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Forgive yourself and others. Do not hold on to the past.

Realize that you don't

have to "forgive and forget". You can still acknowledge that you or someone else
something "wrong" while at the same time forgiving. Non-forgiveness binds you
energetically to the other person and your lower self/ego.

Do a 7 Day Evaluation. Write down every time you engage in bad habits and negative
energy (such as anger, doubt, fear, worry, discouragement, resentment, etc.) At
the end of the evaluation, list what you consider to be your worst habits and
momentum. Then resolve to go after them one by one and overcome them! Awareness
the undoing - intention, determination and focus continues the dissolving of bad
habits and negative momentum.

Identify and get rid of limiting beliefs. We all pick up limiting, false beliefs
along the way which keep us from being all we can be. Those beliefs can even cause
pain and suffering. Resolve to really look at the things you believe in and WHY you
have the belief. Realize that no one is forcing you to believe anything and that
beliefs are NOT a part of who you really are! Determine to keep an open mind and
know that limiting beliefs are keeping you from fully connecting with your True
Self. Clearly see that false beliefs are restricting you from experiencing all the
goodness of life, as well as contributing to suffering and a sense of struggle
in life. Determine to let them go!

Maintain Harmony. Harmony is one of the major keys - if not THE major key - on the
path to raising your consciousness and reuniting with your Higher Self. Harmony is
an internal quality springing from the heart and not just an external expression.
Harmony involves mastering your emotions and not letting them control you. State
your clear intention to be centered in Harmony and to be harmonious in every
situation you meet. Keep centered in the heart as much as possible and focus on
and harmony.

Practice Non-Reaction. Reacting negatively to situations destroys harmony. Realize

that in every situation you can choose to react in a positive way or a negative
way - that's up to you. There is always a split second before you react to
something where you DO have a choice. Even if you react in a negative way
initially, you
have the choice to continue to react and revolve the situation, or to let it go!
Diffuse a negative reaction by centering in your heart and breathing deeply. This
will help connect you with your Higher Self.

Learn to stay neutral. Neutral is a powerful state of emotional balance and inner
quiet and peace. It is a place of equilibrium where you are more able to access the

wisdom of your Higher Self. Learning to stay neutral is a key to becoming non-
reactive to situations. Being neutral is not a state of not feeling anything, but
rather a state where you are in balance with your emotional responses to what is
happening - neither reacting negatively or becoming overly excited.

Live in the moment. Much of suffering comes from not living in the now. Our minds
are unbelievably powerful when focused, but most of that power is lost by not
living in the moment. The Present is where your power is! Most importantly, you
can only connect with your Higher Self when you are in the present. Learn to let go

of the past, projecting into the future, worrying and anything else that takes you
away from the present moment. Peace is in the now!

Surrender. One of the most important things we can do to reconnect with our Higher
Self is to surrender - let go of that which causes us pain, suffering, unhappiness,
and limitation. As long as we are primarily operating from our lower self/ego, we
are unfortunately tying ourselves to those very things. When negative emotions
arise, the key is to immediately surrender them to God/the Universal. If you find
yourself reluctant to surrender something or find you are still revolving the same
thing over and over along with the negative emotions, you need to ask yourself why
- what is the payoff? What is the "juice" the lower self is feeding on? ("poor
me", "look how I was wronged", etc.) Realize that whatever the ego is holding on
to, it will continue to cause you grief and suffering until you are willing to
surrender it completely! Remember - you have a choice - to continue to hold on to
negative emotions and suffering - or to surrender them and as a result, find more
happiness and peace in your life.

11Let go. Realize that we cannot control everything and the events in our life
through the human self. Sometimes it is necessary to "let go and let God". Letting
involves surrendering yourself (and your ego!) to a higher force, and the ego does
not like that at all. As you connect more and more to your Higher Self,
surrendering and letting go becomes less difficult. Letting go also means
surrendering fears, worries and insecurities and trusting God/the Universal that
will work out.