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Part I

1.Describe the salient aspects of your job

Working as a Engineering Manager in EDRC HCIC.


1. Responsible for the construction methods and design of enabling structures for special bridges.

2. Interacting with site on day to day basis and providing technical support to site.

3. Providing technical input to BU for tender works for Special bridges.

2.Targets/Objectives set and achieved

Target set : Reduction in the quantity from the estimated quantity and reduction in the comments from
the client/proof checkers.

Achieved : Station Launching Gantry for HMRL is very economic, within the quantity estimated and has
only one time revision and approved from IIT.

Target set : Economic and innovative design of claiming type formwork for PYLON construction and
Short line segments casting moulds design.

Achieved : Innovative formwork and reduction in quantity when compared with previous projects for
the construction of extra dosed bridge.

L&T Ltd is successful bidder in this tender.

3.Genuine problems and realistic difficulties faced in reaching the above objectives

1. Time schedule.

4.Significant contributions,achievements or improvements you have made

1. Station Launching Gantry for HMRL project which very lighter LG and supported on bracket system
stressed outside the pier surface and achieved a launching period of

2 days/span.

2. Third Narmada bridge innovative shuttering system for pylon construction and short line casting
moulds for straight segments and long line mould for varying

segments with economic design.

5.Areas of your performance in which you feel there is a scope of improvement and steps you have
undertaken or propose to undertake to improve

1. Completion of works before schedule.

2. Learning to use L&T-DOKA system for all the enabling structures to reduce the cost especially where the
number of repetitions are less .

6.Steps undertaken to develop your subordinates

1. Planning where and when to observe subordinate performance.

2. Assessing with qualitative or quantitative criteria.

3. Respecting the subordinates and encouraging them for professional development.

4. Challenging the employees to move out of their comfort zone.