedom
brought dead. This blossoming slogans near a polling station
boy was an avid cricketer. close to the playground.
According to his neighbors the
Date of Incident: April 09, 2017 victim was shot into his head when the Central Reserve
Victim Name: Aqeel Ahmed Wani Police Force (CRPF) first chased a group of youth
Age: 16 Years  and then fired on them directly. Because of the poor
Parentage: Muhammad Amin Wani financial condition, Nisar had left his studies early to
Address: Ghurmujroo Beerwan, District Budgam, help his father. He had a dream of seeing his younger
Central Kashmir. siblings well educated and well placed.
Civil status: Single

Date of Incident: April 15, 2017
Victim Name: Sajjad Hassan Sheikh
Age: 19 Years 
Parentage: Ghulam Hassan Sheikh
Address: Chandoosa,
numbers near the Public Health Center in Panzgam
District Baramulla, North Kashmir.
area of Kupwara to protest against the atrocities of
Profession: Student.
Indian forces. The victim, along with some other elders,
Sajjad was killed by the Border Security Force (BSF)
was walking in the front row of the protesters when
when he was hanging out with his friends on Saturday
army soldiers opened fire on them.
evening. He was residing with his parents in a rented
house in S D colony, Batamaloo Srinagar. The trigger-
happy soldiers of Indian occupation troops short him
from a close range and as per the statement of Dr.
Nazir Choudhary, Medical Superintendent of SMHS
hospital, the victim was shot in head which caused
his instant death. Sajjad was an avid cricketer and had
won the man of the match award in a tournament just
a few days before his gruesome murder.

Date of incident: 19th April, 2017

Victim Name: Muzaffar Ahmed Mir
Age: 22
Muzaffar Ahmad Mir, a resident of
Kulgam district in south Kashmir,
succumbed to his injuries at
SKIMS Hospital. Mir had suffered
multiple bullet injuries in his chest
and leg during clashes at Barsoo
in Ganderbal on April 9.

Date of Incident: April 27, 2017.

Victim Name: Muhammad Yousuf Bhat
Age: 70 Years 
Parentage: Khizar Muhammad Bhat
Address: Panzgam,
District Kupwara, North Kashmir.
Profession: Tailor
This elderly man was shot in his
head after an army major ordered
to fire bullets on a civilian protest
march. Villagers especially the
youth had gathered in large

The use of pellet gun against the defenseless and
unarmed civilians in occupied Jammu and Kashmir is a
clear violation of human rights and humanitarian laws.
This so called non-lethal weapon has caused severe
harm and pain to thousands of families in Kashmir in
the year 2016 and had subsequently drawn widespread
condemnation and criticism for Indian State. However,
despite all this, India didn’t stop using this horrifying
and harmful weapon so far. Thus the blinding of
Kashmiri people especially the youth and the scenes
of havoc created by the injured and dead eyes in and
outside the hospitals of this occupied territory are still
being witnessed.

Gulzar Ahmad-18, of Utligam Beerwah in Central

On March 9, 2017, Indian forces attacked a pro-
Kashmir’s Budgam district was injured critically
freedom rally with bullets and pellets in Pulwama,
with the pellets fired by the Central Reserve Police
South Kashmir and injured 20 people. 11 people with
Force (CRPF) on civilians with close range in Utligam
pellet injuries, some of them severely hit in eyes, were
Beerwah. Gulzar, who was hit with pellets in his chest,
brought to SMHS hospital Srinagar. Three teenagers
abdomen and back, is now lying in the SMHS hospital
Shoukat Hussain-18, Riyaz Ahmad-18 and Yasir
Srinagar. The victim had already lost his left eye in the
Hussain-19 had both their eyes ruptured.
pellet rain of 2016.
On April 3, 2017, Indian forces raided Panzan village
On May 4, 2017, Two youths Bilal Ahmad-15 and
of Chadoora in Central Kashmir and rained the villagers
Shahid Ahmad-20 were blinded with the pellets fired
with pellets. Abdul Rashid Sheikh-18 son of Ghulam
upon civilians in Shopian, South Kashmir. Both the boys
Muhammad Sheikh was one among the injured
were admitted in the SMHS hospital Srinagar.
villagers rushed to SMHS hospital Srinagar by the local
youth. He had left home to earn livelihood but Indian On May 6, 2017, Indian forces rained pellets on a
forces rained pellets into his face. The world of this mentally challenged boy in South Kashmir’s Kulgam
poor boy, a welder by profession, has been blinded now district.
as he lost eyesight in both the eyes.
Zeshan Ahmad Shah-13 son of Feroz Ahmad Shah was
On April 9, 2017, Indian forces fired pellets on a youth playing in the compound of his house in Churath village
who was already blinded by the pellets in the year of Devsar when Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
2016. attacked him with pellets. The victim was shifted to
District Hospital Anatnag in South Kashmir.

TORTURE brother Fayaz Ahmad, Farooq was nabbed by the Army
Torture in occupied Kashmir has always been used as a near Utligam where clashes were going on at that time.
tool to punish the civilian population for demanding the The soldiers later tied him to the bonnet of the vehicle
right of self-determination. People in general and the and paraded him through nearby villages.
youth in particular are being tortured and humiliated On April 10, 2017. A Juvenile from Nawakadal area
by the Indian forces on daily basis. The videos of of Central Kashmir’s Srinagar district was beaten up
some of these atrocious incidents showing young men ruthlessly by the Indian Police, in-front of his father
mercilessly beaten up by the armed forces went viral and grandfather, and then detained in a police lockup
on social media. for a week. The victim had presented himself in the
Safakadal Police Station after police had detained his
father on his behalf.
In one video, a group of teenagers, while bleeding from
their faces, were seen being beaten and forced to raise
slogans against Pakistan by the Indian forces.
In another video, Indian troops were seen trampling a
student under the jackboots and hitting him hard with
batons uninterruptedly.
A third video showing some boys being thrashed and
forced by the soldiers to accept that they were involved
in stone-pelting.
Date of incident: 9th April, 2017
Victim Name: Farooq Ahmad Dar s/o Abdur Rahim Dar
Agency Involved: Indian Forces Place of Incident:
On May 01, 2017, Indian troops inflicted severe torture
and humiliation to a family in Bomai Sopore of South
Kashmir’s Baramulla district. While eroding the privacy,
the Pazalora based 22 RR camp soldiers entered into
the residential house of Fayaz Ahmad and thrashed the
inmates, both men and women. The female members,
including a student of MBBS, were later on dragged
out of their house and beaten up mercilessly by these
unbridled soldiers.
On May 4, 2017. Indian army created havoc in South
The video of a youth strapped to an army jeep as a
Kashmir’s Shopian district by torturing civilians and
shield against stone-pelting in Central Kashmir’s
vandalizing their property. On the pretext of search
Budgam district evoked widespread condemnation
on 14th April, 2017. The youth in the video has been
identified as Farooq Ahmad Dar son of Abdur Rahim
Dar of Chill area in Khansahib segment of Budgam
According to family Farooq had left his home on
Sunday morning to attend the ‘Rasm-e-Chauhram’ of
his brother-in-law’s sister at Gampora. According to his

operation, thousands of troopers violently entered army’s 35 RR unit caught hold of him in Utligam village,
into dozens of small villages of Shopian district and beat him up, then dipped him several times in the cold
resorted to large-scale of ransacking and beating of water of a stream before tying him in unconscious
people, both men and women. state to the bonnet of an army jeep.
Sakib Shafi Khan-13 son of Muhammad Shafi Khan of Farooq said he was beaten so ruthlessly that blood
Kongnoo village was injured after a trooper hit him with squirted out of his nose and other body parts. He
butt of his gun. said he was paraded 25 kilometers through various
Similarly two daughters, one of them pregnant, of an villages including Utligam, Sonpah, Nagam, Chakpora,
old woman Khatoon in Maldair village, were mercilessly Rawalpora, Khospura, Arizal and Harbpanzu. Terming
beaten by the soldiers. The pregnant woman was this gruesome act as “Cruelty and Cowardice” the
admitted in Zainpora Hospital Shopian. editorial board of The New York Times has said that
the members of India’s armed forces has reached a
Use of Human Shield: new low in the long history of human rights abuses
Making civilians human shields is not new in occupied in Kashmir. The editorial has further said that such
Jammu and Kashmir, however a recent video that posturing will only doom Kashmir to a deadly spiral,
surfaced over the social media showing a civilian man where more brutal military tactics will feed more
tied to the bonnet of a military jeep leading a convoy despair and more militancy.
through central Kashmir’s Budgam district, went viral There are many other chilling tales of such ugly acts
and subsequently generated an unprecedented wave perpetrated by the occupation troops. One of these
of public outrage throughout the occupied territory. This incidents took place in South Kashmir’s Hathi Shah
video was shot on April 9 and the incident took place on Area of Sopore town in early 1994. Three civilians
the day the Srinagar parliamentary constituency went Ghulam Mohiuddin Shah, Farooq Ahmed Dar and
to polls in a by-election. The victim, Farooq Ahmed Abdul Hameed Dhobi were put in front of army soldiers
Dar-27, a resident of Chilbrass village of Budgam, during a gunfight with militants and were later shot
while speaking to the media, told that soldiers of the from behind by the same soldiers.
Recounting this barbaric act, one of these victims
Ghulam Mohiuddin shah, now a retired bank employee,
has said, “I will never forget that day”. It was 2nd of
March 1994. I was about to leave for my work when
an announcement of army crackdown was made. I
saw the army and BSF herding the men in our area
like sheep. I had to join them. The army then began
forcefully taking away some civilians to search for
militants who the soldiers believed were hiding in a
house. I don’t know why I was chosen to accompany
the army’s search party but I was not the only one.
We were taken to a barren government-owned land in
Hatishah Mohalla. There we were placed in front of the
soldiers and ordered to walk towards a nearby house.
The army men walking behind us started firing and I
was hit in my knee. The ruthless soldiers left us in a
pool of blood. When the army cordon was lifted, I was
taken to hospital by the locals. However by the time I
was admitted to the Barzalla Hospital Srinagar, I had
already lost a lot of blood. During my nineteen days
stay in the hospital, I was operated thrice on my knee.
The victim said no investigation was carried out in this
gruesome crime.

Civilian driver used as a human Brutal attacks on educational
shield institutions:
Mr. Nazir Ahmad Sheikh, 40, resident of Kachdoora in Education is not only a fundamental human right but
district Shopian, Kashmir allegedly died in an ambush also a powerful tool to exercise all other human rights.
on a military posse that was travelling in his taxi locally However, unfortunately, the students of Occupied
called Sumo. Jammu and Kashmir are being deprived of this essential
right. India, as a state policy, has left no stone unturned
He was forced to ferry to destroy this important segment of Kashmiri society
the army men – from the by polluting the environment conducive to student
62 Rashtriya Rifles (RR) learning. Being the prime target of unrelenting Indian
of the Indian army – who repression, Kashmiri students are targeted, tortured
had laid a massive siege and terrorized in every nook and corner of Jammu
and a search operation & Kashmir state and they are not even spared in the
encompassing 22 villages mainland India.
in the district. This was
first and the largest siege
in decades.

Abdul Hakim Sheikh, one of the brothers of the slain

driver, told local newspapers that his brother was used
as a human shield. Mr. Sheikh told Kashmir Reader
(May 15, 2017), local English daily: “He was coerced
to ferry the army soldiers in his Sumo vehicle, a job
he did not wish to do. The army soldiers had their own
vehicles, but they took my brother and his vehicle as
a shield”.

The relatives of the deceased maintain the army forced

him to carry the soldiers, as they had snatched all the
legal documentation of his vehicle asking him to collect
it after the completion of his job of ferrying the soldiers.

Following his death, his relative tried to retrieve the Boys Degree College Pulwama.
vehicle documents from the camp but they were On April 16, 2017, Indian forces attacked The Degree
refused entry and threatened with attack dogs. College of Pulwama in South Kashmir and injured
The deceased is survived by his son, daughter and dozens of students, both male and female. The Central
wife. Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Task Force barged
into the campus of the college and attacked the
students with teargas shells, Pava shells and Pellets.
The Principal of the college, Mr. Abdul Hamid, tried
his best to stop the forces from entering the college
premises but all in vain. As per the statement of Chief
Medical Officer (CMO) Pulwama, 54 students were
brought to District Hospital (DH) while as five were
referred to Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMSH) Hospital
Srinagar. The injured referred to SMHS hospital were
identified as Zeeshan-22, Ali Muhammad Bhat, Akash
Sayar-21, Farooq Ahmad Ganai, Adil-20, Gulzar Ahmad,
Rayees Ahmad-20 and Ghulam Qadir Ganai.

Government Women’s College, MA On April 20, 2017, another girl student Khushbo of
the same Nawakadal Women’s College was injured
road Srinagar: critically when Indian forces attacked a peaceful
On April 17, 2017, Indian forces attacked the students protest of her college. Khushbo Jan, a 12th grade
of S P College, S P Higher Secondary School and student is the eldest daughter of Ghulam Muhammad
Women’s College- all located on MA road, the heart of Kuchay, a driver from Noorbagh area of Srinagar. As
Srinagar. These students, both male and female were per the doctors of Surgical Emergency Ward at SMHS
peacefully protesting against the brutal attack of army Hospital, Khushbo was hit by some hard round object.
on Pulwama College. Many female students got fainted
due to the indiscriminate firing of teargas and pepper
shells inside the premises of Women’s College.

Govt. Higher Secondary School

Chattergul Kangan:
On April 20, 2017, the students of this Central
NawaKadal Women’s College Kashmir’s Ganderbal district school held a peaceful
Srinagar. protest demonstration in solidarity with the Pulwama
college students. The army went inside the school and
On April 17, 2017, a peaceful protest rally of the
beat up the young students ruthlessly.
female students of Nawa Kadal Women’s college of
Srinagar was intercepted by the Indian Police near
Eidgah Chowk. The female students were attacked
with the stones from a bunker of Central Reserve
Police Force (CRPF). One of the injured of this brutal
attack, Iqra Sidiq, a first year student lies now
in the Intensive Care Unit of SMHS Hospital Srinagar.
Iqra’s skull, according to doctors has been broken and
her brain has suffered injury.

MM Higher Secondary School
On May 2, 2017, To condemn the April 16 brutal
attack on Pulwama Degree College, the students of
MM Higher Secondary along with some other colleges
staged a protest. Indian forces showered them with
teargas shells which left three students wounded.

Government Degree College (GDC)

On April 20, 2017, The Indian forces arrested Sameer
Ahmad Baba, Basharat Ahmad, Qaisar Rashid, Mudasir
Ahmad Khan, Mubashir Manzoor and Aqib Ahmad
Shalla. These students of this North Kashmir’s College
were arrested for showing solidarity with their fellow
students of Pulwama College but were slapped with
the charges of ‘attempt to murder’.
Government Degree College
On May 4, 2017, Indian forces carried out a brutal
attack on the students of the Colleges of Sopore
including The Government Degree College. This violent
attack left over two dozen students injured, while as
many female students fell unconscious. One of the
female student Ms Baisra Bano, daughter of Khursheed
Ahmad Shah, from Noorbagh Sopore was hit with a
teargas shell in her legs.

Government Polytechnic College

On April 29, 2017, Brute force was used by the Indian
forces against the students of Government Polytechnic
College, Gogji Bagh Srinagar.

Government Degree College violations with impunity while as the State institutions
are trying their best to hide the horrific crimes of the
Handwara: culpable soldiers. All those who, in anyway, try to
On May 6, 2017, Indian forces attacked a peaceful unmask the perpetrators are being brutally silenced.
student protest organized by the students of Government On the other hand the Delhi based jingoistic Media
Degree College Handwara of North Kashmir’s Kupwara Houses are either killing the stories or trying to distort
district. Over 40 students, including 24 girls were the facts. As P Chidambaram, a noted parliamentarian
injured while as over three dozen female students and and attorney, has recently said that there was a
two teachers fainted due to the suffocation of shells pervasive, systematic and infringed control over the
fired inside the college premises. owners of media by the Modi government.

Government Higher Secondary

Newa, Pulwama:
On May 6, 2017. Dozens of students received injuries
and several female students fell unconscious when
Indian forces resorted to excessive use of force on the
protesting students of this South Kashmir’s educational
institute of Pulwama district.

Indian state has been allergic to the local media since

its troops landed in Kashmir in 1947. However the past
three decades have witnessed a naked barbarism on
the name of censorship. Harassment, intimidation,
torture and gag orders are used to muzzle the
newspapers and all other sources of information. The
Media gag and internet blockade: continuous blockade of internet and the recent ban on
social networking sites is a part of this “muzzling the
The exercise of ‘the right to freedom of expression and voices of voiceless”.
information’ is very essential for guaranteeing human
rights everywhere. Without this fundamental right, the On April 26, 2017, Indian government imposed a
human rights violations shall always remain hidden complete ban on 22 Social networking sites which
and that is what exactly is happening in Occupied includes Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter etc. The
Jammu and Kashmir. India has waged a war against internet is often being suspended in this occupied
the defenseless civilian population for demanding territory and it has been blocked more than 31 times
the right of self-determination. Its troops present in between 2010 to 2016. However, this latest gag order
Kashmir are committing unprecedented human rights was certainly a big blow to the freedom of expression.

On May 16, 2017, No let-up in student protests, 18
injured in Pattan clashes 4 hit by pellets referred to
Srinagar; some schools in Srinagar, Magam, Sopore to
remain closed today

At least 18 students were injured when police resorted

to baton-charge, teargas shelling and pellet firing
to break up student protests in Pattan area of north
Kashmir’s Baramulla district Tuesday, even as students
staged protests in Srinagar, Hajin and Pulwama areas
against the alleged arrest spree and excesses by
forces. Four students, hit by pellets in Pattan and Hajin,
were rushed to Srinagar for specialized treatment.
On May 5, 2017, Indian Police carried out a brutal
attack on Journalists for covering the atrocities being Witnesses said 18 students’ sustained injuries when
committed by the forces on Kashmiri civilians in Sopore police used force to quell student protests in Pattan
town of Baramullah, North Kashmir. Ehsaan Peer of The this morning. “ four students were hit by pellets and
Varmul Post and Muhammad Younus of The Gulistan shifted to Srinagar hospital for specialized treatment,”
were critically injured in this attack. Block Medical Officer Pattan, Manzoor Ahmad told
Greater Kashmir

On May 17, 2017,  2 injured in Shopian and 7 injured

in Kulgam 12 people injured by the occupation
forces during a cordon and search operation in Heff
and Shirmal villages in this south Kashmir district on
Wednesday 17th of May 2017. Witnesses said the
government forces cordoned off the villages during
night at around 1:30 am and launched house-to-house
search and during the siege , scores of people came
out of their houses raising pro-freedom slogans,”
Greater Kashmir on line new paper reported.

On May 7, 2017, while continuing it’s onslaught on the Eye witnesses said, tear-smoke shells and fired
‘right to freedom of expression and information’ Indian pellets lobbed to disperse the protesters and dozens
government banned 34 Television Channels in occupied of civilians sustained injuries during the clashes and
J&K and subsequently ordered the cable networks to were treated locally,” Eye witnesses said. During
remove these channels from their respective platforms. search operation, Mehraj Ahmad Ganai and Khushal
Hamid were arrested

Seven persons sustained injuries

at Mohamdpora village in Kulgam
district after Indian forces thrashed
the protesters, who tried to disrupt
the cordon and search operation.
One civilian injured sustained pellet

Students of Government Degree

College Kulgam held massive
demonstrations against the arrest
of students inside the college

premises. They raised high-pitched anti-India and pro- International Concerns
freedom slogans. Indian police and troops fired pellets
and teargas shells to disperse the protesting students. New York Times in opinion page carried a story, A
Many students and some journalists sustained injures cruel April In Kashmir on 25th of April 2017.
in the forces’ actions. A video journalist, Tanveer Ahmad
Wani, and a student, Amir Fayaz were hit by pellets
in their eyes. They were shifted to SMHS hospital in
Srinagar. “Earlier in the week, as the Indian Army was patrolling
central Kashmir, soldiers chanced upon Farooq Ahmad
Dar, a 26-year-old  shawl weaver, who was returning
Arbitrary detentions ; home from a funeral prayer. As an artisan, Mr. Ahmad
works with his hands, making filigree-like embroidery
Thuousands of innocent people including , women on “cashmere” shawls. The soldiers assaulted him,
political activists and youth have been detained wounding his hands and arms. After the assault, the
arbiritarily soldiers tied him up to the front of a jeep, strapped on a
handwritten placard and paraded him through several
villages for hours as a live trophy — a “human shield”
at the front of an armed posse”.
“As with the use of endemic and systematic  torture,
the practice of using human shields is a yet mostly
underreported aspect of India’s actions in Kashmir.
When generations are busy counting and mourning the
dead during the day, history writing at night takes a
back seat”.
Aljazeera April, 07, 2017
Meanwhile, the puppet authorities shifted Dukhtaran- “It seems as if there are seasons of
e-Millat Chairperson, Aasiya Andrabi, and her punishment meted out to Kashmiris by
associate, Fehmeeda Sofi, from Srinagar to Amphala the Indian state and its representatives
jail in Jammu, on 18th of May, 2017. Aasiya Andrabi in Kashmir. As if the state says, ‘You
was moved to the Jammu jail despite her critical health dare to rise in protest and oppose our
condition. rule; this is what we will do to you. We’ll keep you locked
in your homes, snap off all modes of communication,
Earlier Musrat Alam Butt was slapped 35th time public suffocate you. And if you come out to protest we will
safety act and sent to Kot Balwal jail Jammu. kill you and blind you.” If you put an entire population
under curfew for 100 days, it is clearly designed to
crush people, to break them”.
“The Indian state did not respond like a civilized state,
which would see what these people are saying and
then to talk to them. Sometimes you hear talk of how
the state exercised restraint but there’s no evidence of
that. It’s a ghastly joke. By the end of the summer, it
left an entire population brutalized, hurt, and fatigue”

Aljazeera April, 11, 2017
At his funeral on Monday, gathered
Why The World Isn’t Talking About Kashmir
crowds expressed their anger against
the government. BloombergQuintOpinion April 27 , 2017
“People can see how much India Michael Kugelman
oppresses us, abuses our mothers and sisters, abuses “In effect, Kashmir has never been a bigger nuclear
our religion Islam and puts our brothers into graves,” flashpoint than it is today. And yet, the world has said
Asif Rasool, 25,  told Al Jazeera.  “This is the reason or done relatively little in response. To be sure, recent
Kashmiris don’t want to stay with India.” tensions have generated banner global news headlines, as well as a scathing New York Times editorial.
tension-clashes-mar-election-170410062827587. Still, on the whole, the international community has
html paid the simmering Kashmir dispute little to no mind”.
Amnesty International, April, opinion/2017/04/27/why-the-world-isnt-talking-
2017 Report about-kashmir
Torture and excessive use of force in Kashmir caught UN experts urge India to restore internet and social
on Video. media services in Jammu and Kashmir
Torture and excessive force in Kashmir on video.Two
recent videos from Jammu and Kashmir appearing 11 May 2017 – Raising alarm over
to show the use of torture and excessive force by the impact of internet and social
security forces must lead to the prosecution in civilian media restrictions imposed by
courts of those suspected to be responsible, Amnesty authorities in the Indian state of
International India Jammu and Kashmir, United Nations
In one video uploaded on 14 April, human rights experts have called
a man, later identified as 24-year- on the Government to protect the right to freedom of
old Farooq Ahmad Dar from expression and to pursue an open and democratic
Khansahib, Budgam is seen dialogue to address the region’s social and political
strapped to the front of a moving Indian Army jeep. A conflicts.
soldier can be heard saying, “This will be the fate of “The internet and telecommunications bans have the
people who throw stones.” Some media reports later character of collective punishment [and] fail to meet
quoted unnamed Army sources as saying that Army the standards required under international human
officials had tied Farooq Dar to the jeep as a ‘human rights law to limit freedom of expression,” said Mr.
shield’ to deter people from throwing stones at their Kaye 
“Denying such access disrupts the free exchange of
“The central government must ensure that those ideas and the ability of individuals to connect with one
suspected of using excessive force in this incident and another and associate peacefully on matters of shared
others on polling day are not shielded from justice, like concern,” added Mr. Forst.
many others have been in the past.”
“We call on the Indian authorities to guarantee freedom
The two videos were uploaded on social networking of expression in Jammu and Kashmir and to seek a
sites following the resumption of internet services, solution for the social and political conflicts of the
which had been shut down for five days in certain region through an open, transparent and democratic
districts in Kashmir. dialogue,” the experts said. h t t p : / / w w w. u n . o r g / a p p s / n e w s / s t o r y.
excessive-force-in-kashmir-caught-on-video/ asp?NewsID=56727#.WRVUluWGPIU

Scrollin May 12, 2017 Violation of the right to freedom of speech and
internationally accepted norms of freedom of the press.
While deploring such gross violations of rights and
Kashmir: Security forces conducted
liberties of citizens, the report adds, “We are also
targeted killings during 2016 protests,
distressed by the fact that senior members of the
alleges citizens report
BJP government have made, and continue to make,
“The BJP government at the centre and inflammatory and provocative statements against the
the PDP-BJP government in J&K are engaged in actions peoples of Kashmir. Regrettably, the parliamentary
that amount to a complete violation of universally Opposition has lacked the political courage and will to call
accepted human and democratic rights and of the very upon the accountability of government actions.”
Indian Constitution they claim to want to impose in the
Kashmir valley.” “We also conclude that the actions of the BJP
This is the conclusion of a citizens’ report released government at the Centre and the PDP-BJP government
on Thursday on the protests of 2016 in Kashmir. It is in J&K are acts of vengeance at forcing the people of
entitled “Why Are People Protesting in Kashmir?” Kashmir into subjugation by using every possible force
available to the government for breaking the peoples’
resolve for a democratic settlement to achieve their
h t t p : / / n e w s cl i c k . i n / c e n t r e - j k - g o v e r n m e n t s -
Centre, J&K governments suppressing all rights and
liberties, deploying military to force Kashmiris into
subjugation: Report

A Citizens fact-finding India must restore

report on the continuing internet and social media
violence in the Kashmir has networks in Jammu and
concluded that “the BJP government at the Centre Kashmir, say UN rights experts
and the PDP-BJP government in J&K are engaged GENEVA (11 May 2017) –  India must immediately
in actions that amount to a complete violation of end its ban on social media networks and on mobile
universally accepted human and democratic rights internet services in the State of Jammu and Kashmir
and of the very Indian constitution they claim and guarantee freedom of expression for citizens, say
to want to impose in the Kashmir valley”. two United Nations human rights experts.
The executive summary of the report titled ‘Why are
people protesting in Kashmir?’ released to the media The ban was imposed on 17 April following widespread
in Delhi today has held government actions amount to: student demonstrations. According to information
made public through media reports and individuals
Violation of the right to life, in Kashmir, the Government blocked access to 22
Criminal intimidation, websites and applications, including WhatsApp,
Facebook and Twitter, and 3G and 4G data services for
Violation of the principles of natural justice,
mobile phones and other devices were suspended.
Handing out collective punishment,
“The scope of these restrictions has a significantly
Violation of every law and the international covenant disproportionate impact on the fundamental rights of
that is aimed at protecting women from sexual and everyone in Kashmir, undermining the Government’s
other forms of violence, stated aim of preventing dissemination of information
Actions against emergency relief workers and health that could lead to violence,” the experts said.
professionals in violation of international covenants “The internet and telecommunications bans have
and India’s own commitment to UN treaties, the character of collective punishment,” stressed the
Violation of the right to freedom of religion, UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and

expression, David Kaye, “and fail to meet the standards When Human Rights Broke the Internet in India
required under international human rights law to limit
freedom of expression.”
The definitive he-said-
The experts noted that in 2016 the Human Rights she-said of India’s Third
Council, the central human rights body in the UN Universal Periodic Review, where its human rights
system, condemned such online disruptions and called track record went up for international scrutiny.
upon States to avoid such shutdowns.
India’s  submission  to the UPR process was
“Denying such access disrupts the free exchange of uncharacteristically sparse: top-heavy on schemes
ideas and the ability of individuals to connect with and its commitments to Paris and the SDGs, but
one another and associate peacefully on matters of toned down on actual ratifications and violations. The
shared concern,” said the UN Special Rapporteur on submission has no disaggregated data or mentions of
the situation of human rights defenders, Michel Forst. specific attacks against human rights defenders or civil
The Special Rapporteurs said that there had already society institutions.
been an estimated 31 reported cases of social media Hailing the report as the result of long-winded,
and internet bans since 2012 in Jammu and Kashmir, transparent and “consultative” process, the report
noting what seems to be a worrying pattern aimed at fails to mention who it had actually  consulted  with.
curbing protests and social unrest in the region. India’s National Human Rights Commission’s progress
“We call on the Indian authorities to guarantee freedom report  to the UN at the UPR, on the other hand, has
of expression in Jammu and Kashmir and to seek a only two solitary conclusions. One, that the use of
solution for the social and political conflicts of the “plastic pellets”- (we’re not sure what those are) in
region through an open, transparent and democratic law enforcement in Kashmir were “disturbing” but
dialogue,” the experts concluded. that India withholds its comments “as human rights of both sides are involved”. Two, “that the rise of cow
DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=21604&LangID=E vigilanteism is “disquieting” but that it was “too early
to assess as to be a threat to secular and pluralistic
structure of Indian society”, an opinion it might want
to urgently revisit.
One thing that the NHRC did admit to is that the Indian
Cruelty and Cowardice in Kashmir legal system is more broke than woke.
Members of India’s armed forces reached a new low in
the long history of alleged human rights abuses in the
Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir when they beat and International human rights watch
then tied a 24-year-old shawl weaver named Farooq dog, Amnesty International
Ahmad Dar to the front of a jeep on April 9, using him Tuesday slammed Indian Army’s
as a human shield against stone-throwing crowds. As decision to award its officer who tied a civilian to a
the jeep drove through villages, Mr. Dar said, “I saw moving military jeep as a human shield last month in
people breaking into tears on seeing my state.” central Kashmir’s Budgam district. “Rewarding an officer who is under investigation for a
cruelty-and-cowardice-in-kashmir.html human rights violation suggests that the Army seems
to be willing to not just overlook, but actually valorise
an act of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment
amounting to torture,” said Aakar Patel, Executive
Director at Amnesty International India International.

Figures based on a study done by Médecins Sans
Frontières (Doctors without Borders) in 2012
Senior Indian journalist Prem Shankar Jha
“Indian government should be ashamed of its atrocities in
Indian Occupied Kashmir”.
“Police rule won’t end Kashmiris fight for freedom. After
seeing the conditions of Kashmir, I want to die of shame
and the path we are on will lead us to hell.”

Arundhati Roy
“Even if India increases its military footprint from seven
lakh to 70 lakh in Kashmir, it wouldn’t be able to wrest
Kashmir where it matters, that is in the hearts and
minds of ordinary Kashmiris.”

January 1989 to May 16th, 2017

KILLINGS 100,000


ARRESTED 141,166

8,000 TO


22,836 WIDOWED

ORPHANED 107,872


“ Even of the Indian state has lost it grip on both the hearts and minds in Kashmir and on its own
wisdom, we have our own bunch of proud patriots making a heroic effort to convert the column
inches of newspapers and the floor space of TV studios into their own special battleground. perhaps
they might be consoling themselves with the hope that the turf battle of perception management in
the media may yet be won, even of Kashmir is lost.” Shuddhabratra Sen Gupta.

Kashmiris are being killed and cries of victims are muted by the 700,000 occupation troops of India.
The army officers need definite number of points to get citation and earn their ranks and awards. In
order to earn the points , there are staged encounters of innocent civilians and use of civilians as
human shields

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