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Developmental Milestones<br /><br />2 months "Lifts head/chest when prone<br

/><br />Tracks past midline<br /><br /><font color=""#ff0000"">Alerts</font> to

sound; coos<br /><br />Recognizes parent; social smile"
Developmental Milestones<br /><br />4–5 months "Rolls front to back, back to front
(5 months) <br /><br />Grasps rattle (two hands)<br /><br />Orients to <font
color=""#ff0000"">voice</font>, begins to make consonant sounds, razzes<br /><br
/>Enjoys looking around; laughs"
Developmental Milestones<br /><br />6 months Sits unassisted<br><br>Transfers
objects; raking grasp<br><br>Babbles<br><br>Stranger anxiety
Developmental milestones<br /><br />9–10 months "Crawls; pulls to stand<br /><br
/>Uses three–finger (immature) pincer grasp<br /><br />Says mama/dada
(nonspecific)<div><br /></div><div>Waves <font color=""#ff0000"">bye–bye</font>;
plays pat–a–cake</div>"
Develpmental Milestones<br /><br />12 months "Cruises (11 months); Walks
alone<br /><br />Uses two–finger (mature) pincer grasp<br /><br />Says mama/dada
(specific)<div><br /></div><div><font color=""#ff0000"">Imitates actions</font>;
separation anxiety</div>"
Developmental milestones<br><br>15 months Walks backward. <br><br>Uses cup.
<br><br>Uses 4–6 words. <br><br>Temper tantrums
Developmental milestones<br /><br />18 months "Runs; <font
color=""#ff0000"">kicks</font> a ball<br /><br />Builds tower of 2–4 cubes<br /><br
/>Names common objects<br /><br />May start toilet training"
Developmental milestones<br><br>2 years Walks up/down steps with help;
jumps<br><br>Builds tower of six cubes<br><br>Uses two–word phrases.
<br><br>Follows two–step commands; removes clothes
Developmental milestones<br><br>3 years Rides tricycle; climbs stairs with
alternating feet (3–4 years) <br><br>Copies a circle; uses utensils<br><br>Uses
three–words sentences. <br><br>Brushes teeth with help; washes/dries hands.
Developmental milestones<br><br>4 years Hops<br><br>Copies a square<br><br>Knows
colors and some numbers. <br><br>Cooperative play; plays board games.
Develppmental milestones<br><br>5 years Skips; walks backward for long
distances<br><br>Ties shoelaces; knows left and right; prints letters. <br><br>Uses
five–word senteces. <br><br>Domestic role playing; plays dress–up
Lifts head/chest when prone. 2 months
Social smile 2 months
Rolls front to back 4–5 months
Stranger anxiety 6 months
Three–pincer grasp (immature) 9–10 months
Walks alone 12 months
Two–finger pincer grasp (mature) 12 months
Separation anxiety 12 months
Walks backward 15 months
Temper tantrums 15 months
Uses two–word phrases 2 years
Follow two–step commands 2 years
Rides tricycle 3 years
Climbs stairs with alternating feet 3 years
Uses three–word sentences 3 years
Hops 4 years
Cooperative play 4 years
Skips 5 years
Ties shoelaces 5 years
Domestic role–playing 5 years