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Vermont Department of State’s Attorneys and Sheriffs

For Immediate Release

Monday, January 8, 2018
Contact: John Campbell, Executive Director; 802-828-2891

The Department of State’s Attorneys and Sheriffs today announced that Washington County State’s Attorney Scott
Williams has resigned from his position. Attorney Williams has been on health-related leave since November 14th,

“In considering the best interests and needs of the Washington County State’s Attorney’s Office, its excellent staff,
and the citizens of the County, I have decided to step down from my role as State’s Attorney. The office cannot
function efficiently under reduced staffing, particularly in light of the significant number and the complexity of cases
it handles. This decision will also allow me the time to focus on my health”, said Williams. “Being elected by the
citizens of Washington County has been a great privilege, and I feel that my prosecutorial work has made a positive
difference for victims of crime and their families. I am also proud of the work of the office in implementing alternative
sanctions for youthful offenders and for people struggling with addiction problems. The effect of the murder of Lara
Sobel requires that I focus on regaining my health.”

Williams said that, despite his awareness of PTSD, his desire to serve the community and the progress of criminal
justice reform prevented him from recognizing his own health care needs, and that it was affecting his work

The Department’s Executive Director, John Campbell has advised Governor Phil Scott of Attorney Williams’ decision,
and the Governor will move forward with naming a replacement for the office. The position will be up for reelection
in November 2018. “Scott has been a dedicated public servant to Washington County and the State of Vermont. I
know this was a difficult decision for him to make; however, his health has to be his number one priority at this time,
and I respect his decision to do what is best for his constituents”, said Campbell.

Barre City Police Chief Tim Bombardier, who has worked closely with Attorney Williams, offered praise for him
stating, “The pressures of dealing with the most serious criminal cases, many with horrific circumstances, can be
emotionally exhausting in and of itself; but add to that the shock and grief after the tragedy of Lara Sobel’s shooting,
and it is understandable that Scott has needed to take this time off to regroup and take care of himself”. Barre City
Mayor Thom Lauzon said, “Our two offices have often collaborated on important issues relating to public safety and
community justice. Scott has served his country as a veteran, and this community and our county as a strong prosecutor,
and he deserves to be well and happy.”

Media inquiries should be directed to SAS Executive Director John Campbell at 828-2891.
For medical reasons, Williams will not be interacting with the media.