Discovery – курсы английского языка

Prepositions of direction, place and time Place 1. aboard a. How many people were aboard the ship. 2. above a. a plane flew above our house 3. against a. the ladder was standing against the wall 4. at the top a. there was a restaurant at the top of the mountain 5. at the bottom a. There was water at the bottom of the well. 6. at a. I was at work b. Where is it at? 7. behind a. it is behind the refrigerator 8. below a. Some people live below us in the basement 9. beside a. He was standing right beside her. 10. between a. there are about 10 meters between the houses 11. by a. This place is right by my house 12. in a. the keys are always in the drawer 13. in the middle 14. in front of a. You sit in front of your computer too much1 15. inside a. they are all inside the house 16. near a. We are near my house! 17. next to (next door to) a. She was standing next to her car 18. to the left of a. my house is to the left of the library 19. to the right of a. The bank is to the right of my house. 20. on top of a. the money is on top of the refrigerator 8-906-704- 8505 21. on a. there is a computer on the table 22. opposite a. there is a store right opposite of my house 23. she shoes are under the bed 24. outside a. Everyone is outside

direction 1. across a. I swam across Volga 2. against a. it’s hard to run against the wind 3. along (down) a. we were walking along the street 4. around a. We went around because the road was bad 5. beyond a. there nothing interesting beyond this door 6. by a. We just went by my friend’s house. 7. down a. The elevator is going down 8. from a. I always come home from work at 6 9. into a. She went into the café. 10. forward (for) a. You have move forward b. I am looking forward to it 11. out a. I was out b. There are a lot of good ideas out there 12. over a. You have to throw the ball over the fence 13. past a. We went past the new movie theater 14. through a. We are going to have to go through the forest to get to my grandma’s. 15. to

in a. towards a. 2. She works from 9 to 8-906-704. at a. under a. You have to go up to the 3rd floor. up to a. between a. the car is moving backwards. Getting there may take up to three days. the car is moving towards the house 17.Discovery – курсы английского языка a. from a. it takes between 2 and 3 hours to get there 8. I was sleeping before this 6. I was sleeping during the whole flight 11. backwards a. I haven’t been here for a long time 12.8505 15. I’ll be there after 4. after a. 13. by a. behind a. past a. 20. time 1. about a. since a. We are behind schedule 7. for a. it’s about 7 3. near a. it is half past 5 16. I went to Moscow 16. the show is at 3 5.discovery-dubna. up a. what are you doing after this? 4. . I have been working here since 1990. he should be here in about 5 minutes 14. before a. 18. the winter is near 9. Everything is upside-down in here www. upside-down a. We are going under a bridge 19. after a. it should be finished by 4 10. during a.

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