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The EMC Directive

With modification

ES-P.I.R. Sensor 92/31/EEC

The Low Voltage
directive 73/23/EEC

Installation Guide
IMPORTANT! Please refer to the e) Before fixing the backplate to the wall, 10m sensor connection To fan connector
wire (supplied). box terminal
installation instructions of the fan to connect the wall fixed cable end plug to marked NET
check the compatibility of this sensor. the upper set of pins on the bracket (fig 3)
Parts check list: Note: check the colour code matching on Clearance aperture for wire
when fitting the plug onto the pins. should be approx 20mm dia
● ES-PIR Passive Infra red detector to allow passage of plug end.
Arrange the cable to lay in the cable slot
● 1 off 10 metre length of plugged Allow approx 75mm of wire
at the top of the backplate moulding and through for fitting to the
SELV cable backplate
fix the bracket to the wall surface using
ES-PIR Occupancy Sensor the screws supplied. Wall
Wire can be located behind
Designed to be compatible with the f) The sensor plug can now be connected a wall panel or fixed to wall
Ecosmart system, this PIR unit is supplied into the backplate Note: check the colour surface.
with a pre-plugged, 10 metre length of code matching when fitting the plug onto Figure 1.
communications cable. Note: longer lengths the pins.
are available if required.
Clip the sensor body in the backplate arms
The sensor operates with Safe Extra Low
and adjust the sensor body to the desired
Voltage (SELV) with power supplied from
the fan unit via the communications cable.
The ES-PIR sensor will activate the system Data cable installation
when movement is detected. An adjustable A 4-core SELV data cable is used to Small screwdriver
1-60 minute timer is incorporated to provide connect devices.
a run on facility. Do not run data cable in the same conduit Figure 2.
as the mains cables and ensure there is a
Fault indication
50mm separation between the data cable
The LED will change from green to red if
and other cables. The maximum cable run
any fan connected in that zone has failed. Backplate
between any two devices is 300m when it
(rear view) Plug end
Multiple Sensors is installed in accordance with the
Multiple sensors can be connected to the instructions. Note colour
network. Please refer to the actual fan code guide
Please note that the total data cable length label when
installation instructions for exact used in any system must be less than fitting
quantities. 1000m. Keep the number of cable joints to
Installing the Sensor a minimum to ensure the best data
The sensor unit should be installed away transmission efficiency between devices. Figure 3.
from any direct source of heat (e.g. Adjusting the run on timer
radiators) and areas where it would be ES-PIR Run on timer (1-60 minutes)
subjected to waterspray. Fixing screws supplied
Assuming the sensor(s) are installed,
The Sensor is supplied complete with adjustment of the set points achieved by
10 metres of connecting cable with plugs tilting the sensor forwards which exposes
attached. Sensors are also supplied with all the adjustment aperture (see fig 5). Figure 4.
fixings and are clipped into a backplate wall
Using a small screwdriver, gently turn the
mounting bracket.
dial either clockwise or anti-clockwise to
Before fixing the backplate
a) Fix one end of the 10m cable to the fans increase or decrease the set point. to the wall, fit the plug end
customer connection box (connection from sensor body into the
When adjustments are made to the sensor,
sockets marked NET). backplate.
the LED light on the sensor front will flash Note that colour coded
b) Select a suitable location for the sensor on and off to show the set point. First, connections are matching
and arrange the cable in position. Leave green flashes will indicate the set point in Sensor can now clip onto
approx. 75mm of the cable free at the backplate
TENS, then red flashes will indicate UNITS.
mounting point to ease the connection For example one green flash and five
of the plug. (fig. 1). red flashes show you that the PIR timer is Set point
c) Carefully separate the sensor from the set to fifteen minutes. adjuster screw
backplate using a small screwdriver
Detection range
(see Fig 2) Note: the sensor will remain
Up to 10m directly in front of lens and up to
connected by its internal cable.
2m at 40o to the lens axis.
d) Release this cable from the bracket by
simply pulling the plug off the socket pins
in the backplate. Figure 5.

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T: 029 2088 5911 F: 029 2088 7033 E: W:
Leaflet Number 671127 June 2009
Installation and Maintenance ECOSMART PIR Sensor
Maintenance Service Enquiries
The unit does not require any maintenance. However, for Nuaire can assist you in all aspects of service. Our service
optimum performance, it is advisable to remove any department will be happy to provide any assistance required,
accumulated dust with a low power vacuum cleaner. initially by telephone and If necessary arrange for an engineer
NOTE: Installation and Maintenance of the equipment must to call.
be as directed in the instructions provided with the unit.

Warranty Telephone 029 2085 8585

The 5 year warranty starts from the day of delivery and Fax 029 2085 8586
includes parts and labour for the first year.
The remaining 4 years covers replacement parts only.
This warranty is conditional on planned maintenance
being undertaken.

Technical or commercial considerations may, from time to time, make it necessary to alter the design, performance and
dimensions of equipment and the right is reserved to make such changes without prior notice.

Leaflet Number 671127 June 2009