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SERIES 50 – 0400, 0700

The cams are infinitely adjustable from the top by finger touch or regular screw driver with no special tools needed. Monitors come standard with 2 SPDT an excellent choice for use in a wide range purpose switch/control Micro switches. The Series 50 back page of B signals actuator and valve this brochure.4X). coated with a chemical resistant epoxy for research and development has (D) SWITCHES Both Valve Status further protection. To adjust the cams. The block has been designed for ease of wiring installation with clearly Cam marked wire numbers for both open and SERIES 50–0700 closed switches.7. Bray’s and eliminate shaft binding. and the Featured in the Series 50 Valve Status NEMA–4. (B) O-RING SEALS Seals on the shaft and housing provide a waterproof enclosure and prevent internal corrosion.4X. Both feature the same high quality inter- nal parts and the same rugged reliability. conduit connections. (A) CAMS / CAM ADJUSTMENT Div. The Series 50-0400 unit has Groups C & D.4X. Standard factory settings are to the open and closed positions for 90° travel. 0400 features a die cast aluminum housing extensive field experience. 9 Explosion Proof . A cam for each switch is mounted which meet flame path requirements. green screw matches green cam (which opens valve). The Series 50-0700 Valve Status Monitor is for application in hazardous locations. make cam adjustment then retighten locking screw. 1&2 and designed to meet UL 1/2" NPT conduit connections. The housing Series 50-0700 has 3/4" NPT Monitors are Bray’s uniquely designed contains bronze bearings. directly to the output shaft and each cam is color coded – red adjustment screw matches red cam (which closes valve). F & G.9 and IP 65. F The units have been designed for ease of wiring and a wide variety of switches.4X Waterproof F (E) TERMINAL BLOCK The internal Cam switches are pre-wired to a terminal block. For other available of applications where harsh chemical monitors for industrial plant switches consult the A conditions are found. SERIES 50–0700 NEMA 4. The Series 50-0400 unit has a die cast aluminum housing which is waterproof D (NEMA-4. Cam Adjustment SERIES 50–0400 Screw NEMA 4. The adjustment screws rotate the eccentric shaped cams. The Series 50-0700 housing is also die cast aluminum and rated waterproof and explosion proof (NEMA-4. The Series 50-0400 is produced the finest multi. Cam Holder (F) CONDUIT ENTRIES For ease of The waterproof / explosion proof housing wiring. the future of (C) SHAFT BEARINGS The Series 50- 0400 has acetal bearings on the top and bottom of the shaft which reduce friction SERIES 50–0400 This waterproof unit is UL listed and CSA. CE certified NEMA-4. automation.7. The Series 50- valve position signaling.7. first loosen the locking screw.9). Class II: Groups E. The cams will not slip out of adjustment from line vibration.FEATURES Bray Controls is proud to offer the Brayline Series 50 Valve Status Monitor. C position to local and remote E stations. the Series 50 features two conduit is CSA (NRTL-C/US) certified Class I: entries.4X. cams.4X. top and bottom.

#8–32 UNC THRU GROUND . red for closed – the display indicates valve position through the full range of travel.97 inches.65 4 HOLES ø.000 THRU .31 DEEP +.176 TYP.23 DEEP +.656 .19 2nd CONDUIT 1.95 SQ. The display is designed to directly mount to the Series SERIES 50-0700 ACCESSORY A Bray Series 63 solenoid valve may 50 housings. This prevents time standard with all Monitor to Bray Series 92 double acting consuming problems caused from lost or Series 50 units.60 6.152 7.375 DIA. . . of 2.155 –.31 DEEP 1.250 SQ. modular design allows direct cover is removed the bolts are held made of ABS. Prominently labeled and color coded – yellow for open. The pointer.116 1. . For monitor are electrically wired together cover removal.95 SQ. actuators without any brackets or couplings.24 (6) THRU 5. 3.001 ENTRY IF 1.15 .33 3.140 1. . comes mounting of the Brayline Valve Status captive in the cover.249 –.375 DIA.182 2.000 –.79 DIA. 24 (6) +. #10 – 24 UNC .000 4 HOLES 1.896 TYP. display as an option. DIMENSIONS SERIES 50-0400 #6 – 32 UNC 1.000 .79 4 HOLES .48 2.88 1.06 . to a common terminal block within the allow a minimum switch box.72" for 50-0400 units and 3.0015 TYP.63 (16) DEEP 3.25 SQ.36 SERIES 50-0700 #6–32 UNC #10–24 UNC . . .CAPTIVE HOUSING BOLTS POSITION INDICATORS DIRECT MOUNTING OF SERIES The housing covers of Bray Valve Status Bray has specially designed position 50 VALVE STATUS MONITOR TO Monitors are attached to the housing indicators which locally signal valve BRAY PNEUMATIC ACTUATORS bases by stainless steel bolts.00 DIA. .249 –. Made of high impact. heat and chemical resistant clear polycarbonate.31– 18 UNC 3. A compact.18 1. 2.36 2 CONDUIT ENTRIES 3.96 REQUIRED 2.79 4 HOLES . .31–18 UNC .23 DEEP . and Series 93 spring return pneumatic misplaced bolts.0015 4 HOLES TYP. The mounting pattern com- plies with VDI/VDE 3845 (NAMUR Bray offers a highly visible valve status recommendations).138 2.38 TYP. easily be mounted to the Series 50-0700 Display height is Valve Status Monitor. When the position.00" for 50-0700 units.656 4 HOLES ø.38 .19 .63 (16) DEEP 5.155 . The solenoid and 2.055 2.001 2.95 . x . this display withstands caustic washdown and offers excellent corrosion protection.65 3/4" NPT CONDUIT ENTRY .946 1.62 2.78 1/2 NPT 5.29 +.

Other patents issued and applied for worldwide. TYPE DPDT SWITCHES For analog feedback of precise valve Contact material is fine silver.C. V3 TYPE SPDT SWITCHES 2. trouble free life. REED SWITCHES 2 magnetic reed switches (hermetically sealed) are available upon request. technical information.C. 10A-24VDC Nominal Voltage: 8VDC The standard value is 1000 ohms. NO GREEN COM RED (–) NC 6 YELLOW LOAD YELLOW 5 ORANGE LOWER / CLOSE 3 LOWER / CLOSE (+) BLUE 4 RED RED (–) 3 BROWN LOAD YELLOW 2 GREEN/YELLOW UPPER / OPEN BLUE (+) 1 PINK CAMS BLACK WHITE UPPER / OPEN GRAY VIOLET CAMS DISTRIBUTOR All statements. Temperature: 176°F (80°C) 15A-24VDC Nominal Voltage: 8VDC Max. B-1012 10/04 . N.O. (Intrinsically safe) Connections: 1/8" NPT Max. Inc. your intended application. consult factory. BLUE 2 LOWER / CLOSE (+ ) BLACK 6 YELLOW BLUE (–) NC 5 RED COM LOWER / CLOSE NO TO 4 BLUE INTERFACE UPPER / OPEN AMPLIFIER LOWER / CLOSE BLACK (+ ) 3 YELLOW BLUE (–) 2 CAMS UPPER / OPEN CAMS MANIFOLD 1 1 BLOCK CAMS DPDT UPPER / OPEN BLUE 3 WIRE TYPE E2 COM N.V3 TYPE N INDUCTIVE SWITCHES Rating: 150 psi (10 bar) Contact material is fine silver.O. Temperature: 212°F (100°C) Other types available. notice is reserved. and Max. N. N. 2. Max. Temperature: 212°F (100°C) is 1 watt. N. Bray® is a registered trademark of BRAY INTERNATIONAL. COM N. COM N.781.SWITCHES MICRO SWITCHES Economical switches with PROXIMITY SWITCHES Sealed against explosive gases PNEUMATIC SWITCH For hazardous locations. long.V3 TYPE E2 INDUCTIVE SWITCHES position a potentiometer can be mounted Max.C.O. 2. these switches offer 2 switches are provided with the market. Inc.O. COM N. Consult Bray representatives or factory for the CONTROLS specific requirements and material selection for ® A Division of BRAY INTERNATIONAL. All rights reserved. Temperature: 176°F (80°C) Load Current: <1mA >3mA 4 or more switches are available.bray. United States patent number 5. consult factory. Texas 77041 modify product design or product without prior 281/894-5454 FAX 281/894-9499 www. The right to change or 13333 Westland East Blvd.305. Rating: 15A-120/250VAC Supply Volts: 5-25VDC Max. the highest current ratings on and liquids. COM N. N. Rating: 10A-120/250VAC Supply Volts: 5-25VDC within the Series 50–0700 housing. N. © 2004 Bray International.O.O. POTENTIOMETER 2. and recom- mendations in this bulletin are for general use only.C. 2 ports and vents. MICRO SWITCHES SPDT PROXIMITY SWITCHES PNEUMATIC SWITCHES RED 2 WIRE TYPE N COM N.C. Other types available.C. Temperature: 158°F (70°C) Load Current: <1mA >3mA the standard power rating at 158°F (70°C) Max.