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English 110: 21st Century Science Fiction

Dr. Amber Strother

Spring 2018
Research Project: Part 4
100 points

For this portion of the assignment, you will be writing your own review of the primary text you
have chosen. This should follow the conventions of a book or film review, based on the genre of
the text you are writing about. It should include your claims about and opinions of the
book/film/tv episode which can include an analysis of the narrative elements, but you should
avoid spoilers as readers often use reviews to decide whether or not they should read a book or
view a film. This should be 1000-1200 words in length.

Due Date: March 2, by 11:59 p.m.

 You will want to be sure that you are writing for an audience who has not seen or read
your text. Provide information regarding the author, genre, title, etc.
 You will need to provide some discussion of narrative elements in your review: character,
themes/motifs/style, plot movement, key ideas, and quotes or discussion of specific

Structuring the review:

 Establish a background, focus on the audience: Remember that you need to introduce
characters carefully and deliberately. What kind of summary can you provide of the main
points or main characters that can help your readers gauge their interest? Does the text
read the intended audience? Will some readers/viewers be lost or find the text too
 Minor principles/characters: Deal only with the most pressing issues in the text. You
won’t be able to cover every character or idea. What principles/characters did you
agree/disagree with? What other things might the author considered?
 Organize: The purpose of the review is to critically evaluate the text, not just report to
readers about what happens. Leave room for your evaluation by ensuring that your
summary of the text is brief and strike a balance between summary and evaluation.
 Evaluation: Choose one or a few points to discuss about the text. What worked in your
opinion? How does this work compare to others in the same genre? What major themes,
motifs, or terms does the text introduce, and how effective are they?

Your name

Dr. Amber Strother

English 110

Day Month Year

Title of Review

Your review of the chosen text should be formatted according to MLA guidelines. This

should not contain a works cited page as it should rely solely on your opinion and analysis of the

Review Rubric

Proficient Competent Novice

35-40 28-34.9 0-27.9

Responds to text in Attempts to respond

Does not respond to
insightful ways that to text in insightful
text in insightful
offer unique ways. May not offer
ways. Does not offer
Interpretation perspective and unique perspective or
unique perspective.
and Insight interpretation. interpretation. May
May rely on plot
Focuses on specific not focus on specific
summary or
narrative elements or narrative elements or
scenes. scenes.

26-30 21-25.9 0-20.9

Effectively references
Makes some use of
and incorporates Does not reference
specifics from the
Use of text specifics from the specifics from the
text. May not connect
text that support text.
to interpretation.

17-20 14-16.9 0-13.9

Response is There is an attempt

Does not attempt to
organized into to organize the
organize into
paragraphs that build response. Some
Organization coherent paragraphs.
on one another. It is paragraphs may not
May be confusing or
clear and easy to be connected to
hard to follow.
follow. overall ideas.

8.5-10 7-8.4 0-6.9

Attempts to follow Does not follow MLA

Effectively follows MLA formatting formatting
Formatting and MLA formatting guidelines. Contains guidelines. May
Conventions guidelines. Contains some errors that do contain errors that
few to no errors. not interfere with interfere with clarity
clarity or readability. and readability

Overall Comments: